Loney dear — „A Lantern and a Bell“ (March 26, 2021)

Sweden flag                                                                                Loney dear — „A Lantern and a Bell“ (March 26, 2021)
Když už mluvíme o Emilově nové desce — kterou konzultoval jako sondáž, říká zakladatel labelu Peter Gabriel: „Smutné oduševnělé melodie, vytvářející ve vaší hlavě prostor, který se plní vzpomínkovými sny a něhou. Jsem velmi hrdý na to, že pracujeme s tak nadaným skladatelem. Když jste v izolaci, co může být lepší, než být zabalen do těchto krásných nápaditých konstrukcí — práce mistra.“
Location: Södermalm in Stockholm
Album release: March 26, 2021
Record Label: Real World Records
01. Mute / All things pass   
02. Habibi (A clear black line)   2:26
03. Trifles   3:53
04. Go Easy on Me Now (Sirens + emergencies)
05. Last night / Centurial Procedures (the 1900s)
06. Oppenheimer
07. Darling
08. Interval / Repeat
09. A House and a FireEmanuel LundgrenNotes:
Recorded with producer Emanuel Lundgren in a mythical studio on western Södermalm in Stockholm, ‘A Lantern and a Bell’ is Loney dear’s second album for Real World, following 2017’s self~titled release.
Maritime themes permeate across ‘A Lantern and a Bell’ — the album arrives bearing artwork depicting the international nautical flag for distress (whilst ‘Trifles’ itself features a torn and ragged flag used to indicate a change of course) and Emil’s voice is frequently bolstered by diffused water sounds at dark low frequencies and the calls of sea birds.
A Lantern and a Bell was recorded with producer Emanuel Lundgren in a studio on western Södermalm in Stockholm. The album was influenced by maritime themes. “Near where I live, freighters pass by every day and the sounds of their engines get into my head. And further into the music,” says Svanängen. 
Of “Trifles,” Svanängen says: “I love this song. All these gentle uneven bars barely noticed in a good song. The glock ostinato starting to copy the piano figure, and the disoriented whistle in the interlude. The powerful ending, even if we promised ourselves to not have songs that grew in the end.”  
“I’m especially fond of the second verse: ‘sleeping like a carcass, waiting on bus stops, down was the new right, the biggest ship ever caught. I lay in your bed, these times you’re not here. I was the crowd, you wore the crown here. 
“The first verse’s ‘concrete shoes’ refers to when someone messes with the wrong people and get sunk in the water in Nybroviken, outside the theatre. We messed around with naming the song ‘Trifles.’ It’s a dessert. Or something too trivial to mention. Anyhow, do enjoy. This one is special to us.” 
Loney dear is the singer, songwriter and multi~instrumentalist Emil Svanängen’s idiosyncratic musical project where classic song~writing meets complex productions — both wide open and uplifting as well as sensitive and heart breaking…
Recorded by Svanängen with producer Emanuel Lundgren in a mythical studio on western Södermalm in Stockholm, ‘A Lantern and A Bell’ is Loney dear’s second album for Real World, following 2017’s self~titled release.
Sea birds, distorted noise, and then the line “Mighty ships hung over ground” — the marine theme not only begins but makes its mark throughout the album.
The soundscape, with Emil Svanängen’s unmistakable falsetto at the very front of the mix, is extremely stripped down. A compliant piano, a discreet double bass, occasional chords, and diffused water sounds, at dark low frequencies, pulsating from unknown depths.
Speaking about Emil’s new record — on which he has consulted as a sounding board, label founder Peter Gabriel says: “Sad soulful melodies that create space in your head that fill with memories dreams and tenderness. I am very proud that we are working with such a gifted songwriter. When you’re isolating, what better than to be wrapped up in these beautiful imaginative constructions — the work of a master.”
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