Laura Gibson — Goners (Oct. 1,  2018)

Laura Gibson — Goners (Oct. 1,  2018)                                 Laura Gibson — Goners (Oct. 1, 2018) Laura Gibson — Goners (Oct. 1, 2018)✹   11/24  Prague, Czech Republic   Meet Factory* (with Dan Mangan).
Location: Coquille, Oregon
Album release: Oct. 1, 2018
Record Label: Barsuk Records
Duration:     40:17
01 I Carry Water   4:06
02 Domestication   3:52
03 Slow Joke Grin   3:26
04 Goners   3:24
05 Performers   5:11
06 Clemency   4:24
07 Tenderness   3:36
08 Marjory   3:21
09 Thomas   3:27
10 I Don’t Want Your Voice To Move Me   4:17

✹      Goners, the fifth album from acclaimed singer~songwriter and multi~instrumentalist Laura Gibson, is Gibson’s best, and also her strangest. There are hauntings and transformation, odd birds and harbingers. Women become wolves, men metamorphose into machines, ghost~children wave in the rearview mirror, a scar becomes a vessel for memory. Her lyrics are populated with sharp objects: a needle, a thistle, a sickle, a scythe, claws and animal teeth. „I wanted the songs to feel like fables, to unfold with dream logic.“ Goners is a record for thinkers and feelers, for the fierce and also the weary, and despite its darkness, Gibson has succeeded in making a work of radical hope.
✹      „[Laura Gibson has] grown bolder as she’s transformed from lone acoustic singer~songwriter to full~blown bandleader, while taking on worldlier themes and ever~grander instrumentation.“ — NPR Music
✹      „Goners is so incessantly beautiful that one cannot help but want to gently crack it open to get to its beating core.“ — The FADER
✹      „A mini masterpiece.“ — American Songwriter

Laura Gibson — Goners (Oct 2018)