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Kopecky Family Band  "The Disaster"  & "Of Epic Proportions" (2010, 11)

Kopecky Family Band ♥ "The Disaster"

Kopecky Family Band ♥ "Of Epic Proportions" (2011)Kopecky Family Band "The Disaster"  & "Of Epic Proportions" 
Location: Nashville, Pennsylvania, U.S.
Album release: August 3, 2010 / May 24, 2011
Record Label: Kopecky Family Band
Duration: 32:14 + 17:37
1. God & Me      4:18 
2. Stand Back      4:17
3. Birds      4:07
4. Lucky      3:34
5. Rewind      5:27 
6. Red Devil      4:56
7. Disaster      5:35
About the Record:
¤¤ The Disaster is a 7 song adventure, filled with the ethereal harmonies and string arrangements the Kopeckys are known for. The band visits new territory while keeping their songs as deep and thoughtful as the Embraces EP.
Credits: Produced, Engineered, and Mixed by Partners In Crime Recorded at the House of David, Nashville Mastered at Abby Road Studios, London
1. Howlin' At the Moon      3:24
2. God & Me (Remix)      3:03
3. Animal      3:34
4. Casualty      3:40 
5. Little Baby Sister      3:56
About the Record:
¤¤ This special edition B-sides of sorts is called "Of Epic Proportions" and is a closing thought to our record released this past August 2010, "The Disaster." It is only available digitally, accompanied by a large screen printed poster, designed by yours truly.
Credits: Recorded at the Brown Owl in Nashville
Copyright: 2011 Kopecky Family Band
¤¤ Imagine 6 young musicians performing onstage.  Now, imagine each of these musicians regularly alternating instruments, - all the while churning out unpredictable and energetic music.  Well Meet the Kopecky Family Band.   The Nashville based band has been regularly touring with the likes of Gomez: Devotchka: The Givers & most recently a co-headline tour with The Lumineers.  They're playing Lollapalooza this weekend and will also be performing at this year's Austin City Limits Festival. In the meantime, check out their 2 EP's, "The Disaster", and follow-up of B Sides entitled "Of Epic Proportions" (Clever huh).  Kopecky Family Band plan their first full length release later this year but catch them on the road all summer & fall.  Welcome to the family.
For Fans Of:
¤¤ Death Cab for Cutie, Beirut, Grizzly Bear, Portugal The Man, Arcade Fire
I first got to know Kopecky Family Band in 2010 during the Midpoint Music Festival in Cincinnati. The whole band of 6 or 7 was squished into this teeny little stage a MOTR Pub downtown... and they were AMAZING! The energy that's created when they're on stage is palpable. The two songs that stood out to me then and on the CD were God and Me and Disaster. They were the standout band of the whole festival for me and my friends.
¤¤ Their performances at Bonnaroo this summer were, again, nothing short of amazing. I'd put their live performances up there with a My Morning Jacket, Arcade Fire, and The Avett Brothers. They're one of those bands who live shows are so amazing that you might actually be slightly disappointed by their recorded stuff! (That's a compliment, btw).
¤¤ Cuz they are really one of the most amazing bands you'll see live. (By shel)
Website: http://kopeckyfamilyband.com/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/kopeckyfamilyband
Main manager: Rick Brewer - rick.brewer@redlightmanagement.com & Janet Weir - janet.weir@redlightmanagement.com
Press contact: Lauren Kish - promos@kopeckyfamilyband.com
Reservé agent: Jay Williams - jwilliams@wmeentertainment.com
Twitter: http://twitter.com/kopeckyfamily
Four Square: http://foursquare.com/KopeckyFamily
About the Family:
¤¤ Like all families, Kopecky Family Band beats with the same heart and writes in the same blood. Whilst the band might not share actual familial bonds, the ties that keep this Nashville 6-piece together are just as strong.
The Family began creating music together in Nashville in Fall 2007. What began as late night talks about life and dreams gradually flowed into eccentric, beautiful music. Kelsey and Gabe settled on the name (Kelsey’s last name lent itself well to a sort of ‘family band’ name), and recruited their friends to join the fold.
¤¤ Gabe (guitar, vocals) and Kelsey (vocals, keys) lead the family, along with Steven (lead guitar), Corey (bass), Markus (cello), and David (drums). The music is emotive, the lyrics evoking raw honesty and vulnerability. The band will undoubtedly capture your attention with their unmistakable power and presence. The sounds created by the booming and orchestral-like 6-piece challenge the listener’s ear and yet offer sweet melodies to sing along with. You’ll be dancing up a storm by the end of a Kopecky set, and perhaps also be holding a maraca or two!
¤¤ The band debuted their first EP, Embraces in 2008. In spring of 2010, the family packed into their 15-passenger van (lovingly called “The War Wagon”, RIP) and headed to Austin for their first SXSW. It was during their performance at Next Big Nashville in the same year that they picked up steam, catching the ears of some influential folks. They headed back into the studio after this with Partners in Crime, Russ Long and Chris Grainger (Wilco) and produced The Disaster EP which was released in August 2010.
They trekked to New York City the same year, hitting up CMJ where they won over NPR‘s own Bob Boilen; and were invited to play the official Paste Magazine showcase. Straight back into the studio after CMJ, the band produced the follow up to The Disaster, the perfect compliment entitled Of Epic Proportions. The EP comprised digital B-Sides & rarities including “Howlin’ at the Moon“ and a remix of “God & Me”.
¤¤ A limited edition split 7” vinyl with Seattle friends Ivan & Alyosha followed, as did several more tours and another SXSW jaunt. The band played 7 or so showcases this time around, with a marked performance at the infamous Paste Magazine showcase. And to keep themselves really busy early in 2011, the band played the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival, notching up 3 amazing sets and amassing several new friends and fans along the way. In other 2011 news, a deal was inked management company Red Light. Large tours alongside GIVERS and Gomez helped close out a super successful year, as did another visit to CMJ.
¤¤ Early 2012 finally meant a break in the band’s relentless touring schedule, and the chance to get away to work on their debut full-length album, which had already begun with ideas and songs being hatched whilst on the road. After a co-headlining tour with The Lumineers in April, the family once again bunkered down to put the finishing touches on the album. The result is Kids Raising Kids, a culmination of 5 years of hard work shared amongst friends, family, and fans. The album is due out later in the year.
Never the types to sit still, Camp Kopecky play their first Lollapalooza in August and will then head to Austin for ACL in October. There’s indeed a lot on the horizon for this party of 6. There’s never a dull moment when you’re # Part of the Family.

