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Magnus Öström — Searching For Jupiter (2013)

 Magnus Öström — Searching For Jupiter (2013)

   Magnus Öström — Searching For Jupiter
Born: on May 3rd, 1965 in Skultuna, Sweden
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Album release: 2nd Seprember 2013
Record Label: ACT Music
Duration:     56:37
01. The Moon (And the Air It Moves)     7:06
02. Dancing At the Dutchtreat     5:05
03. Mary Jane Doesn't Live Here Anymore     4:22
04. Searching for Jupiter     9:31
05. Hour of the Wolf     6:40
06. Through the Sun     5:47
07. Happy and the Fall     5:36
08. Jules and Jim’'s Last Voyage     5:17
09. At the End of Eternity     7:13
•  Magnus Öström — drums, percussion, voice, additional keys
•  Andreas Hourdakis — electric and acoustic guitars, banjo
•  Daniel Karlsson — grand piano and keyboards
•  Thobias Gabrielson — electric bass and bass synthesizer, keys, a.o.
•  “What an utterly beautiful and compelling album this is. The playing is immaculate, the compositions truly inspired, the arrangements magical”, said BBC Radio 3 of “Thread Of Life”, the debut of Öström as leader. The follow–up “Searching For Jupiter” is not less persuading with its connection of jazz with electronic and progressive rock elements plus the unique grooves of the drummer.
Website: http://magnusostrom.com/
MySpace: https://myspace.com/magnusostrom
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Magnus-%C3%96str%C3%B6m-Thread-Of-Life/190390460980521?fref=ts / https://www.facebook.com/magnus.ostrom.9?fref=ts
Agent: B.H. Hopper Management Ltd. 7 Netherhall Gardens London NW3 5RN UK Tel. +44-207-209-8609 E–Mail: hopper@hopper-management.com
•  “A strikingly original musician” — Jazzwise
•  “instrumentals that have an epic, cinematic feel” — The Times
•  “Given Swedish pianist Esbjörn Svensson's accidental death in 2008, it's easy to get fixated on the apparent lifting of his drummer (and childhood friend) Magnus Öström's spirits with his second post–EST album as leader. But there's no doubt that the music here is lighter, idiomatically broader and more spontaneous than it was on his Thread of Life in 2011. Searching for Jupiter's textures are intensified by Öström's teenage art–rock interests; some hear Pink Floyd in the layering textures of The Moon (And the Air It Moves). But the hoedown feel of Dancing at the Dutchtreat, or the brightly flirtatious Happy and The Fall, not only represent a mood change but a considerable broadening of thematic range. There's an engaging, EST feel to the ballad Mary Jane Doesn't Live Here Anymore. The title track, meanwhile, opens as a solemn, three–note motif, with a looping piano–figure under it, but gets freer and jazzier as guitarist Andreas Hourdakis and pianist Daniel Karlsson stretch out. And the Pat Metheny Group's jangling vivacity is an audible presence in At the End of Eternity. Öström's composing perhaps favours rotating key-changes a bit too much, but he has taken a big leap forward.” •  John Fordham; The Guardian, Thursday 29 August 2013 22.46 BST / Rating: ***
•  By BRUCE LINDSAY, Published: September 2, 2013
•  “The musical scope is impressive, the quality of playing even more so. This is not, as some may suggest, an attempt to recreate the "e.s.t. sound" of the past. This is Öström's band, carving its own rewarding path towards the future.”  (http://www.allaboutjazz.com/)
•  “Hour Of The Wolf is a much darker beast, and should appeal to the fans who wear a lot of black and leather, while At The End Of Eternity features that most traditional of things, a drum solo, though of course this drummer’s solos still maintain that almost composerly structure and discipline.
•  A very strong and approachable album, and we’ll be able to hear a lot of this music live in the coming days.” (http://thejazzbreakfast.com/ / http://thejazzbreakfast.com/2013/09/14/magnus-ostrom-band/)
•  Jupiter was the King of all the Gods for the Romans: the Heavenly Father, the bringer of light. It was him you invoked when the goddess of fate had unexpectedly intervened in your life. So it was with the Swedish drummer Magnus Öström, who was dealt a stroke of fate almost five years ago when his close friend, the pianist Esbjörn Svensson, was killed in an accident. They had revolutionised the jazz world since 1993 with e.s.t. — the Esbjörn Svensson Trio.
•  It took two years for Öström to find his way back to music after that tragic event, and to bring out his first own album: "Thread of Life". It is a work of mourning, adorned with melancholy, that seeks its own path, falling back on art–rock and electronic elements and a closer link to sounds than melodies. The record was well–received internationally, Öström won the 2012 Echo Jazz Award for Best International Drummer, and BBC Radio 3 said of his post–e.s.t. oeuvre, "What an utterly beautiful and compelling album this is...The playing is immaculate, the compositions truly inspired, the arrangements magical."
•  Öström now presents his follow–up, "Searching For Jupiter". His loss is still palpable in heavy, yearning tracks like "Mary Jane Doesn't Live Here Anymore" or "Hour Of The Wolf", but Öström has taken some decisive steps forward: He now has a strong and tight band together with guitarist Andreas Hourdakis, bassist Thobias Karlsson and pianist Daniel Karlsson. They have rigorously pursued a jazz rock and progressive rock leaning — "The Moon (And The Air It Moves)", for example, is reminiscent of Pink Floyd not only in name, and there is more optimism again: Melodies play an important role ("Offbeatlaten"), even major–key cheerfulness shines through from time to time ("Happy And The Fall"), and the album ends with an anthem of hope, "At The End Of Eternity".
•  With this album, Östrom takes a step closer to making his peace with the bringer of light, Jupiter.
•  Thobias Gabrielson
•  Born on May 14, 1974 Thobias Gabrielson is a bassplayer living in Stockholm, Sweden. Thobias grew up in a musical family. He began his musical journey at the age of 9 with playing the cornet in the local church's brass band in his hometown Taberg. Aged 13 he switched to playing the electric bass after falling in love with its beautiful, dark sound.
•  After music studies at the local upper secondary school of music and at a college in Svalöv Thobias moved to Stockholm in 1995 to begin his studies at the Royal College of Music. In the past 15 years he has been working with many artists such as Nils Landgren, Janne Schaffer, Timbuktu, Ida Sand, Jeanette Lindström, Tim Hagans, Carola, Christer Sjögren and Samuel Ljungblahd.
•  Besides his work as a sideman he also develops his own projects. His debut album as a leader, Thobias Gabrielson Sextet "Growth", is coming out in February 2011.
•  Andreas Hourdakis
•  Born 1981 in Malmö, Sweden, Andreas Hourdakis started playing the guitar at the age of 11.
•  During his teenage years he played and recorded two albums with a hardcore band named Neverending. After esthethic program in upper secondary school he studied 2 years at a music college in Svalöv then he studied 3 years at Royal College of Music in Stockholm.
•  He is involved in several bands and projects in Sweden, e.g. Desert Soul, Nyfors, and U.S.A., and works as sideman also with Jeanette Lindström, Asha Ali, Winkler and Sebastian Studnitzky.
•  Daniel Karlsson
•  Born in Värmland, Sweden in August 1973.
•  He studied at the music conservatory in Stockholm. In 2005 Daniel was award the ”Jazz in Sweden” prize, which allowed him to record his first album under his own name: “Pan Pan”. Daniel has been a member of the band ”ODDJOB” since 1996. They released five albums. Over the years he has been working with artists such as Till Brönner, Nils Landgren, Viktoria Tolstoy, Lisa Nilsson and many more.

Magnus Öström — Searching For Jupiter (2013)



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