Lauren Lakis — Daughter Language (Jan. 22, 2021)USA FLAG                                                                               Lauren Lakis — Daughter Language (Jan. 22, 2021)
Location: Los Angeles, California
Genre: Indie Rock, Alternative
Album release: January 22, 2021
Record Label: Green Witch Recordings
Duration:     29:02
01. Sail Away   3:08
02. Fear of God   2:58
03. Better Lover   2:27
04. Owe You Anything   3:34
05. We’ll Be Fine   3:23
06. Turn to Dust   3:29
07. Run to You   3:39
08. Something Holy   2:39
09. What Says You   3:45
All songs written + performed by Lauren Lakis
Produced by Billy Burke
Mixed by Chris Kasych + Samur Khouja
Mastered by Ruairi O’Flaherty
Engineered by David Reichardt + Tyson Kingrey
Drums by Andrew Halpin
Additional guitar by Jared Cieslewicz
Additional bass by Becca Kmieciak
Violin by Isreal Heller + Gabe Cansino
Recorded at Seahorse Sound LA + Singing Sands PDX
Photography by Jacqueline ChangLAUREN LAKIS
The definition of daughter language is a language descended from a mother language; this album explores how I show up as the daughter of my mother, the daughter of my father, a daughter of God, and a daughter of human tradition that precedes me. I’ve spent many years attempting to uncover the subconscious programming that guides my thoughts and behavior…how much of our personality do we get to choose and how much of it is the culmination of childhood figureheads?
I read that the egg we originated from once existed inside of our grandmothers, while our mothers were in her womb, and that struck me profoundly. I’ve reflected on the notion that we absorb the history of our maternal lineage, and for me, that meant navigating deeply imbedded grief. Conversely, as the daughter of my father, I navigate anger, resentment, and a propensity toward lashing out. I was raised Catholic and was in Catholic school until college, and “Fear of God” ruminates on being a daughter of God the almighty Father; “salvation for the ones in the palm of his hand” suggesting that heaven is reserved for the obedient and subservient ones, who never question the authority of the Church. My own father was absent for large portions of my life and I questioned bowing down to this figurative father figure in the sky, when my own was not there. 
Music is a language unto itself; there are emotions that cannot be articulated through words. Some things cannot be logically explained, but music can pick up where words end. For a while I thought of music as another daughter language, but then I realized that music was most likely the very first language, all other forms of communication following. I think this is why music is universal, it transcends boundaries and barriers. Music is the great connector.