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Luca Aquino — OverDOORS (April 20, 2015)

Luca Aquino — OverDOORS (April 20, 2015)

Italy                     Luca Aquino — OverDOORS 
Born: June 1st, 1974
Location: Benevento, Italy
Album release: April 20, 2015
Record Label: Bonsai Music
Duration:     54:07
01. Peace Frog      6:18
02. Waiting for the Sun      5:26
03. OverDOORS      1:37
04. Blue Sunday      5:00
05. Queen of the Highway (feat. Petra Magoni)      3:16
06. Ship of the Fools      5:04
07. Yes, the River Knows      3:50
08. Riders on the Storm (feat. Rodolphe Burger)      4:31
09. Hyacinth House      6:18
10. Light My Fire      6:03
11. Indian Summer (feat. Carolina Bubbico)      6:44
♦♦   LUCA AQUINO — trumpet and live electronics
♦♦   DARIO MIRANDA — electric bass
♦♦   ANTONIO JASEVOLI — guitars
♦♦   LELE TOMASI — drums
♦♦   RODOLPHE BURGER   voice and guitars on Riders On The Storm
♦♦   PETRA MAGONI   voice on Queen Of The Highway
♦♦   CAROLINA BUBBICO   voice on Indian Summer
**  Tributes are a kind of fashion in jazz and today it’s cool to declare oneself a rockstar. That’s why I pulled myself back from dedicating an album to The Doors, my absolute favorite band, for such a long time. Then my love to Jim Morrison and his mates dominated.
**    OverDOORS, despite facing some troubles at the beginning, has been growing strongly. The first doubt was wich songs to choose: I wish I could revisit them all. **    Under my fingers I had another doubt, due to the different possibilities of how to reinterpret the historical Californian band. For one month, only one question was on my mind: should I choose a cover approach or a free musical revision? I actually took both, wearing Converse, feeling free to analyse and fit back [Light My Fire], singing and whispering melodies both ethereal and eternal [like Blue Sunday and Yes, The River Knows]. I am curious to see my friends' reaction to the groove Waiting For The Sun; Carlo, Piero and all others, whom I dreamt with, sitting on a bench, flying on the notes of LA Woman. ~ Luca
**    Luca Aquino is an italian trumpet player, with a different and modern sound. Was born on June 1st, 1974 (Gemini) in Benevento, an ancient town in Southern Italy. He took up trumpet at the age of 20, enchanted by the wide and warm sound of Miles Davis and charmed by Chet Baker’s moods. Two years later, he left trumpet and he decided to focus on his university studies getting a degree in Business. After that time, he realized to fully dedicate himself to music. In fact, he returned to trumpet and has played it ever since. Luca is self–tought. Other than his CD collection to listen. Luca's sound comes from rock music, he loves melodies and hates models and trivial virtuosities. In music and life, sound and silence are equally important for him. Electronic sounds never dominate his music and his approach to the genre is measured.
**    His timbre is unique. Luca’s first album as a soloist “Sopra le nuvole” produced by Universal Music came out in 2008.
**    In the same year, he received the “Massimo Urbani” International Award for soloists.
**    In 2009 he recorded “Lunaria” and received the "Top Jazz" Award for the best Italian Jazz musician.
**    Then came "Amam", recorded in Skopjie's ancient Turkish bath after a car journey of more than 1500 km undertaken by Luca with his trustful manager.
**    In 2010, he recorded with the Contemporany artis Mimmo Paladino his trumpet solo projerct "Icaro solo" and in 2011, with his Norwegian trio, "Chiaro", produced by Paolo Fresu's Tuk Music. In 2012, after a concert with Jon Hassell and Enrico Rava, he was hired by Manu Katche and he started with him his world tour.
**    In the 2013 Luca decided to record “aQustico”, his first album without electronic.
**    During the same period he took part in more than one hundred recordings, ranging from jazz to hip hop, grunge to singer/songwriter music, metal to pop, recorded soundtracks. He also was the creator and director of music festivals, performed in many concerts, in many places.
**    Above all, Luca loves to play free, without impositions and constraints.
Website: http://www.lucaaquino.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Luca-Aquino/223461321049640
**    Minna Huuskonen
**    Minnamurra Music Management & Agency
**    www.minnamurra.fi
**    minna@minnamurra.fi
**    Mob. +358 44 0881232

Luca Aquino — OverDOORS (April 20, 2015)




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