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Klaus Schulze’s U.S.O. — Privée (February 26, 2016)

Klaus Schulze’s U.S.O. — Privée (February 26, 2016)

   Klaus Schulze’s U.S.O. — Privée (February 26, 2016)
♠   A founding member of Tangerine Dream who is considered one of the fathers of modern electronic music.
♠   Contemporary Works I is a limited edition 10–disc CD box set released by Klaus Schulze in 2000 containing new studio material. The CDs are in cardboard sleeves and housed in a wooden box. Two years later Schulze released Contemporary Works II. Six of the discs have been reissued in 2005–2007 as part of the overall reissue program of Schulze back catalog by Revisited Records.
Born: August 4, 1947 in Berlin, Germany
Instruments: Keyboards, synthesiser, sequencer, guitar, bass, drums, percussion, vocals
Location: Berlin, Germany
Album release: February 26, 2016
Record Label: Rainhorse Records / M. i. G.
Duration:     68:53
01. The Keyhole      4:02
02. Privat      19:06
03. Privée      16:43
04. Private      25:01
05. Privatissimo (Bonus Track)      4:04
Written by:
♠   Klaus Schulze     1
♠   Olli Finken / Razoof Lear / Uwe Lehr / O’Finken / Klaus Schulze     2, 3, 4, 5
♠   Artwork by — Sascha Osterland
♠   Drums — Olli Finken
♠   Electronics — Klaus Schulze
♠   Guitar — Razoof Lear
♠   Recorded by, Mixed by, Mastered by — Klaus Schulze
★   Klaus Schulze’s U.S.O. Privée originally was released 2000 as part of the strictly limited and long exhausted (wooden) boxset Contemporary Works. U.S.O. are Razoof Lear aka Uwe Lehr, Klaus Schulze and Olli Finken aka O’Finken: not a permanent group, but a loose studio session turn, comprising of two members of the Cologne DJ/musician–collective Solar Moon System (SMS) and Klaus Schulze.
★   A circle of friends, allowing a look through the keyhole for the listener — to a spontaneous and inspirational performing electronic theater of improvisation, in which some grinding synthesizer pads, pounding guitars and e–drum–patterns produce maximum dramatic effect. Less is more. Tension is created in the syntheses of Ambient, Dub, Trance and Hip Hop, through the art of simplicity. Space is created between the notes, the instruments and the musicians in which even the smallest details develop into something hypnotic and fascinating which draws you on and leaves an inner labyrinthine complexity which stays in your head long after the notes have stopped.
Boxed sets:
♠   Between 1993 and 2002 Klaus Schulze released several limited edition boxed sets, all composed of non–album material.
Year             Title                                  Discs           Copies
♠   1993 Silver Edition                 10                 2000 copies
♠   1995 Historic Edition     10                         2000 copies
♠   1997 Jubilee Edition     25                           1000 copies
♠   2000 The Ultimate Edition     50              —
♠   2000 Contemporary Works I     10          —
♠   2002 Contemporary Works II     5          2002
Website: http://www.klaus-schulze.com/

Klaus Schulze’s U.S.O. — Privée (February 26, 2016)


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