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Linkin Park — One More Light (May 19, 2017)

Linkin Park — One More Light (May 19, 2017)

     Linkin Park — One More Light (May 19, 2017)
→   The problem is that Bennington’s comments in that interview are far more affecting than anything on One More Light, which is a muddled mess of a record from a band that completely abandoned any sense of identity. Pouze recyklují rádiové trendy posledních let.
Location: Agoura Hills, California, U.S.
Genre: Pop, pop rock, electropop
Album release: May 19, 2017
Recorded: September 2015 — February 2017
Record Label: Warner Bros. / Machine Shop
Duration:     35:54
01. Nobody Can Save Me     3:46
02. Good Goodbye (feat. Pusha T & Stormzy)     3:31
03. Talking To Myself     3:51
04. Battle Symphony     3:36
05. Invisible     3:34   
06. Heavy (feat. Kiiara)     2:50
07. Sorry For Now     3:24
08. Halfway Right     3:37
09. One More Light     4:15
10. Sharp Edges     3:28
Ξ   Bradford Delson, Jonathan Green, Mike Shinoda     1, 4
Ξ   Delson, Shinoda, Jesse Shatkin, Terrence Thornton, Michael Omari     2
Ξ   Ilsey Juber, Delson, Shinoda, JR Rotem     3
Ξ   Shinoda, Justin Parker     5
Ξ   Chester Bennington, Shinoda, Delson, Julia Michaels, Justin Tranter     6
Ξ   Shinoda     7
Ξ   Bennington, Shinoda, Ross Golan, Michael Keenan Leary     8
Ξ   Shinoda, Francis White     9
Ξ   Shinoda, Delson, Juber     10
Linkin Park
Ξ   Chester Bennington — lead vocals on tracks 1~4, 6 and 8~10, rhythm guitar on track 4, backing vocals on tracks 5 and 7
Ξ   Rob Bourdon — drums, backing vocals
Ξ   Brad Delson — guitar, backing vocals, production
Ξ   Phoenix — bass, backing vocals
Ξ   Joe Hahn — programming, backing vocals, creative direction
Ξ   Mike Shinoda — keyboard, programming, rap vocals on track 2, lead vocals on tracks 5 and 7, creative direction, engineering, photography, production
Additional musicians
Ξ   Kiiara — vocals on track 6
Ξ   Pusha T — rap vocals on track 2
Ξ   Stormzy — rap vocals on track 2
Ξ   Ilsey Juber — backing vocals on track 3, 10
Ξ   Ross Golan — backing vocals on track 8
Ξ   Eg White — guitar and piano on track 9
Ξ   Jon Green — additional guitar, backing vocals and bass on track 1
Ξ   Jesse Shatkin — additional keyboard and programming on track 5
Ξ   Andrew Jackson — additional guitar on track 3, additional production
Technical personnel:
Ξ   Alejandro Baima — engineering assistance
Ξ   Andrew Bolooki — vocal production
Ξ   Andrew Dawson — additional production
Ξ   Ryan DeMarti — A&R coordination
Ξ   Lorenzo Errico — photography
Ξ   Fraser T Smith — vocal engineering
Ξ   Serban Ghenea — mixing
Ξ   John Hanes — mixing engineering
Ξ   Jerry Johnson — drum technician
Ξ   Tom Kahre — vocal engineering
Ξ   Michael Keenan — additional production
Ξ   Peter J. Lee — art direction, creative direction, design, photography
Ξ   Frank Maddocks — art direction, creative direction, design, photography
Ξ   Manny Marroquin — mixing
Ξ   Ethan Mates — engineering
Ξ   Dan McCarroll — A&R
Ξ   Josh Newell — engineering
Ξ   Alexander Spit — additional production
Ξ   Peter Standish — marketing
Ξ   Christian Tachiera — photography
Ξ   Jonna Terrasi — A&R
Ξ   Warren Willis — studio assistance
Ξ   Emily Wright — vocal production
°    Canadian Albums (Billboard)     #1
°    Czech Albums (ČNS IFPI)     #1
°    US Billboard 200     #1
°    US Top Rock Albums (Billboard)     #1
°    Swiss Albums (Schweizer Hitparade)     #2
°    Austrian Albums (Ö3 Austria)     #2
°    Australian Albums (ARIA)     #3
°    UK Albums (OCC)     #4
°    New Zealand Albums (RMNZ)     #4
°    Belgian Albums (Ultratop Flanders)     #4
°    Portuguese Albums (AFP)     #4
