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Little Boots
Working Girl

Little Boots — Working Girl (JULY 10, 2015)        Little Boots — Working Girl (JULY 10, 2015)♠   Intimní a bezstarostné melodie. A tady to máme: Working Girl je určitě album, které si zaslouží vaši pozornost a poskytuje další příklad toho, proč Little Boots je asi nejzajímavější synthpop umělkyně, která dnes na scéně pracuje. Nechte své případné předsudky na prahu dveří. Harriet Gibsone v The Guardian jí dává pouze **, Matt Collar naproti tomu **** a SASHA GEFFEN na poměry svého periodika vysoce B–.Birth Name: Victoria Christina Hesketh
Formed: May 4, 1984 in Blackpool, Lancashire, England
Instruments: Vocals piano keyboards synthesizer Tenori–on Stylophone
Location: Blackpool, Lancashire, England
Album release: JULY 10, 2015
Duration:     52:53
01 Intro     0:50
02 Working Girl     3:56
03 No Pressure     4:33
04 Get Things Done     3:27
05 Taste It     4:23
06 Real Girl     4:09
07 Heroine     4:17
08 Interlude     0:33
09 The Game     3:24
10 Help Too     4:54
11 Business Pleasure     3:37
12 Paradise     4:07
13 Better in the Morning     3:23
14 Desire (Bonus Track)     3:29
15 Working Girl [Acoustic]     3:51
℗ 2015 Dim Mak Records, Inc.
Written by:
♠   Tom Aspaul / Victoria Hesketh / Dan Traynor     2
♠   Victoria Hesketh / Pat Lukens / Brett McLaughlin / Liam O'Donnell     3
♠   Victoria Hesketh / Pat Lukens     4
♠   Victoria Hesketh / James Shaw     5
♠   Joe Cross / Victoria Hesketh     6
♠   Victoria Hesketh / Sally Seltmann / Dave Sharma / Peter Wade     7
♠   Victoria Hesketh / Jeppe Laursen     9
♠   Victoria Hesketh / Dan Nigro     10
♠   Sean Haley / Victoria Hesketh     11
♠   Victoria Hesketh / Bram Inscore / Shane Stevens     12
♠   Victoria Hesketh / Ariel Rechtshaid     13
♠   Victoria Hesketh / Bram Inscore     14
♠   Ash Workman Mixing
♠   Jamie Snell Mixing, Programming
♠   Jas Shaw Producer
♠   Dan Smith Mastering
♠   Lockhardt Producer
♠   Victoria Hesketh Composer, Engineer
♠   Bram Inscore Composer, Producer
♠   Chris Kemsley Producer
♠   Anna Andresen Vocals
♠   Tom Aspaul Composer
♠   Brassica Producer
♠   Chris Carmouche Mixing
♠   Ben Chetwood Mixing
♠   Com Truise Producer
♠   Grades Producer
♠   Peter Wade Composer, Producer                                   © San Francisco, The Independent 2013
AllMusic Review by Matt Collar;  Score: ****
♠   With a title inspired in part by the 1988 comedy–drama of the same name, Little Boots' third full–length album, 2015's Working Girl, showcases her trademark atmospheric '70s disco and '80s house–infused pop with ever increasing aplomb. A concept album, Working Girl revolves around Victoria Hesketh's (aka Little Boots') own journey from major–label fame with Atlantic Records in 2009 to independent success after founding On Repeat Records in 2013. The album follows Hesketh's equally conceptually minded 2014 EP Business Pleasure (all four tracks are included here) and finds her expanding upon that album's dual themes of creative transformation and professional empowerment. Working with a bevy of arty dancefloor–familiar producers including Simian Mobile Disco's Jas Shaw, Com Truise, and Chris Carmouche (Janelle Monáe, Major Lazer), Hesketh has constructed album of arch, laser–like sophistication, punctuated by moments of euphoric passion. Cuts like the title track, "Taste It," and "Real Girl" are languid, exotic anthems that balance Hesketh's thoughtful D.I.Y. feminist point of view with subtle cheekiness and a winking sense of camp. Whether she's singing about taking control of her creative process, her career, or even her sexuality, Hesketh imbues Working Girl with a confident swagger. It's as if she's reimagined her herself as an '80s power suit–wearing heroine in a film about her life; a cinematic ice queen CEO commanding the boardroom in stilettos. As she defiantly coos on "Business Pleasure, "I'm not your girl in the machine/I won't give up on my daydream." Which isn't to say there aren't moments of red–hot passion on Working Girl. On the contrary, cuts like "Get Things Done" and the sparkling club anthem "Desire," are whip–crack funky and utterly infectious, bringing to mind Vogue–era Madonna. Ultimately, Working Girl plays like Little Boots' own biopic, a cinematic feminist synth–pop manifesto set to a pulsing Giorgio Moroder–esque soundtrack.
♠   http://www.allmusic.com/                                                © Photo credit: Daniel Sannwald
♠   On her third album as Little Boots, English singer and producer Victoria Hesketh wears holes in the sheen she cultivated on her first two outings. That’s a good thing; while Hands and especially Nocturnes sparkled with club–ready production, Working Girl shows off more of Hesketh’s humor and charm. In a few places, it even makes room for her to be vulnerable inside her snappy pop arrangements.
♠   Working Girl strikes some of the poses of a concept album in that it opens with sardonic hold music and includes numerous references to office culture and “lean–in” feminism. “Can you have it all?” Hesketh asks on the title track, a second person interrogation into a woman’s polished lifestyle and secret inner turmoil. The song’s dark techno beat only underscores the club as an oasis from professional drudgery, or maybe it implicates Boots herself, whose profession sees her working long after the last fluorescent lights have flickered off for the night.
♠   The album keeps its BPM up and its personal stakes high, as Hesketh articulates the ennui of a high–powered life. “I don’t like where I am and my friends don’t understand,” she sings on “No Pressure”. On “Business Pleasure”, she asserts, “I’m not your girl in the machine.” And on “Better in the Morning”, she bounces through a sing–song melody to talk herself out of feeling defeated at the end of the day. The production is lively and fun throughout, but ringed with after–hours melancholy. Hesketh sings as if she’s trying to claw her way out of isolation, hoping for someone, anyone, to hear her.
♠   Little Boots packs her share of sarcasm into Working Girl, but above all she insists fiercely on her own humanity. She arranges her insecurities on a familiar pop framework, her struggles and doubts laid bare. The chirping “Help Too” carries some of the heaviest lyrics Hesketh has written — it might be her most tender song yet. ♠   Boots has refined her technical skills and curation choices over the past two albums, but her biggest breakthrough on Working Girl is just how much she’s now willing to let us in.
♠   Essential Tracks: “Working Girl”, “Help Too”, and “Better in the Morning”
♠   http://consequenceofsound.net/
Website: http://www.littlebootsmusic.co.uk/
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♠   http://electronicrumors.com/2015/07/06/audio-little-boots-working-girl-album/
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♠   Hands (2009)
♠   Nocturnes (2013)
♠   Working Girl (2015)_____________________________________________________________

Little Boots
Working Girl