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Lenka Attune Skipalong Records October 13th, 2017

Lenka — Attune (October 13th, 2017)

                              Lenka — Attune (October 13th, 2017)Lenka — Attune (October 13th, 2017)Origin: Bega, New South Wales, Australia
Born: Mar 19, 1978
Location: Sydney, New South Wales
Album release: October 13th, 2017
Record Label: Skipalong Records
Duration:     41:23
01 Every Bird That Sings     3:14 
02 Arrow     3:18 
03 Heal     4:01 
04 Lucky     3:20 
05 Homo Sapien     3:57 
06 Flesh and Bone     3:41 
07 Slow Lane     3:41 
08 Animal (River Spirits)     4:17 
09 Bittersweet     3:51 
10 Crystal Ball     3:27 
11 Boom (Flesh and Bone Reprise)     0:41 
12 Disappear     4:15 
℗ 2017 Skipalong Records
About Lenka
♠      Taking a break from her duties as vocalist and keyboardist for Australia’s Decoder Ring, songwriter Lenka Kripac relocated to Los Angeles and began crafting eclectic, atmospheric pop songs under her forename. Her solo material took its cues from artists like Jem and Björk, with Lenka pitting her breathy vocals against landscapes of electronic drumbeats, horns, and twinkling piano. A former child actor who’d studied under Cate Blanchett, she also brought a sense of theatricality to her music, and Epic Records brought her aboard the label’s roster in late 2007. Lenka decamped to the East Coast to record her debut album in Woodstock, New York, with artists like Howie Day and Missy Higgins stopping by for quick cameos. She then settled in Los Angeles, where she played frequent shows at the intimate Hotel Café before her self~titled album, Lenka, arrived in September 2008.
♠      “The Show,” the lead single from Lenka’s debut, cracked the Top 40 in several countries, including the U.K, Switzerland, and Poland (where it climbed to number one). Meanwhile, Lenka became engaged to James Gulliver Hancock, the visual artist behind several of her music videos, and spent most of the following year touring the world. Her engagement figured heavily on her second album, Two, a collection of pop tunes and winsome love songs that appeared in early 2011. Lenka returned in 2013 with Shadows (Skipalong Records), an orchestral pop album inspired by the birth of her son. She followed in 2015 with her fourth album, The Bright Side, which featured the single “Blue Skies.” Attune, the singer’s fifth album, arrived in 2017. Self~produced and more organic than prior releases, Attune included the track “Heal,” written with fellow Australian singer~songwriter Sally Seltmann. ~ Andrew Leahey
by Jonny Nail | Oct 11, 2017 12:56:PM
♠      Sydney singer~songwriter and one~time Decoder Ring vocalist, Lenka, is set to release her fifth full~length, Attune, on October 13th. Ahead of which, the album is available to stream in full from today, via Rolling Stone Australia.
♠      Right from the outset (the first sound we hear is a quintessentially Australian morning alarm bird chorus), Attune presents as a warm, inviting comforter. Lenka’s gentle tone wraps snugly around the folk, electronic minimalism and flirts with far grander, sweeping pop that pulls back before reaching Sia~levels of all~or~nothing, emotive immersion. Blue skied optimism, fragments of worldbeat fun, all bouncy and up~beat, glossy and positive.
♠      Ah, but it’s all a mere ruse, isn’t it, and before long the curtain drops to reveal a bleakness hidden just below the nursery rhyme~flowing positivity. “I know you’ll tear it apart”, she matter~of~factly states on “Arrow”, switching cupid’s job title from matchmaker to heartbreak accomplice. Similarly, between carefree “sha~la~la~la” choruses, triumphant trumpets and the gentle island sway of “Flesh and Bone” she still switches focus for some heavy~handed worldly advice (“life is gonna trip you up in time”). A line blurred from both ends as on “Slow Lane” where she steers the self~analysing ballad from soulful sadness to some attempt at pick~me~up convincing (herself, or us) that we’re “doing our best.” While, even when brimming with confidence as on the empowering “Crystal Ball”, there remains subtle slithers of doubt amidst the rapturous joy (“the future looks fine”). Brave faces that later stare down death itself on LP closer “Disappear”, where she delivers an unflinchingly blunt assessment of the afterlife (“I’ll be in the air and in the dirt”) in a positively chipper tone.
♠      Attune is a remarkable rabbit~warren of an album, sucking us in with its seemingly shallow light~pop accessibility and then keeping us captivated with the underlying darkness and thought~provoking themes that bubble to the surface with little warning throughout. Far more complex than first impressions reveal, it’s a slow~burning delight, rewarding on repeat laps.   ♠      https://rollingstoneaus.com/
Website: http://lenkamusic.com/

Lenka Attune Skipalong Records October 13th, 2017