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Kirty — Kirty (September 23rd, 2016)

Kirty — Kirty (September 23rd, 2016)

                Kirty — Kirty (September 23rd, 2016)  Kirty — Kirty (September 23rd, 2016)♦ψ♦  
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Album release: September 23rd, 2016
Record Label: Postwar Records / Fontana North
Genre: Indie Folk, Singer~Songwriter
Duration:     36:49
01 All Broke Up     2:51
02 Dream Boat     4:09
03 That’s Not Me     3:42
04 Time Bomb     3:52
05 Letting You Down     3:31
06 Velvet Mouth     3:38
07 Take the Band     3:27
08 Temper     3:45
09 Be Here     4:22
10 Be My Friend Again     3:32
℗ 2016 Kirty Music. Under exclusive license to Postwar Records.
¤   Kirty
¤   Graeme Moffatt
¤   Joshua Van Tassel
Our love: Sarah Harmer, Blue Rodeo, Kathleen Edwards, Father John Misty, Beach House, Mac Demarco, Ben Kweller, The National, Bill Callahan, Bob Dylan, Catherine MacLellan, Beach Boys, The Elected .... the list goes on.Review
♠   Canadian songstress Kirty will soon unleash her self~titled album (scheduled for release on September 23rd via Postwar Records) and we’re thrilled to have her back on AMBY. For all fans itching to hear the album early, we have a surprise in store for you as we’re hosting an exclusive premiere of the entire record today! With a chillier season quickly approaching, Kirty is the perfect collection of sun~drenched, hazy tracks to keep you warm during those breezy Fall nights. Learn more about this stellar debut as AMBY spoke with Kirty for a track~by~track where she shares the stories behind each of these blissful songs.
♠   All Broke Up — Despite it’s cheerful sound, All Broke Up was written from a place of self~disappointment, and sadness. Love and loss led to reckless actions, and exhaustion.
♠   Dream Boat — For me, this song was written to preserve the feeling I had when I went away to lay on a beach for a week and do nothing but daydream. Wrapped up like a love song, the ‘dreamboat’ in this song is actually a place.
♠   That’s Not Me — My first single That’s Not Me — by far the roots~iest song on the album was a break–up afterthought on importance of having a balanced relationship; a partner.
♠   Time Bomb — With imagery of growing up in rural Ontario, Time Bomb refers to the delicate and sometimes frail nature of love.
♠   Letting You Down — “I’m so sick and tired of letting you down” — A pretty raw lyric that explains the entire song. Sometimes my lyrics don’t necessarily showcase me in the best light, but I think that’s real, and something people can relate to.
♠   Velvet Mouth — Have you ever sugar~coated something so well, that you think your mouth has a mind of it’s own?
♠   Take The Band — Take the Band was written in a cathartic 30mins, detailing the trials of attempting to preserve a friendship, after the falling out of a relationship; all the while — sharing a band.
♠   Temper — Two lovers with fiery personalities, and hot tempers can make for a bumpy ride of extreme highs, and extreme lows.
♠   Be Here — Not everyone is a natural–born extrovert. Be Here is my thoughts on wanting to be out in public without being seen, without being hit on, just a fly on the wall.
♠   Be My Friend Again — Probably my favourite song I’ve ever written — Be My Friend Again is a raw, and honest plea to a previous lover to ‘be my friend again’. The tricky thing about dating a best friend is that you can lose them. ♠   http://amusicblogyea.com/
♠   Kirty is an indie folk singer–songwriter originally from Orillia, ON but now based in Toronto. Her 2012 debut featured melancholic country–tinged songs, but she seems to have taken a slightly brighter direction since then. Her self–titled followup is a blend of vintage Arts & Crafts confection (Feist, Jason Collett) and the summery haze of Widowspeak or maybe even Mazzy Star.
♠   Lead single “That’s Not Me” has the sort of carefree, puppies–in–sunshine vibe of classic Springsteen, but with the dignity and composure it takes to end a claustrophobic relationship. One can easily envision Kirty breezily cycling away from an emotionally stunted ex’s house, sad it’s over perhaps, but relieved and free.
