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Kristin Diable — Create Your Own Mythology

Kristin Diable — Create Your Own Mythology (February 24, 2015)

           Kristin Diable — Create Your Own Mythology Kristin Diable — Create Your Own Mythology (February 24, 2015)♣   Her style incorporates aspects of classic pop, swamp, jazzy rockabilly and smooth country by way of Patsy Cline. It’s all filtered through a lens that neatly walks the line between Chris Isaak and Roy Orbison. Location: New Orleans, Louisiana
Album release: February 24, 2015
Record Label: Speakeasy/Thirty Tigers/SPUNK
Duration:     40:27
01. I'll Make Time For You     4:55
02. Hold Steady     4:16
03. Time Will Wait     3:48
04. Bird On A Wire     3:56
05. Eyes To The Horizon     4:15
06. True Devotion     3:46
07. Deepest Blue     4:12
08. Driving In Your Car     3:24
09. Make The Most     3:45
10. Honey, Leave The Light On     4:10
♣   The romantic notion of a musician holing up in a studio, alone between soundproof walls with her genius and the muses, doesn't hold water in Louisiana. The lion's share of post–contact American musical history has been borne along the curves of the Mississippi River, and no place incubates a tune quite like the cradle of the Crescent City. There's no turning off the faucet of sound in Louisiana; no shutting the windows against the breezes of history or creativity. It's molecular, ancestral, unavoidable. And so it is that a young singer from Baton Rouge went to New York to find her living, but came home to New Orleans to live.
♣   Kristin Diable is a singer–songwriter whose voice writes her autobiography. In her unabashed delivery, she's got the ambition and self–awareness of a New Yorker, testament to the years she spent there as a young adult making contacts and a name for herself in the music industry. In the rhythm behind her and the twang of her long vowels, she's got the easy, yeah–you–right swagger of her Louisiana roots. At the soundboard of producer Dave Cobb, her bluesy Southern rock, largely unadorned on prior releases with her band The City, gets the slick '70s–schooled Nashville sound for which it was meant. To show for the bookoo lot of it, she's got a rollicking throwback of a new album, Create Your Own Mythology.
♣   Diable has the same grit lining her throat that Amy Winehouse had, but sings from a place of levity that Winehouse never found. "Hold Steady" and "Bird On A Wire," two of the album's moodier numbers, are lyrically dark and lonely, but Diable's vocals give them empowering buoyancy. With that much heft behind her holler, she might sing herself a sad song to get through the night, but clearly hasn't given over wholly to heartbreak. Create Your Own Mythology traverses bluer skies in the beachy "Driving In Your Car" and affirming "Make The Most," and reaches transcendence in "Time Will Wait," a tambourine–bolstered barn–burner that rolls in like a summer storm and opens up like a magnolia in May.
♣   Almost as important as the music on Create Your Own Mythology, though, is its title. What better name could there possibly be, coming from a singer with roots in two uniquely mythological American cities, as she casts wide the net of her life, its visions and origins, and seeks to create something of her own?http://www.npr.org/
Written by Hal Horowitz February 24th, 2015 at 1:02 pm, Score: 4 out of 5 stars
Mallory Bulman, March 15, 2015
Written by Andrea Martin. Score: 4 ½ out of 5 stars
Website: http://www.kristindiable.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/kristindiable
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kristindiablemusic
Press: bkitching@shorefire.com
Agent: Paradigm Talent. Jonathan Levine. Keith Levy. klevy@paradigmagency.com                                                        © Kristin Diable By Greg Miles
♣   When we called it the American Dream, what we really meant was "the American Myth."
♣   That myth convinced us that the right house/car/bank account/voting card could punch our tickets to a happily–ever–after, but for reasons too numerous and depressing to note, that myth is finally dying. Somewhere along the way, we realized the secret to mythology is not letting anyone sell it to you. You have to create your own. And now something new is springing up as we cast off the strange rules and crushing expectations of old. We're rediscovering that freedom comes from the inside out, not from the outside in.
♣   Kristin Diable has been exploring freedom and choice in her music ever since she picked up an open mic at a lounge in Baton Rouge and stunned the audience into silence. She rode that vibe, away to New York and then back to her native Louisiana like a storm front, one that shook New Orleans and cooled the air. And her newest album, Create Your Own Mythology, invokes her Louisiana and Americana roots, while firing a rock–and–roll shot across the bow of borrowed myths. ♣   Producer Dave Cobb expands upon a stellar year that had seen Sturgill Simpson's Metamodern Sounds in Country Music, Lindi Ortega's Tin Star, and Jason Isbell's Southeastern all arrive to critical acclaim — here he does double duty, producing and also standing the front lines on guitar. Cobb is known for spurring his performers to find their truest voices, and this is Diable's richest and most elaborate album to date.
♣   It takes a person to write an album, but a good album writes a person too. Kristin realized Create Your Own Mythology was fighting its way into the world during her force–of–will tour, which alighted in Europe and Africa in 2013. Cut loose from the norm, discovering new venues almost as fast as she could perform in them, she found swimming in her head new songs about holding on, letting go, patience, and faith in the face of futility. And about penning your own rules and your own reality.
♣   From the gospel notes of “True Devotion”, written in Morocco during a Ramadan sunset, to the wistful universal waters flowing through “Deepest Blue”, Diable weaves a dense, bewitching net. The idea of embracing the infinite unknown and finding freedom, clarity through the trials we experience along our journey as human beings is explored in songs like the lead single, “I’ll Make Time for You”, and “Eyes to the Horizon”. The latter has been used twice in HBO’s Treme performed by the character, Annie.
♣   Rumi wrote, "Where did I come from, and what am I supposed to be doing? I have no idea. My soul is from elsewhere, I'm sure of that, and I intend to end up there."
♣   Kristin says that music is her ticket on that journey to the soul's distant elsewhere, and this new album is her invitation to the listener — not to follow her on her mythical path, but to go questing for their own. That's a journey that will require some suffering, and acceptance, and evolution and honesty — these are the tokens hidden in these songs, smoothing that hard path, leading us away, and leading us home.
♣   The Mississippi River makes a hairpin turn in Baton Rouge before swerving unstoppably into the Gulf of Mexico. As it slowly zigs and zags like a cautious alcoholic, rich sediment sloshes loose onto the sun–baked Louisiana turf. It's lush country. ♣   Things grow here. New Orleans grew here. Kristin Diable grew here and is still growing. And myths grow here like sugarcane does: fast, tall, and sweet. ♣  

Kristin Diable — Create Your Own Mythology