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Liam Gallagher As You Were
Warner Bros. (Deluxe Edition, 06/10/2017)

Liam Gallagher — As You Were (Deluxe Edition, 06/10/2017)

  Liam Gallagher — As You Were (Deluxe Edition, 06/10/2017)   Liam Gallagher — As You Were (Deluxe Edition, 06/10/2017)♦»        Gallagherovy texty překvapivě míří do podstaty věcí mnohem více, než by se dalo očekávat. Často opakovaná zábava přichází s pokusem rozhodnout, kdo přesně je předmětem Liamova zloby. Sledujíc tento účel je asi docela bezpečné předpokládat, že věta “I never hold back from the truth / Unlike you.” (“Nikdy se nedržím pravdy / Na rozdíl od vás”) od kohouta~rockera v písni “I Get By” je zaměřena na bratra Noela. “Chinatown”,  napsaná Andrewem Wyattem ze švédské elektrokapely Miike Snow, tak trochu připomínající Johna Martyna ... , ve stylu vychytávek od bývalého kytaristy Jeffa Buckleye — Michaela Olivera Tighe, je podceňovaný klenot. Ještě jednou nachytá Liama ​​se skvělým hlasem a podobně dokládá, jak chytrý byl při výběru svých partnerů určených pro psaní. Na celém albu takto píše a produkuje ty nejlepší výkony za dlouhá léta i ve více protahujících se oduševněných číslech hned několik frajerů, aniž by zmáčkli nějaké surové diamanty. Liam se tak ušklíbl mnoha rockerům.
♦»        Celkově, jak jste viděli, Liam Gallagher daleko překonává i ta nejnáročnější očekávání. Nejsou zde zde nálady a zvukový rozlet, který charakterizuje poslední album BE od Beady Eye. Místo toho se Liam rozhodl pro mnohem jednodušší rokenrolovou vizi, která může být pro publikum příjemná, ale s pouze s takovým množstvím zvuků, aby se vyznačovala svěžestí a více lajv. Album, které prokoukne každou otázku na něj, odpovídá tím lepším způsobem, zamáčkne ji a háže do odpadkového koše.                            

