Levek  Look a Little Closer (2012)

Levek — Look a Little Closer (2012)

Levek Look a Little Closer
Location: Orlando ~ Gainesville, Florida
Album release: September 25, 2012
Record Label: Lefse (LEFSE039)
Duration:     37:03
01. Black Mold Grow     3:30
02. Canterbury Bell     2:23
03. Terra Treasures     3:30
04. With A Slow Burn     4:55
05. Muscat Mingle     3:44
06. St. Francis     2:12
07. Can’t Buy This Love     3:19
08. Girl In The Fog     2:55
09. Solemn Feeling Forever Healing     6:50
10. French Lessons     3:49
¤  Levek is the multifaceted project bearing the surname of front man, songwriter and musical jack-of-all-trades, David Levesque. On Look A Little Closer, the debut full length album for Lefse Records, Levek holed up in a Gainesville, FL studio, where he and some close friends arranged and performed the harmonious pastiches of sound, ranging from the tenderness of Bridge Over Troubled Water to the funky attitude of 70's Blaxploitation culture.
¤  By: Amelie Wisniak
¤  Hey you… Yes, you! Can you Look A Little Closer?
¤  Why? Because the multifaceted, songwriter, musical jack-of-all-trades, front man, Mickey Mouse lover Levek is coming out with his debut LP in September. Wait, are you close enough? Good, because a sneak peek is even available here!
¤  Look A Little Closer tells the tale of a young girl’s struggle with mental illness and how she overcame the odds through finding shelter and trust in family and friends. Asked about the album writing process, frontman David Levesque said the album seemed to just take off by itself from a general sound he wanted to go for, followed by a common lyrical ground.
¤  Sonically, Levek‘s accomplished music project offers the perfect combination of tenderness in “Bridge Over Troubled Water” and funky 70s Blaxploitation attitude. On the lead single “Black Mold Grow,” soaring harmonies bleed into a soulful disco swagger, a perfect contrast to the slinky bossanova-esque “Terra Treasures.” Look A Little Closer is a pastiche of genres that live harmoniously in unison on record and in the mind of the man behind Levek.
¤  Look A Little Closer may only be coming out this September on Lefse Records, but the hype is already starting now: Urban Outfitters picked “Black Mold Grow” to be part of its New Music Monday this week, alongside Frank Ocean, and Pitchfork just premiered the track “French Lessons.”
¤  So, are you ready to really Look A Little Closer? You can preorder the album here. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

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¤ Levek is the moniker of Florida musician David Levesque's solo project. Levesque worked by day as an elementary school bus driver and retreated into a world of home recording by night. Beginning the band in Orlando, Florida in 2009, Levek first appeared in the form of a nine-song demo posted online. The songs were quickly celebrated by several tastemaking blogs for their insular beauty, and bore similarities to the dreamier moments of orchestral indie-folk mavens like Grizzly Bear, Devendra Banhart, or Sufjan Stevens. Levesque also cited Disney movies as a key inspiration for his whimsically melancholic sounds. The group followed with a self-titled 7" in November of 2010, relocating to Gainesville, Florida and occasionally enlisting various friends and musicians to represent the live version of the band at sporadic shows. The band's first proper album, Look a Little Closer, was slated for release in late 2012.  / Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Levek/236507157635

Levek  Look a Little Closer (2012)