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Machine Mass & Dave Liebman

Machine Mass & Dave Liebman — Inti (February 18, 2014)

BelgiumUnited States Machine Mass & Dave Liebman — Inti

 Machine Mass & Dave Liebman — Inti
♠   Pokud se vám líbí tento typ s výhledem do budoucna jazzu, hledající nové způsoby rozšíření slovní zásoby tohoto žánru, budete chtít slyšet, co trio dělá.
Birth name: David Liebman
Born: September 4, 1946, Brooklyn, New York City, United States
♠•♠   “Dave Liebman is one of the most creative jazz saxophonists on the planet” — (John Fordham, The Guardian, London) “...the most breathtaking sweep of emotions that might be heard on soprano saxophone for some time to come.” — (All About Jazz)
♠•♠   “Michel Delville's fantastic guitar leads build (once again) to the far corners of the universe” — (Dick Metcalf, Rotcod Zzaj)  “... quite stunning whether soloing or filling out the spaces between” — (Duncan Heining, Jazzwise Magazine, UK)
♠•♠   “Tony Bianco allies grace and power, propelling both sessions with unflinching stamina” — (François Couture, All Music Guide)
Location: Liège, Belgium, Brooklyn, New York, U.S.
Style: Free Improv/Avant–Garde
Album release: February 18, 2014
Recording date: October 10, 2012, Pennsylvania
Record Label: Moonjune Records
Duration:     60:12
1 Inti      7:27
2 Centipede      4:41
3 Lloyd      6:24
4 In A Silent Way      6:29
5 A Sight      6:37
6 Utoma      6:09
7 The Secret Place      4:33
8 Elisabeth      12:46
9 Voice      4:53
♠•♠   Michel Delville: guitar, Roland GR09, electronics;
♠•♠   Tony Bianco: drums, loops, percussion;
♠•♠   Dave Liebman: soprano & tenor saxophone, wooden flute;
♠•♠   Saba Tewelde: vocals (7).
♠•♠   Recorded at Red Rock Recording Studios, Saylorsburg, PA (USA), October 10, 2012.
♠•♠   Recording engineer: Kent Heckman
♠•♠   Mixed and mastered by Jon Wilkinson
♠•♠   Produced by Machine Mass
♠•♠   Executive Producer: Leonardo Pavkovic
♠•♠   Liner notes: John Kelman
♠•♠   Tony Bianco Composer, Drums, Group Member, Loops, Percussion
♠•♠   Michel Delville Composer, Electronics, Group Member, Guitar
♠•♠   Kent Heckman Engineer
♠•♠   John Kelman Liner Notes
♠•♠   David Liebman Composer, Featured Artist, Flute (Wood), Sax (Soprano+Tenor)
♠•♠   Leonardo Pavkovic Executive Producer
♠•♠   Saba Tewelde Vocals
♠•♠   Elisabeth Waltregny Band Photo, Cover Design, Title Graphics
♠•♠   Jon Wilkinson Mastering, Mixing
♠•♠   Joe Zawinul Composer
Editorial Reviews (Amazon)
♠   Machine Mass featuring Dave Liebman (Miles Davis, Elvin Jones) pairs the legendary saxophonist with longtime collaborator and drummer Tony Bianco (Elton Dean, Paul Dunmall, Evan Parker, douBt) and guitarist Michel Delville (The Wrong Object, douBt). Graced by Liebman's extraordinary phrasing and improvising skills, Inti combines free improvisation with tight rhythmic structures, post–Bitches Brew time signatures with ambient episodes, spreading across different musical and spiritual realities, both playfully and intensely. The band ventures into the fiery electro–jazz territories explored by Bianco and Delville's recent Machine Mass Trio, which also showcased both musicians' capacity to listen closely and improvise over unpredictable chord, rhythm and time changes while handling live electronics and computer loops.
♠   Much more than just a meeting of modern progressive jazz heavyweights, MACHINE MASS's Inti witnesses the seamless cohesion of extraordinary creativity fusing with technology. Reformed with renowned modern jazz legend, Dave Liebman, Machine Mass (formerly MACHINE MASS TRIO) utilizes rhythmically–complex loops "on the fly," while fusing their spontaneous interactions into a group dynamic that challenges music–making convention in the broadest sense.... and the results are spellbinding. Recorded live in the studio with no overdubs (in just one afternoon, no less!), this monumental session bears witness to three seasoned musicians in top form — producing music that is fresh, challenging, profound and moving. Rules are acknowledged and rules are discarded, and the resulting sonic bouillabaisse, Inti, signals some truly exciting new directions for progressive music!
♠   Michel Delville: Michel Delville was born in Liège, Belgium. He has been performing and composing alternative music since the mid–1980s. His most recent projects include the internationally acclaimed Nu–Rock–Jazz quintet The Wrong Object (2003–), a band which has collaborated with luminaries of British jazz such as Elton Dean, Harry Beckett and Annie Whitehead, and toured extensively throughout Europe. ♠   Their latest studio album, Stories from the Shed, has generated countless raving reviews in such leading publications as Jazzwise, Guitar Player, Musica Jazz and All About Jazz. In 2010, he created the trio douBt with Alex Maguire and Tony Bianco. ♠•♠   Other recent bands and projects include Belgian–Swiss punk–jazz combo TZGIV, Belgo–Dutch rock quintet The Moving Tones, Alex Maguire Sextet, and Comicoperando (tribute project to the great Robert Wyatt; feat. Chris Cutler, Dagmar Krause and Karen Mantler).
♠   Anthony 'Tony' Bianco: Tony Bianco was born in New York City. He has played and recorded with some of the most influential musicians of the international jazz scene, such as Dave Liebman, Evan Parker, Paul Dunmall, Elton Dean, Alex von Schlippenbach, Simon Picard, Reggie Workman, Paul Rutherford, Keith Tippett, Paul Rogers, Elliot Levine, Marcio Mattos, Luther Thomas, Jay Oliver and John Edwards. The sheer diversity of his discography reflects his need to be “loose and tense, free and strict” combine the sounds of straight and free jazz, closed and open form. His most recent releases include douBt's debut album Never Pet a Burning Dog (with Alex Maguire and Michel Delville), Vesuvius (Alex von Schlippenbach/Paul Dunmall/Paul Rogers/Tony Bianco), Line Ish (Tony Bianco/Dave Liebman/Tony Marino) and In a Western Sense, as well as the more groovy and post–Milesian experiments of Free Beat (with the late Elton Dean, and John Wilkinson) and Monkey Dance.
