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Lord Huron — Strange Trails

Lord Huron — Strange Trails (April 6, 2015)

                Lord Huron — Strange TrailsLord Huron — Strange Trails (April 6, 2015)♦   Beginning as the nature–inspired solo project of a Michigan–born musician, Lord Huron expanded into a full band after two self–released EPs.
♦   “In addition to what you hear on the record, we'll be expanding the stories and characters in a number of ways including comic books, music videos, web sites, an interactive phone number and hopefully a short film. Tales of greasers, ghosts, crooners, cowboys, beauties & beasts wind, overlap and tangle.”                           Formed: May, 2010 in Los Angeles, CA
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Album release: April 6, 2015
Record Label: Iamsound
Duration:     55:42
01 Love Like Ghosts     3:44  
02 Until the Night Turns     3:47  
03 Dead Man's Hand     4:21  
04 Hurricane (Johnnie's Theme)     2:46  
05 La Belle Fleur Sauvage     5:41  
06 Fool for Love     4:35  
07 The World Ender     4:30  
08 Meet Me in the Woods     4:22  
09 The Yawning Grave     3:13  
10 Frozen Pines     3:57  
11 Cursed     3:58 
12 Way Out There     4:10  
13 Louisa     3:10  
14 The Night We Met     3:28
•  Ben Schneider — guitar, vocals
•  Mark Barry — percussion, vocals
•  Miguel Briseño — bass, keys, percussion
•  Tom Renaud — guitar, vocals
•  Peter Mowry — guitar
•  Brett Farkas — guitar, vocals
•  Karl Kerfoot — guitar, vocals
♦♦♦  "There's no direct narrative connection between Strange Trails and the previous album Lonesome Dreams. The stories here are separated by time, location and characters," says Lord Huron of the record. "Many of the themes have carried over and evolved, but there's a touch of something more sinister and evil lurking here; an underlying darkness and unease. I envisioned it as an anthology of weird fiction.
By Kelly McCartney for FolkAlley.com
♦♦♦  On the new 'Strange Trails,' Lord Huron picks up right where 'Lonesome Dreams' left off... with impossibly catchy melodies, emphatically fanciful lyrics, and intriguingly hazy production. Lord Huron has a very specific, radio–ready sound that emerges somewhere between the crisp acoustic guitars and Ben Schneider's layered vocals, and which owes a solid debt to My Morning Jacket, Fleet Foxes, and Animal Collective.
♦♦♦  As on that predecessor, the songs here find their singer traversing the land and brooding about love in the most cheerful way imaginable. Heck, even their titles betray that underlying theme — "Meet Me in the Woods," "The Yawning Grave," "Frozen Pines," and "Way Out There." To really drive it home on songs like "La Belle Fleur Sauvage," "The World Ender," and "Cursed," chunky guitars chug like steam engines headed out of western towns in search of big, blue skies and wide open plains to help that same singer forget about the loveliest little gal either side of the Rio Grande.
♦♦♦  To be sure, 'Strange Trails' is a pleasant and pleasing record, an easy, folk–rock listen teeming with potential singles and gleaming platitudes. And, maybe, that's enough. It was certainly enough for 'Lonesome Dreams' to catch on like wildfire. After all, not everyone has to be Neil Young or even Justin Vernon — indeed, not everyone can be Neil Young or Justin Vernon. Some people get to be Ben Schneider. :: http://www.folkalley.com/
Artist Biography by Fred Thomas
°   Lord Huron began as a solo project by Michigan–born/Los Angeles–based musician Ben Schneider in the spring of 2010. On a trip home to Michigan, Schneider recorded three songs inspired by communing with nature. These songs were later released as the Into the Sun EP, and Lord Huron was born. The songs quickly gained recognition and a live band was assembled to flesh out the songs in a live setting. Lord Huron began performing as a band in August of 2010 and quickly began touring, developing their live show as they went. In November of 2010 a second EP, entitled Mighty, was released, and coupled with a video for the standout track "The Stranger." The year 2011 was full of touring, with appearances at larger festivals like South by Southwest, Outside Lands, and Lollapalooza. At this point Schneider solidified his band lineup with childhood friends Mark Barry on drums, Brett Farkas on guitar, Miguel Briseno on bass, and Tom Renaud on guitar. In January of 2012, Lord Huron signed with independent label IAMSOUND Records and began work on their debut full–length, Lonesome Dreams, which was released later that year and led to an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. After extensive touring, a second album, Strange Trails, was recorded in 2014 at Whispering Pines Studios in Los Angeles. It was released in early 2015.
By Anne Erickson
°   This "Music Monday" brings Lord Huron news! The guys have just announced they will release their new album, "Strange Trails," on April 7. Watch a teaser for the album at the end of the story.
°   I personally know a lot of Michiganders looking forward to this release. After all, the band has strong Michigan ties.
°   Lord Huron brings together Okemos High School graduates Ben Schneider (lead vocals), Mark Barry (percussion, vocals) and Tom Renaud (guitar, vocals) and Eaton Rapids graduate Miguel Briseño (bass, percussion). While most of the band hails from Michigan, Lord Huron are currently based in Los Angeles.
°   "Strange Trails" will mark the follow–up to Lord Huron's 2012 full–length, "Lonesome Dreams." The set was perfect for fans of traditional folk and new alternative, with songs taking bits and pieces of Bob Dylan's classic folk style and My Morning Jacket's alternative pop. This intriguing blend of sounds has helped Lord Huron book some of the biggest music festivals in the world, including Lollapalooza, Bonnaroo and Coachella.
°   "Strange Trails" has its own website. Check it out via www.strangetrails.com. :: http://www.lansingstatejournal.com/
Website: http://www.strangetrails.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/LordHuron
Bandcamp: http://lordhuron.bandcamp.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lordhuron
°   Into the Sun EP (Self–released, 2010)
°   Mighty EP (Linian Music, 2010)
°   Time to Run EP (Iamsound, 2012)
°   Lonesome Dreams (Iamsound, 2012)
°   Strange Trails (Iamsound, 2015)

Lord Huron — Strange Trails