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King Creosote — Thrawn (22 Feb. 2011)

King Creosote — Thrawn (22 Feb. 2011)

                   King Creosote — Thrawn (22 Feb. 2011)
•→   Album “Thrawn” je kompilací jeho minulých prací z šesti různých alb, sahající až do roku 2003. Představuje obraz Andersona jako nadaného skladatele a zpěváka, který v upřímném posouzení není omezen na rukopis, ale kdo ještě zvládá vyjádřit silnou osobnost a výrazný tvůrčí hlas. Scottish singer–songwriter who, since 1995, has recorded and self–released over 40 full–lengths on his own label has his best compiled here for Domino.                                  © Credit Dylan Matthews
Born: 1967
Location: Fife, Scotland
Album released: 22 Feb. 2011
Record Label: ADA [Wea 1–Stop Account]
Duration:     47:22
01 Bootprints     3:50
02 You’ve No Clue Do You     3:23
03 King Bubbles in Sand     1:50
04 Missionary     3:13
05 No Way She Exists     4:26
06 The Vice–Like Gist of It     4:19
07 Twin Tub Twin     3:15
08 Homeboy     3:50
09 Little Heart     3:02
10 My Favourite Girl     5:35
11 And The Racket They Made     4:02
12 No One Had It Better     7:27
•→   CD in jewel case. 12 page booklet with lyrics.
•→   Tracks 1, 10 from KC Rules OK (2005)
•→   Tracks 2, 11 from Bombshell (2007)
•→   Tracks 3, 7 from Rocket D.I.Y. (2005)
•→   Tracks 4, 8 from Kenny And Beth’s Musakal Boat Rides (2003)
•→   Tracks 5, 12 from Flick The Vs (2009)
•→   Tracks 6, 9 from Chorlton And The Wh'Earlies (2006)Credits:
01 Bootprints     3:50
•   Backing Vocals — Kate Tunstall*
•   Bass — Alex Berry
•   Co–producer — Giles Hatton
•   Drums, Percussion, Vibraphone — Richard Young
•   Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals, Written By — Kenny Anderson
•   Organ, Co–producer — Christian Madden
•   Recorded By, Mixed By, Co–producer — Tom Knott
02 You’ve No Clue Do You     3:23
•   Acoustic Guitar, Vocals, Written By — Kenny Anderson
•   Bass — Nathan Sudders
•   Cello — David Daniels
•   Co–producer — Kevin Bacon
•   Drums — Gavin Brown
•   Electric Guitar — Johnny Lynch
•   Electric Guitar, Bass — Leo Abrahams
•   Engineer — Mark Sutherland
•   Harmonium, Co–producer — Jon Hopkins
•   Keyboards, Co–producer — Jon Quarmby
•   Viola — Bruce White
•   Violin — Boguslaw Kostecki, Chris Tombling, Gavin Wright, Perry Montague–Mason
03 King Bubbles In Sand     1:50
•   Written By, Performer, Producer — Kenny Anderson
04 Missionary     3:13
•   Written By, Performer, Producer — Kenny Anderson
05 No Way She Exists     4:26
•   Baritone Saxophone, Co–producer — Nicky Madden
•   Bass, Electric Guitar — Neil Young
•   Drums — Richard Young
•   Guitar, Mandolin, Dulcimer, Accordion, Vocals, Written By — Kenny Anderson
•   Percussion, Co-producer — Paul Savage
•   Synthesizer — Christian Madden
06 The Vice–Like Gist of It     4:19
•   Keyboards, Electronics, Producer — Jon Hopkins
•   Written By, Vocals — Kenny Anderson
07 Twin Tub Twin     3:15
•   Written By, Performer, Producer — Kenny Anderson
08 Homeboy     3:50
•   Bass — Scott Fitzcharles
•   Drums — Andy Robinson
•   Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals, Written By, Producer — Kenny Anderson
•   Sampler — Jason Kavanagh
09 Little Heart     3:02
•   Co–producer — Giles Hatton
•   Double Bass — Alex Berry
•   Drums — Richard Young
•   Guitar, Banjo, Accordion, Vocals, Written By — Kenny Anderson
•   Piano, Co–producer — Christian Madden
•   Recorded By, Mixed By, Co–producer — Tom Knott
•   Trombone, Triangle — Gareth Maybury
10 My Favourite Girl     5:33
•   Cello — Semay Wu
•   Co–producer — Giles Hatton
•   Double Bass — Alex Berry
•   Drums — Richard Young
•   Guitar, Accordion, Vocals, Written By — Kenny Anderson
•   Piano, Co–producer – Christian Madden
•   Recorded By, Mixed By, Co–producer — Tom Knott
11 And The Racket They Made     4:02
•   Electronics, Piano, Producer — Jon Hopkins
•   Violin — Emma Smith
•   Vocals — Kenny Anderson, Lisa Lindley–Jones
•   Written By — Jennifer Gordon
12 No One Had It Better     7:27
•   Drums — Gavin Brown
•   Guitar, Electric Bass, Keyboards, Percussion, Vocals, Written By — Kenny Anderson
•   Percussion, Recorded By, Producer — Paul Savage
By Mr. Steven A. Leigh on 3 Sept. 2012 / *****
•→   This is a truly great album from a truly gifted and overlooked artist.
•→   If you haven’t been introduced to KC let me do it. The man writes great lyrics, melancholy melodies to die for and has a sweet high pitched verse which gets me every time. His albums sit nicely alongside others I won by Elvis Costello, Ron Sexsmith, Nick Drake, Clem Snide, Sparklehorse, Lambchop, James Yorkston and that kinda thing.
