Lisa Mitchell
Bless This Mess (2012)

Lisa Mitchell — Bless This Mess (2012)                Lisa Mitchell — Bless This Mess
Born: March 22, 1990 / Birth name: Lisa Helen Mitchell / Location: Albury, New South Wales, Australia
Album release: October 12th, 2012
Record Label: Warner Music Australia
Duration:     53:47    
01. Providence      (5:10)
02. So Much To Say      (4:34)
03. Spiritus      (3:10)
04. The Land Beyond The Front Door     (2:43)
05. The Story Of The Raven And The Mushroom Man  (4:20)
06. Bless This Mess      (3:47)
07. Better Left Unsaid      (4:38)
08. The Present      (3:40)
09. Walk With Me      (4:15)
10. You Pretty Thing      (2:59)
11. Diamond In The Rough      (4:09)
12. I Know You’re Somewhere  (10:22) (Includes hidden track)
Reservé agent: Brett Murrihy (Artist Voice) —
Main manager: Pete Lusty (Winterman & Goldstein) —   

¶ 2009 Australian Music Prize — Wonder (Won)                          © James D Morgan; Lisa Mitchell performing at Falls Festival 2009 

By Darren Levin
¤ What next?
¤ This was the predicament Lisa Mitchell found herself in following the release of 2009 debut Wonder; an album that won the Australian Music Prize for 2010, surpassing the artists’ expectations, but also blocking her creatively.
¤ A copy of The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron fixed that, and Mitchell soon found herself in a studio out in Gisborne, Victoria, with producer Dann Hume at the helm. ¤ “There was no real hurry so we could let our imaginations go crazy and get lost in it,” says Mitchell. “Our phones had little reception so we felt like we were in this country hideaway, a step removed from reality.”
¤ The result is Bless This Mess, an album big on anthemic vocals and rousing sing-alongs, which is exclusively streaming now on FL ahead of its release this Friday (October 12). The album features first single ‘Spiritus’ and guest contributions from Clare Bowditch, Jordan Wilson (Georgia Fair) and Yeo Choong (YEO). “I guess I wanted to capture that feeling of human chaos and community, as if hordes of people were hanging off the ceiling, singing and yelling joyously together,” Mitchell explains.
¤ She says she also enjoyed teaming up again with Hume, who worked on most of Wonder. “He brings space between me and the songs — he’s the middle man/shaman in between. It’s a real gift to work with him as he’s not only a producer, but a musician and beautiful songwriter in his own right.”

¤   After making such a successful debut with her album “Wonder” (2009) and the release of  “Spiritus“ this year, Lisa Mitchell has definitely kept her fans on the tippiest of toes for the release of her sophomore album “Bless This Mess”. The time is nigh my friends. The tile track is our first insight into an album that has extremely high expectations coupled with it.
¤   The single shows another side to Mitchell’s repertoire. We are used to Lisa’s sweet vocals entwined with acoustic instrumentals and an overall  relaxed and humble style. “Bless This Mess” however is more layered in its make–up, with electric guitars and substantial backing vocals to give the piece greater depth.
¤   Perhaps this track is a signal that Mitchell is trying to build on her already well-known persona and break through as a truly remarkable singer–songwriter with the complete package. Sadly, we will have to wait a few more weeks for validation.

Biography  by Jason Birchmeier
♠   Lisa Mitchell is an Australian folk–pop singer/songwriter who initially garnered fame as a finalist on the television show Australian Idol in 2006. Although born in Canterbury, England, on March 22, 1990, she spent most of her childhood in Australia, first in Albury and later in Melbourne. After garnering fame as the sixth–place finalist on Australian Idol, during which time the 16–year old Mitchell performed several of her own songs, she embarked on a solo career as a folk–pop artist. She made her solo recording debut in 2007 with Said One to the Other, a four–track EP released in association with Scorpio Music and Warner Music. Produced by Dann Hume of the band Evermore, Said One to the Other topped the iTunes Top Albums chart in Australia and was well received in critical circles.
♠   A second four–song EP, Welcome to the Afternoon, followed in 2008. Primarily produced once again by Hume, Welcome to the Afternoon spawned a pair of singles, "See You When You Get Here" and "Neapolitan Dreams," the latter of which peaked at number 70 on the ARIA charts. Mitchell returned to the charts one year later, when she released her full–length debut album, Wonder, during the summer of 2009. Full of quirky, wide–ranging pop songs, Wonder reached number six on the Australian albums chart, spawned the Top 40 hit single "Coin Laundry," and climbed to gold status.

Lisa Mitchell
Bless This Mess (2012)