Kopecky Family Band Interview: SXSW 2010
Posted on Mar 10th 2010 2:40PM by Emily Zemler
¤¤ The members of the Kopecky Family Band aren't technically related, but they have become a tight-knit group musically and personally. The Nashville seven-piece folk rock band, who will release a new record in April, collectively discusses their history, future and plans for SXSW.
How did your band form?
¤¤ We started as two people in a practice room at Belmont University in Nashville, TN just wanting to make music. During the fall of 2007, writing sessions grew one member at a time until all of our best friends were playing together. We wrote our entire EP that fall and played a few shows in Nashville before releasing our first EP, The Embraces EP, in November 2008. Since then we have caused quite a stir in Nashville being called "The Biggest Surprise of Next Big Nashville Music Festival," and have toured a substantial amount for a band with four members still in college. We will be releasing another record entitled 'The Disaster' this April 2010. This record is an exciting release for us. We teamed up with producer/engineer combo Russ Long and Chris Grainger who have taken time to understand our sound and help us capture it on a recording. What's next for us? Hopefully a big tour this summer to support our new record.
Describe your sound in your own words.
¤¤ To start out, we have seven band members: Gabe (Vocals/Guitar), Kelsey (Vocals/Keyboards), Steven (Guitar), Corey (Bass), David (Drums), Ben (Violin) and Markus (Cello). Our music [is] composed, intelligent, well-arranged, textured, energetic, approachable, welcoming and real, toe-tapping, haunting melodies, causing the listener to lean in and listen hard.
What are your musical influences?
¤¤ Grace Slick, Radiohead, Sigur Ros, Menomena, Pedro the Lion, Al Green, Nick Harmer.
How did you come up with your band name?
¤¤ [We got it] due to Gabe's speech impediment when meeting Kelsey Kopecky and saying it sounded like a "Polish family band." He kept saying "Kopecky Family Band" over and over. So it just stuck.
What's your biggest vice?
¤¤ Sibling rivalry.
What's in your festival survival kit?
¤¤ Per diem envelopes. Every tour, Kelsey decorates an envelope for each band member with an encouraging message. Inside is the spending money for the week.
Even exits Dairy Queen. If there is an even exit along the way to a city and a Dairy Queen on that exit, we will stop. No matter what. Cherry dipped cones are good for the soul.
Bread and peanut/soynut butter. We make band lunches at rest stops with a loaf of bread and peanut butter. Kelsey is allergic to peanuts but welcomes Jelly and soy alternatives. A loaf only lasts about a meal in the Kopecky family.
What's your musical guilty pleasure?
¤¤ No doubt, Hootie & the Blowfish.
What's the craziest thing you've seen or experienced while on tour?
¤¤ We went to Louisville on a whim since a show fell through in Indiana. We lined up a spur of the moment show at a brewery and even played a show on the street. With no lodging lined up beforehand we ended up asking the audience if anyone wanted seven visitors that night. Turns out one guy with a heart of gold offered his house with open arms. His apartment was great and he was really nice. When we asked what he did for a living he said he "repairs CB radios." Since the demand for CB radio repair is less than intense, we determined he was a successful drug dealer. When we were finally ready to leave Louisville we could not find our van keys anywhere. It was a huge mess. We had to tear everything apart in the search.
What do you hope to gain from your trip to SXSW this year?
¤¤ More memories, lifelong friends, and a booking agent to get on the road this summer!
What can people expect from your live show?
¤¤ Markus, our cellist, running around beating drums and taking off his shirt.
What is one thing people should know about your band that they might not know?
¤¤ Every morning the band will wake up to a text message that includes an inspirational quote or joke and the Nashville weather report. This is Kelsey's way of helping the boys wake up on the right side of the bed. Gabe's glasses fall down his nose without fail every set. David is a tech savvy genius. ¤¤ Markus is one of six kids. Steven lived in the Philippines for most of his life. Kelsey runs eleven miles on the weekends for fun. Ben can play every instrument and everyone's parts, probably with his eyes closed. Corey will teach you a life lesson without saying a thing.
(Emily Zemler is a contributor from Seed.com.)

Kopecky Family Band  "The Disaster"  & "Of Epic Proportions" (2010, 11)



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