•→   Take a chance and buy this and/or another of his lovely lovely albums.
By David Bevan, FEBRUARY 25 2011 / Score: 6.9
¶  http://pitchfork.com/reviews/albums/15146-thrawn/By Greg Argo, March 2, 2011
¶  “There is something about the simultaneously humdrum and critical attitude that is quintessentially British, and I can’t stop thinking of King Creosote as an amalgamation of Ray Davies’ aptitude for describing situations and characters and Badly Drawn Boy’s more directly emotional British flavor of indie. Anderson’s modest, workaday approach is exactly the sort of artistry which gets overlooked when the music culture turns into a perpetual motion hype machine. Thankfully, it is also the type of approach which engenders devoted following at first contact, and his continuing devotion to the craft has slowly brought him the attention he deserves as word has spread. Let’s hope this compilation is just the first sign of the ready stateside availability of all subsequent King Creosote releases, because it would be a shame to have to wait another 40 more albums before we’re offered more.” (excerpt) ¶  http://www.adequacy.net/2011/03/king-creosote-thrawn/                                                                                          © Kenny Anderson (KC) & Emma Pollock
Bio KC from Fence Records:
¶  In 1995 Kenny Anderson, then lead singer/songwriter for the scottish bands Skuobhie Dubh Orchestra and Khartoum heroes, launched his own label Fence with his own solo project king creosote. With a healthy cynicism of all things music industry related, KC set out to make home recorded music in as stress–free an environment as possible, and hunkered down in n.e. Fife for the long haul.
¶  With a few cdr titles released thru’ local shops, and with Brothers Een (Pip Dylan) and Gordon (Lone Pigeon) forming the beginnings of a fence collective, by summer 2000 fence had taken over the running of a st.andrews cd shop, had an extensive website up and running, and were packing out the local pubs once a fortnight. Collective member James Yorkston made sure that the Fence music came to the attention of labels like bad jazz and Domino, and the legendary Fence gatherings were soon on the move.
¶  Independent stores such as Rough Trade in London, avalanche in Edinburgh, Monorail in Glasgow, and Norman Records in leeds were all pushing the fence collective cdr titles when in 2003 domino helped launch king creosote’s first album proper “Kenny and Beth’s musakal boatrides”, which made no. 5 in rough trade’s top 100 albums of that year. in the spring of 2005 kc put out a second album for Domino, the self–produced “Rocket d.i.y.”, and then went off to collaborate with the earlies from Burnley, Lancashire, supposedly to record an EP for names/679. It all gets a bit confusing from here. The resulting album “KC rules ok” released in 2005 caught everyone by surprise, but didn’t contain enough singles, and so certain tracks were re–recorded using the all–new KC band, and “KC rules ok” was re–released in summer 2006 with an invisible companion album “Chorlton and The Wh’earlies” (the original album working title, as it happens) which contained the original non–single recordings as well as some of the failed single edits and remixes, and all this sort of re–packaged with new sleeve notes, thus giving “KC rules ok” a further lifespan of 3 years? The most singley single recorded in january 2006, “You’ve no clue do you”, was considered too something or other, but on listening again it became the obvious lead single for the hastily recorded “Bombshell” in 2007, as produced by Jon Hopkins.
¶  Things were much simpler when in 2008 KC recorded “Flick the Vs” on the sly and handed it over to Domino. One year on, and “Flick the Vs” remains remarkably unaltered. in 2009 King Creosote has recorded with the burns unit, reporter, Jon Hopkins and Animal Magic Tricks.
Website KC: http://www.kingcreosote.com/
Label: http://www.dominorecordco.us/
MySpace KC: http://www.myspace.com/kingcreosote
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kingcreosote/
Domino profile: http://www.dominorecordco.com/artists/king-creosote/
Fence Records: http://www.fencerecords.com/artists/king-creosote/
Website JH: http://www.jonhopkins.co.uk/ 
MySpace JH: http://www.myspace.com/jonhopkins
Interviews: Nicola Meighan https://nicolameighan.wordpress.com/2013/12/31/interview-king-creosote/                                              © King Creosote & Jon Hopkins. Credit Steve Gullick

King Creosote — Thrawn (22 Feb. 2011)


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