★   One More Light is a moment in time. It’s built on personal stories, sweat~stained and reeling from injuries — the product of six voices, each coming clean about their lives and struggles, as if it were the first time. We get an unobstructed view into what makes the band tick as people, fathers, husbands, musicians, and friends.
★   As a new concept to the band, all the songs featured on the album began with vocals being recorded first. They worked on the story first, then the hook, and finally the music. In an interview with Zane Lowe, Shinoda explained the composition as, “In terms of the style of the record, it’s one of the most diverse stylistically, there’s more genres mashed into this album than anything we’ve ever put out. You don’t hear a lot of super heavy guitars. There isn’t any screaming on the record.” He adds, “To some extent it is a very polished record. Stylistically we wanted to blend all of the sound and genres together in a way you can’t tell them apart”. As to why they chose “Heavy” to present the album to the world, he told Billboard, “One of the reasons why we chose ‘Heavy’ as the first single is because it is really the core sound of the album. This wasn’t a scenario where the whole album sounds one way and the single sounds different. This is how the album sounds. So we wanted to go out with a song like that, where everybody can get a sense of the direction of this body of work.” According to him, a lot of songs on the album can make the listener think of old songs by The Cure or Tears For Fears.
★   In an interview with MusicRadar Brad Delson explained,
★   “I wound up putting a lot of guitar on this album. There’s a lot of layers and a lot of different guitars. The guitar work is nuanced and complementary to all of the other elements that we have put in there. I find guitar to be a dominant ingredient in any soup. The minute I put loud heavy guitars into an arrangement, I feel like it is a heavy colour. One of the goals of the production of this album was to do away with any notion of genre. We were looking at ways to juxtapose influences that we have in ways that you haven’t heard before. Building the guitar work into that was a fun challenge. I love the guitar work and tones that our engineer Ethan helped create with me and Mike [Shinoda] throughout this album. Even though you don’t hear guitar in the foreground in a heavy~handed way, there really is a ton of guitar on this album, and I’m really proud of it.” — Brad Delson
Artwork and packaging:
★   In an interview with Kerrang! magazine, Shinoda explained that the children seen on the album cover are those of a friend of the band and represent what the band members feel when their respective families get together. The photo was shot at Venice Beach by Frank Maddocks, who has previously contributed to artworks for Deftones and Green Day’s Revolution Radio.
★   The album was made available on Linkin Park’s official website in five different packages: CD + LPU membership, vinyl + LPU Membership, CD bundle, vinyl bundle, and the “Just Give Me Everything” box set. All offers were accompanied by an LPU digital membership. Both the CD bundle and vinyl bundle include a One More Light T~shirt and a silver Linkin Park logo enamel pin. The box set was bound inside a special One More Light super deluxe box with a 48~page hardcover book featuring all the best photos from the album package and all the lyrics, a unique 2.4” × 1.8” instant photo of the band, and an gold enamel pin set featuring a Linkin Park pin, a LP Hex logo pin, and a “OML” logo pin.
BY DAVID SACKLLAH, ON MAY 22, 2017, 4:30PM / Score: D+
★   https://consequenceofsound.net/2017/05/album-review-linkin-park-one-more-light/
★   http://onemorelight.linkinpark.com/

Linkin Park — One More Light (May 19, 2017)


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