Le Butcherettes — DON’T BLEED EP (14 Feb 2020)MEXICAN flag   Le Butcherettes — DON’T BLEED EP (14 Feb 2020)
ο♦   Osmé kratší, celkově 14. album této formace. Výbušné, sofistikované, punk & roll trio vedené singer~songwriter~kytaristkou Teri Gender Bender. Je členkou, resp. nahrává také s Omarem Rodríguez~Lópezem, Crystal Fairy, Bosnian Rainbows a Kimono Kult. Její výkonnostní persona a umění byla porovnána s Björk, Siouxsie Sioux a Karen O. Působila také při turné na podporu Deftones. K tomu interview níže. Bubenícký post je teď v rukou Alejandry Robles Luny.
Birth name: Teresa Suárez Cosío
Born: May 15, 1989, Denver, Colorado, United States
Origin: Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico
Formed: 2008 in Mexico City, Mexico
Location: Guadalajara, Mexico
Album release: 14 Feb 2020
Record Label: Rise Records
Duration:     19:25
2. OUT FOR YOU   2:47
4. NOW I KNOW   3:24
5. TUNISIA   2:42
6. LOVE SOMEONE   3:16
7. BOOM   3:10
♦   Teri Gender Bender: lead vocals, guitar, keyboards
♦   Riko Rodríguez~López: bass (2015~2017) , guitars, synths (2016~present),   trumpet on “Your Weakness Gives Me Life” (2014)
♦   Alejandra Robles Luna: drums (2016~present)
♦   Marfred Rodríguez~López: bass (2017~present) Le Butcherettes, with Teri Gender Bender (right). ©Photograph: Lyndsey Byrnes
AllMusic Review by Fred Thomas; Score: ★★★½
ο♦   With their fourth album, 2019’s monstrous bi/ Mental, genre~warping punk band Le Butcherettes went through the emotional wringer investigating mental illness, inter~generational trauma, and family strife. Led by the explosive presence of vocalist/guitarist/band founder Teri Gender Bender, the group wavered stylistically on that album between shadowy electronic/rock hybrids and all~out arena rock ragers.
ο♦   The 7~song EP Don’t Bleed pushes Le Butcherettes’ restless muse even further, getting into new sonic territory on almost every track while connecting the material with loose themes of womanhood, shame, and revenge. The project opens with a lo~fi, demo~like snippet called “Wounds Belong to Me.” Consisting of only vocals and a spare guitar riff, the brief song recalls the same jittery energy of Patti Smith’s best work. The shabby recording offers a contrast for what follows, with the huge drums, synth touches, and blasting power chords of songs like “Tunisia” and “Out for You” sounding like outtakes from bi/Mental. Le Butcherettes use other songs on the EP to explore different production approaches. The anxious and slippery “Don’t Bleed, You’re in the Middle of the Forest” stacks layers of vocal overdubs on top of a sinister groove, creating an ominous atmosphere as Gender Bender sings of a metaphorical hunt taking unexpected turns. “Love Someone” and “Boom” are both primarily electronic tracks, moving away from the band’s more spirited rock impulses to a more reserved, almost pop approach. “Boom” in particular sounds worlds away from almost any Le Butcherettes material that preceded it, with Gender Bender’s crystalline vocals alone with a hissy, minimal electronic beat.
ο♦   Don’t Bleed continues the tireless creative development Le Butcherettes have been chasing since their formation. By the end of the EP, they’ve touched on everything from spare blues to Portishead~styled electronic melancholia. Any of these tracks could be hinting at what the group’s next album will sound like, but if their discography up until this point is any indication, it will probably sound completely different from anything they’ve done before.
2011  Sin, Sin, Sin  (Rodriguez Lopez/R.L. Productions)
2014  Cry Is for the Flies  (Ipecac/Nadie Sound)
2015  A Raw Youth  (Ipecac)
2019  bi/MENTAL  (Rise Records)
Singles & EPs:
Kiss & Kill EP (2008)
iTunes Live: SXSW EP (2011)
Chaos As Usual (split with Melvins) EP (2015)
Shave the Pride 7” (2015)
House Hunter Flexi~Disc (2016)
spider/WAVES (2018)
struggle/STRUGGLE Flexi~Disc (2018)
Don’t Bleed EP Rise Records (2020)
Alejandra Robles Luna (drummer)