♠   The arrangements colour in her songs quite prettily, with chiming glockenspiel, bright keys and expert electric guitar playing. Yet the understated hero in a lot of these songs (aside from Kirty herself) is the fun and groovy bass playing. You can hear it get particularly playful around 1:30 into “Letting You Down” or about 1:25 into “Velvet Mouth,” and on the song “Temper,” the simple but propulsive bass playing compels you to nod your head.
♠   Ultimately, Kirty falls a bit short only in terms of having very much raw live energy. The bright and breezy sound works well in headphones, but it’s hard to imagine being swept away at a live show. Still, the songs here are strong enough that it’d be interesting to hear a live session (Daytrotter, Audiotree, etc.) with her touring band.
♦ψ♦   Toronto–based singer–songwriter Kirty traces her musical beginnings to her time growing up on hobby farm outside of Orillia, Ontario. Born into a large musical family, from a young age she had a guitar in her hand and was learning country, folk, and rock n’ roll standards. It wasn’t long before she took an interest in writing her own tunes.
♦ψ♦   “My mom taught me how to play guitar when I was 15 and once I had three chords down I would walk around the house improvising lyrics about my siblings,” Kirty remembers.
♦ψ♦   After high school, Kirty enrolled herself in the contemporary music program at Humber College and after graduating, immediately launched into collaborating in projects with other Toronto talents. She put down her first roots by playing residencies at the legendary Cameron House, but before long she found herself on stage at the Mariposa Folk Festival, as well as on the road to the East Coast and back.
♦ψ♦   Road–testing her own material led to a very strong collection of songs, resulting in the recording of her first record thanks to funding from the Ontario Arts Council. The debut album, “All I Really Know”, was recorded in 2012 with producers Josh Van Tassel and John Dinsmore.
♦ψ♦   Kirty immediately found support from CBC radio and other outlets across the country, and very quickly began hearing from fans from all corners of Canada and beyond.
♦ψ♦   As attendance continued to build at her own shows and with her debut record receiving universal acclaim, Kirty’s reach again grew wider in 2014 when she joined as a core member of the Toronto–based indie–rock band Fast Romantics.
♦ψ♦   “Joining Fast Romantics allowed me to grow as a musician, stylistically satisfy another side of myself, and most importantly it’s taught me what it means to be in a band, and work as a unit,” Kirty says. “Working, recording and touring with Fast Romantics is like one big party. All the time. With your best friends.”
♦ψ♦   Despite touring the continent multiple times a year, she continued to write and record her own material, collaborating again with producer Josh Van Tassel and at times also working with John Dinsmore.
♦ψ♦   The result is a sparkling, confident self–titled sophomore effort. In 2016 Kirty was signed to Postwar Records, a label founded by Fast Romantics frontman Matthew Angus. All at once sentimental, self–assured, and reflective, “Kirty” is a lush evolution of the roots–meets–pop sound established on “All I Really Know.”
♦ψ♦   While Kirty still finds herself musing on heartbreak, this time around the storytelling is wrapped in a sunnier musical aesthetic. “When Josh and I began recording the album, within a few songs, the stylistic umbrella became very clear. These were songs written in the summer, for the summer. It’s the kind of album I want people to be listening to when they’re riding their bike, or headed to the beach, or driving.”
♦ψ♦   With a lead–off single and video being released in August, Kirty will be playing a series of release shows through the summer in Toronto as well as her hometown of Orillia, with select Canadian dates planned throughout the next year. With more videos and singles from her own album to follow, Kirty will also find herself on the road with Fast Romantics, making for a nearly continuous year of promoting her music , on and off the stage.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kirtymusic/
General director: Steve Nightingale, vitalitymgmt@gmail.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/kirtymusic
Website: http://www.kirtymusic.com/

Kirty — Kirty (September 23rd, 2016)


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