♠   Dave Liebman: The jazz legend's list of album appearances is a "who's who" list of the greatest modern jazz luminaries over the last five–plus decades. In a storied career which started back in 1967 (with his "Open Sky" trio, starting a long–standing musical affiliation with the great jazz drummer, Bob Moses), Dave has appeared as a band member or featured sideman with Miles Davis, John Abercrombie, Jack DeJohnette, Pat Metheny, Ritchie Beirach, and many, many more. Dave has traveled the world, many times, as an ambassador of jazz, both as a performer and an instructor. He has received numerous awards, has been inducted into the Hall of Fame of the International Association of Jazz Educators and was twice nominated for Grammys."                                          © Liebman Dave by Matt Vashlishan
By Jack Goodstein, BLOGCRITICS.ORG
   Published 10:00 pm, Sunday, March 23, 2014
♠•♠   At times exotic and ethereal, as it combines progressive free improvisation with rock elements and electronics, INTI, the February release from Machine Mass, has a charismatic sound that is all its own. In its current constellation, the ensemble is a trio with a base of Tony Bianco on drums, loops and percussion and Michel Delville on guitar, Roland GR09 and electronics, and with the masterful Dave Liebman joining in on soprano and tenor sax and wooden flute for this, their second recording. Liebman who has played with the likes of Miles Davis and Elvin Jones makes himself right at home in this tight exploratory set. It is a combination that begs to carry on, and Delville, in the liner notes suggests it will.
♠•♠   He describes the trio's work as "a sonic laboratory where improvisation and tight, complex rhythmic compositions can interact with each other until such distinctions become largely irrelevant, at least from the listener's perspective." While this may be true from the musician's point of view, the listener unable to marvel at the soloists' ability to work their way around the rhythmic soundscape may be hard to discover. Indeed, as Delville continues, "the real challenge was to improvise over complex chord, rhythm and time changes while handling live electronics and computer loops," a challenge it is difficult for the listener to ignore, but a challenge which the trio embraces.
♠•♠   Of the album's nine tracks, eight are original compositions by members of the ensemble either individually or in varying combinations. One is a cover of "In a Silent Way," a tune best known from the Miles Davis recording of the same name. Liebman plays wood flute and Delville the sitar on the track, and they combine for a truly exotic mystical sound, over some dynamic persussion.
♠•♠   Vocalist Saba Tewelde is featured on a tune called "The Secret Place," otherwise all the tracks are instrumentals. "Elisabeth," at nearly 13 minutes, is the longest piece on the disc, and its complexities justify the length. Its fresh musical ideas are of the kind to keep listeners enthralled. But then it is hard to find a track that doesn't. ♠•♠   Readers can get a good idea of Machine Mass on its label, MoonJune's site. If you like the kind of forward looking jazz that seeks new ways to expand the vocabulary of the genre, you'll want to hear what this trio is doing. :: http://www.seattlepi.com/
Label: http://www.moonjune.com/
By GLENN ASTARITA, Published: April 16, 2014 | Score: ***½
♠•♠   http://www.allaboutjazz.com/inti-machine-mass-moonjune-records-review-by-glenn-astarita.php
Review by Dave Lynch, Score: ****
♠•♠   http://www.allmusic.com/album/inti-mw0002605716
Website: http://www.daveliebman.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Dave_Liebman
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/David-Liebman/29847424589
2013: Jazz Educators Network (JEN) Legends of Jazz
2011: National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) Masters of Jazz
2011: First place Soprano Sax category Jazz Times and Downbeat Critics's Poll
2011: DL Group — Best Live Performance All About Jazz and NY Jazz
2010: Jazz Man of the Year — All About Jazz, New York City
2010: Best Record of The Year–German Jazz Critics for “Turnaround" — Liebman Group Plays the Music of Ornette Coleman
2009: Order of Arts and Letters from the French Government
2007: Jazz Journalist’s Award for Best Soprano Sax
2005: Pennsylvania Council of the Arts Grant to individual artists
2004: Grammy nomination for performance of Jim McNeely's arrangement of "Sing, Sing, Sing" — from Beyond The Line–Dave Liebman Big Band (Omnitone)
2001: Fred Waring Award from Celebration of the Arts, which organizes a yearly festival in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania where Liebman resides for outstanding contributions to the arts and community
2000: Inducted into the Hall of Fame of the International Association of Jazz Educators for contributions to jazz pedagogy
1998: Grammy nomination in the category of Best Jazz Solo for the recording of "My Favorite Things" from Thank You, John (Arkadia Records)
1997: Honorary Doctorate of Music from the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki, Finland; the first ever given to a jazz artist
1991: National Endowment of the Arts grant for performance
1988: Record of the Year from the French Jazz Academy for Homage to Coltrane (Owl Records)
1981: National Endowment of the Arts grant for composition

Machine Mass & Dave Liebman



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