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Lost Left Levollinen (2013)

Lost Left - Levollinen

      Lost Left — Levollinen
Location: London, UK
Album release: November 03, 2013
Genre: Alternative / Rock
Record Label: Crowd Source
01. Thank You For The Lung     5:19
02. Caves     4:57
03. Purdah     10:05
04. Ferdinand Cheval     6:19
05. Levollinen     4:21
06. Hirta     4:40
07. Young Without Loss     7:20
08. In The Egence     6:56
09. The Trees Are Down     4:37
Members: Ben, Bobby, Khris
Reservé agent: alostleft@googlemail.com
Lost Left, as recorded here, are Ben Pritchard, Bobby Crawford, Chris Pollock.
The songs on Levollinen were recorded in Ben's old house in South London, and in Marcus' studio/old barn in Glasgow
Mixed by Marcus Mackay at the Diving Bell Lounge
Mastered by Nick Robbins at Soundmastering
The painting is called Tytöt uunin ääressä by Alvar Cawen (1886-1935), courtesy of Bukowskis.
If you would like a physical copy of this album, please write to: alostleft@googlemail.com
Bandcamp: http://lostleft.bandcamp.com/album/levollinen
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/lostleft


Picture of Lost Left

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Lost Left Levollinen (2013)



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