♦»         On the Definitely Maybe DVD, Gallagher revealed that the reason he sings with his arms behind his back is because it allows him to project more power through his voice. In very early Oasis shows until about 1994, Gallagher can be seen touching the microphone with one hand, but still employing his usual singing posture with the rest of his body.Fotka uživatele Ben Tais Amundssen.                                                  © PHOTO RANKIN (WARNER BROS. RECORDS)
♦»         Man, it’s good to have him back. Aided by some cannily recruited collaborators (Greg Kurstin, Andrew Wyatt), this debut solo album gives us the Liam Gallagher we want: impassioned and piloting rock ‘n’ roll high on attitude and skyscraping choruses. Lusty opener and comeback single “Wall of Glass” sets a robust pace, but “Greedy Soul,” “You Better Run,” and “I Get By” all light glorious fires for that voice to pour gasoline over. Most impressive, however, is the reminder of Gallagher’s singular talent for making mid~paced album tracks feel like stadium anthems. Investigate the regal “When I’m in Need” and reflective “Chinatown” — exquisite entries in the expanding, maturing Gallagher songbook.
Birth name: William John Paul Gallagher
Born: 21 September 1972, Burnage, Manchester, England
Location: London, England, UK
Genre: Alternative
Styles: British Trad Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock
Instruments: Vocals guitar tambourine piano maracas percussion
Album release: October 6, 2017
Record Label: Warner Bros.
Duration:     56:40
01. Wall of Glass     3:44
02. Bold     4:00
03. Greedy Soul     3:35
04. Paper Crown     3:29
05. For What It’s Worth     4:12
06. When I’m In Need     4:19
07. You Better Run     3:24
08. I Get By     3:10
09. Chinatown     3:21
10. Come Back To Me     3:22
11. Universal Gleam     4:08
12. I’ve All I Need     4:10
13. Doesn’t Have To Be That Way (Bonus Track)     3:59
14. All My People / All Mankind (Bonus Track)     3:56
15. I Never Wanna Be Like You (Bonus Track)     3:51
℗ 2017 Warner Bros. Records UK, a Warner Music Group company
♦»   Liam Gallagher, Greg Kurstin, Andrew Wyatt (Miike Snow), Andrew Sidney Fox, Michael Tighe     1
♦»   Gallagher     2, 6, 11, 12, 14, 15
♦»   Gallagher, Kurstin     3, 4, 8, 10
♦»   Gallagher, Simon Aldred     5
♦»   Gallagher, Wyatt     7
♦»   Gallagher, Wyatt, Tighe     9
♦»   Gallagher, Kurstin, Wyatt     13
♦»   Liam Gallagher — vocals, acoustic guitar, piano
♦»   Nick Bonnes — drums on “Wall of Glass”, “For What it’s Worth” and “Greedy Soul”
♦»   Greg Kurstin — acoustic guitar, electric guitar, percussion, bass, harmonica, producer on “Wall of Glass”
♦»   Paul Arthurs — guitar on “Bold”, bass on “Paper Crown” and piano on “For What It’s Worth”
♦»   Bridget Sarai — background vocals on “Wall Of Glass”
♦»   Michael Tighe — acoustic guitar on “Chinatown”
♦»   Dan McDougall — acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass on “Chinatown” and “For What It’s Worth”, keyboard on “For What It’s Worth”
♦»   Andrew Wyatt — background vocals on “Wall Of Glass”, drum programming, synthesizer, bass, guitar, piano, producer on “Chinatown”
♦»   Rachel Robson — viola on “For What It’s Worth”
♦»   Sally Herbert — violin on “For What It’s Worth”, string arrangement
♦»   Ian Burdge — cello on “For What It’s Worth”
♦»   Mike Moore — electric guitar, bass on “For What It’s Worth”
♦»   Dan Grech~Marguerat — programming, producer on “For What It’s Worth”
♦»   Limited edition deluxe format exclusive to Liam’s official online store.
Each As You Were Deluxe Boxset includes:
♦»   12” 180g white album vinyl
♦»   Bonus 7” vinyl, etched on the reverse
♦»   Deluxe CD album
♦»   A5 Klaus Voormann art print
♦»   Printed foreword written by Tim Kessler
♦»   Poster
♦»   20 page premium hardback book
♦»   Digital album emailed to you at release
♦»   Order now for an instant download of four singles, Wall of Glass, Chinatown, For What It’s Worth and Greedy Soul.Fotka uživatele Ben Tais Amundssen.
♦»   The upbeat rockers certainly pull no punches. ... Better still, some gentler tunes reveal his more vulnerable side. [MOJO, Nov 2017, p.95; Score: 80]
♦»   As You Were stands as proof that rock’s most charismatic general is back on active service and spoiling for trouble. [Q Magazine, Nov 2017, p.102; Score: 80]
♦»   Solidly crafted but with few surprises. [Uncut, Nov 2017, p.28; Score: 70]
AllMusic Review by Stephen Thomas Erlewine; Score: ****
♦»   Always operating in the shadow of his brother Noel, Liam Gallagher had difficulty separating himself from Oasis. Maybe that’s his fault, since he retained nearly the entire lineup of Oasis for Beady Eye, the group he formed after splitting with his sibling in 2009, but that band never gained traction — which had the unfortunate side effect of slowing Liam’s momentum. He pulled the plug on Beady Eye in 2014 and spent a couple of years regrouping, re~emerging in 2017 with As You Were. The very title suggests Gallagher is picking up where Oasis left off, a sentiment that also applied to Beady Eye’s 2011 debut, Different Gear, Still Speeding, but As You Were is clean and focused in a way Liam has never been on his own. Proud classicist that he is, Gallagher doesn’t attempt to adopt a new aesthetic here, but thanks to producer Greg Kurstin — who won a boatload of Grammys through his work with Adele and has also helmed records for Foo Fighters, Tegan and Sara, Kelly Clarkson, and Elle Goulding — he does freshen up his sounds. Beady Eye attempted a similar sonic shakeup on their final album, BE, but producer Dave Sitek encouraged a hazy neo~psychedelia, which is the sonic opposite of the clean snap Kurstin brings to As You Were. Clear and modern, buttressed with slight rhythmic loops and digital manipulation, As You Were doesn’t sound retro even though it is, in essence, a throwback to a throwback — a re~articulation of Liam’s ‘90s obsession with the ‘60s. That production does Gallagher a favor but so does Kurstin’s presence as a co~songwriter, helping to rein in Liam’s wandering ear and sharpen his melodies. Ranging from the icy onslaught of “Wall of Glass” to the stark swirl of “Chinatown,” this is his best record in nearly a decade, and they add up to an album that illustrates exactly who Liam Gallagher is as an artist. Now in his middle age, he’s a richer, nuanced singer than he was during Oasis’ heyday, yet he’s retained his charisma and, unlike his brother, he favors color and fire in his records, elements that not only enhance this fine collection of songs but make this the best post~Oasis album from either Gallagher to date.
Website: http://store.liamgallagher.com/
BY PAUL CARR, 4 October 2017; Score: 7
♦»     http://www.popmatters.com/review/liam-gallagher-as-you-were/Fotka uživatele Ben Tais Amundssen._____________________________________________________________

Liam Gallagher As You Were
Warner Bros. (Deluxe Edition, 06/10/2017)


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