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Little Tybee For Distant Viewing (2013)

 Little Tybee — For Distant Viewing (2013)

Little Tybee ¤ For Distant Viewing
Location: Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.
Album release: April 9, 2013
Record Label: Paper Garden Records *
Duration:     47:22
01. For Distant Viewing    (5:04)
02. Mind Grenade    (5:03)
03. Hearing Blue    (5:34)
04. Fantastic Planet    (4:09)
05. Herman    (5:47)
06. Jury Duty    (2:32)
07. Boxcar Fair    (5:08)
08. The Boldest Lines    (3:46)
09. Castle    (5:48)
10. Left Right    (2:57)
11. A Dog Waits In The Doorway    (1:42)
¤  Their latest album, For Distant Viewing, is slated to be released on April 9, 2013. Scrapping their characteristic DIY approach to recording, the band enlisted the help of Ben Price at Studi LaRoche to handle the tracking and mixing of the album. The album was then mastered by Glenn Schick at Glenn Schick Mastering.
¤  Brock Scott - Vocals, Piano, Acoustic Guitar
¤  Ryan Donald - Electric Bass, Double Bass
¤  Pat Brooks - Drums, Percussion
¤  Josh Martin - Eight-String Electric Guitar
¤  Nirvana Kelly - Violin, Viola
¤  Chris Case - Keyboards
Additional Personnel - For Distant Viewing
¤  Colin Agnew - Percussion
¤  George Wallace - Lap/Pedal Steel Guitar
¤  Brandon Camarda - Trumpet
¤  Jonathan Rhum - Saxophone
Additional Personnel - Humorous To Bees
¤  Ricky Saucedo - Clarinet
¤  Mario Schambon - Percussion
¤  Colin Agnew - Percussion
¤  Adron Parnassum - Vocals
¤  Ryan Gregory - Violin
¤  Mary Knight - Cello
¤  Nancy Shim - Flute
¤  Greg Hammontree - Trumpet
¤  For Distant Viewing, 2013 (Paper Garden Records)
¤  Humorous To Bees, 2011 (Paper Garden Records)
¤  Building A Bomb, 2009 (self-released)
Website: http://www.littletybee.com/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/littletybee
Press contact: bryan@papergardenrecords.com, heidi@papergardenrecords.com
Agent: littletybee@gmail.comLittle Tybee — For Distant Viewing (2013)
By Christiana Bartolini | March 8th, 2013
¤  Little Tybee is gearing up to release their newest album, For Distant Viewing, on April 9, 2013, and let me tell you that it is a must-listen!
¤  Ever since I discovered Little Tybee not too long ago, they’re always one of my top go-to bands when I’m in the mood for an innovative orchestral indie folk sound. If you’ve ever seen a live video of Little Tybee performing, it’s plain to see that this is one seriously talented group of musicians (seriously, watch this video). From the incredibly intricate guitar arrangements to the ethereal violin to the swiftly shuffling drums and beyond, this album can very easily launch Little Tybee into the big league. (Fortaken: http://www.indieshuffle.com)
¤  Little Tybee is a lush indie band that hails from Atlanta, GA. They are a very cohesive, roots-type band. It sounds like they use a lot of extras to create the lush sounds that are on their third album, For Distant Viewing. You can hear violins, keyboards, lap steel, cello, brass instruments, and others as well. Yes, it's that lush and gorgeous.
¤  Brock Scott seems to be the mastermind and chief songwriter but I can tell by the clever instrumentation throughout the album that Little Tybee is a band and not a solo project. The songs are complex and and yet easily approachable. There suttle grooves on each one. You might think about the Godspeed You Black Emperor but again, Little Tybee has so much more togetherness, where Godspeed rambles on and you never know starts from finishes. Brock Scott has a wonderfully dynamic voice as well. He doesn't overuse it. And the instruments really accentuate what he has to say. "The Boldest" has a nice latin feel to it. For Distant Viewing is the band's third album but Brock has been at this for a few years longer with a couple of former bands.
¤  Songs like "Fantastic Planet", which is an instrumental, is a perfect example of what this Atlanta band is capable of. Subtly jazzy and yet still with both feet placed in atmospheric rock.
¤  The album contains their song that they created a cool marionette video for called "Boxcar Fair". Watch this video for a great idea of what to expect with the rest of the album.
Fortaken: http://www.musicemissions.com
Notes *:
¤  Paper Garden Records is an independent record label based in Brooklyn, New York. Paper Garden Records was formed in 2005 in Nashville, Tennessee by Bryan Vaughan as part of an entrepreneurship program at Belmont University. The labels first signing was Eagle*Seagull, from Lincoln, Nebraska. Eagle*Seagull gained considerable attention in the independent music scene for their first self-titled release. Paper Garden Records has since signed Peasant, Darla Farmer, Emanuel and the Fear, Mighty Tiger, The City and Horses, Dad Rocks!, Pree, Conveyor (band), Fierce Creatures, Team Genius and Little Tybee.
Website: http://papergardenrecords.com/File:LittleTybee HiRes.jpg

Little Tybee For Distant Viewing (2013)



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