Marc Barreca & K Leimer — „Drowning Guides“ (02 April, 2022)

USA FLAG                                         Marc Barreca & K Leimer — „Drowning Guides“ (02 April, 2022)
K Leimer born: Winnipeg, Manitoba
Location: Chicago, IL ~ Seattle, Washington
Album release: 2nd April, 2022
Record Label: Palace of Lights
Duration:  64:24+63:03 = 127:27
CD 1:
01. Diffusion   6:15
02. Bitter Grey   8:52
03. Submerged   8:47
04. Forgiven Nostalgia   9:13
05. The Raft of the Medusa   16:28
06. Displacement   8:07
07. At Intervals   6:42
CD 2:
08. Seiche   6:22
09. Inadvertent Shore   9:57
10. Blurred Limit   8:09
11. Fata Morgana Image A   11:10
12. Fata Morgana Image B   7:39
13. Fata Morgana Image C   9:03
14. False Horizon   10:43

Boomkat Product Review:
★  K. Leimer and Marc Barreca’s fourth album, “Drowning Guides”. 
★  “Marc Barreca and Kerry Leimer have worked on a nearly parallel musical course for more than forty years. Nearly parallel because their musical paths do occasionally cross. First in 1980 with Four Pages From An Unfinished Novel on K. Leimer’s first solo album Closed System Potentials. Again during the live performance of Music For Land And Water and for the massive loop piece “Heart Of Stillness” from The Neo~Realist (At Risk) by the virtual group Savant.
★  Beyond basic file sharing, their recordings resolve tensions between distinct extremes of restrictive rules, defined procedures, improvisation, conscientious editing, and an ear for expansive details and contrasts. Their collaborative process is intended to subvert traditional and accepted methods of composition, instrumental voicing, signal processing, recording, and mixing with the goal of generating music that lives on the boundaries between established practice and profound impracticalities.
★  The search for new compositional approaches continues with Drowning Guides. The album deliberately limits their collaborative exchange to re~voicing MIDI tracks. All audio was then returned to the originator to process, edit, mix and finalize the form. The music of Drowning Guides fixates on shifting textures and voices drawn through layers of processing and manipulation, emerging as a complete and distinct audio language.”
K Leimer biography: