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Mark Lanegan — Has God Seen My Shadow? An Anthology 1989 — 2011 (2014)

 Mark Lanegan — Has God Seen My Shadow? An Anthology 1989 — 2011 (2014)

Mark Lanegan — Has God Seen My Shadow? An Anthology 1989 — 2011
Ξ   Zpívá nezaměnitelným barytonem, který si vysloužil přirovnání např. k Tomu Waitsovi. Recenzent serveru Pitchfork o něm napsal, že jeho hlas „škrábe jako třídenní strniště, avšak je tak plný a ohebný jako měkká kůže“.
Ξ   The frontman for Screaming Trees, he went on to a fascinating solo career marked by an acoustic tone and dark, folk— and blues—inspired songwriting.
Instruments: Vocals, guitar, violin, keyboard, drum machine Trombone
Birth name: Mark William Lanegan
Born: November 25, 1964 in Ellensburg, WA
Location: Seattle, Washington, U.S.
Album release: January 14, 2014
Recording date: December, 1989
Record Label: Light In The Attic Record
Duration:     67:33 + 35:11 => 102:44
CD 1
01. Bombed     1:11
02. One Hundred Days     4:38
03. Come To Me     3:46
04. Mirrored     2:53
05. Pill Hill Serenade     3:28
06. One Way Street     4:19
07. Kimiko’s Dream House     2:56
08. Low     3:14
09. Resurrection Song     3:36
10. Shiloh Town     3:21
11. Creeping Coastline of Lights     3:19
12. Lexington Slow Down     2:59
13. Last One In The World     4:25
14. Wheels     4:36
15. Mockingbirds     2:29
16. Wild Flowers     2:58
17. Sunrise     2:57
18. Carnival     3:43
19. Pendulum     2:15
20. The River Rise     4:30
CD 2
01. Dream Lullabye     1:52
02. Leaving New River Blues     3:32
03. Sympathy     2:16
04. To Valencia Courthouse     3:09
05. A Song While Waiting     3:28
06. Blues For D (Vocal Version)     3:35
07. No Contestar     1:14
08. Big White Cloud     3:24
09. Following The Rain     3:18
10. Grey Goes Black     1:50
11. Halcyon Daze     2:51
12. Blues Run The Game (Live)     4:42
Ξ  As one of America’s great modern day vocalists and songwriters, Mark Lanegan has much in common with the timeless work of such legends as Fred Neil, Tim Hardin and Karen Dalton. The former frontman of Screaming Trees, collaborator with Kurt Cobain and Queens Of The Stone Age, half of a modern day Nancy & Lee with Isobel Campbell and, most commonly, solo artist, Lanegan is a man whose career has been defined by an unwillingness to sit still.
Ξ  Light In The Attic Records is set to shine a spotlight on this great American performer and songwriter with the release of Has God Seen My Shadow? An Anthology 1989 — 2011. Collecting Lanegan’s solo material for Sub Pop, Beggars and more, plus 12 unreleased tracks, this is the archive treatment Mark has long deserved. It is released in two sumptuous formats: a Double-CD edition with a gatefold, tip-on jacket and a 44-page booklet comprising hand-written lyrics and rare archive photos by Charles Peterson and Steve Gullick, and a Triple-LP box set, each LP in single pocket jackets within a heavy, tip-on slip case, with a 20-page book featuring the same attention to detail and extras as the CD release.
Ξ  The 32 tracks shine a light on Mark’s rare talent, and span the singer’s entire career, from 1990’s debut album The Winding Sheet to a treasure trove of recent unreleased gems and feature such guests as PJ Harvey, Josh Homme and J Mascis. His is a sound of grizzled vocals and dark melody, its lyrics chiseled out of late night thoughts and dark humor.
Ξ  Anthology co-produced by Mark Lanegan- Double CD housed in a handsome gatefold “tip-on” jacket, including 44-pg book comprising hand-written lyrics & rare archive photos- Vinyl box set includes three “tip-on” jackets, housed in a custom “tip-on” slip case, with a 20-pg book comprising hand-written lyrics & rare archive photos- Includes 12 unreleased tracks.
Review by Mark Deming
Ξ  Making his debut as the lead singer with the Screaming Trees in 1985, Mark Lanegan has gone on to establish himself as one of the most powerful and distinctive voices in American music. Lanegan’s deep, nicotine-burnished voice is an ideal complement for the often dark themes of his lyrics, which are thoughtful and literate without being pretentious, and he’s collaborated with a stellar roster of musicians, including Kurt Cobain, Greg Dulli, Josh Homme, Isobel Campbell, and Moby.
Ξ  Since making his solo debut with 1990's The Winding Sheet, Lanegan has created a striking body of work that embraces blues, country, folk, rock, and many spaces in between. Has God Seen My Shadow? An Anthology 1989-2011 is a collection that brings together 20 outstanding performances from Lanegan’s albums for Sub Pop and Beggars Banquet, and also features 12 previously unreleased tracks from Lanegan’s archives. The physical editions of this set also include a booklet with reproductions of Lanegan’s original handwritten lyrics.
Track Listing — Disc 1
01 Bombed (feat: Mark Lanegan Band)   1:10 
02 One Hundred Days (feat: Mark Lanegan Band)     4:37 
03 Come to Me (feat: Mark Lanegan Band)     3:45 
04 Mirrored (feat: Mark Lanegan Band)     2:52 
05 Pill Hill Serenade (Mike Johnson/Mark Lanegan)     3:27 
06 One Way Street     4:19 
07 Kimiko's Dream House (Mark Lanegan/Jeffrey Lee Pierce)  5:26 
08 Low     3:14 
09 Resurrection Song     3:35 
10 Shiloh Town (Tim Hardin)     3:20 
11 Creeping Coastline of Lights (Manfred Hofer/James "Falling James" Moreland) 3:18 
12 Lexington Slow Down (Mark Lanegan/Keni Richards) feat: Mark Lanegan Band     2:59 
13 Last One in the World (Mike Johnson/Mark Lanegan)    4:24 
14 Wheels     4:35 
15 Mockingbirds (Mike Johnson/Mark Lanegan)     2:29 
16 Wild Flowers     2:58 
17 Sunrise     2:57 
18 Carnival     3:42 
19 Pendulum     2:15 
20 The River Rise     4:29 
Track Listing — Disc 2
01 Dream Lullaby     1:52 
02 Leaving New River Blues     3:31 
03 Sympathy     2:16 
04 To Valencia Courthouse     3:09 
05 A Song While Waiting     3:27 
06 Blues for D [Vocal Version] (Mark Lanegan/Ben Shepherd) 3:34 
07 No Contestar     1:14 
08 Big White Cloud (John Cale)     3:23 
09 Following the Rain     3:18 
10 Grey Goes Black     1:50 
11 Halcyon Daze     2:50 
12 Blues Run the Game (Jackson C. Frank)     4:42
Album Moods: Delicate Elegant Lush Poignant Sophisticated Intimate Ambitious Autumnal Brooding Hypnotic Laid-Back/Mellow Literate Melancholy Reflective Reserved Restrained Somber Wistful Angst-Ridden Cathartic Gloomy Bittersweet Earnest Intense
Ξ  John Agnello  Engineer, Mixing, Vocals
Ξ  Bukka Allen  Accordion, Hammond B3, Wurlitzer
Ξ  Steve Bailey  Bass
Ξ  Brian Baker  Engineer, Mixing
Ξ  Sally Barry  Vocals (Background)
Ξ  Mark Boquist  Drums
Ξ  John Burton  Engineer
Ξ  John Cale  Composer
Ξ  David Catching  Bass, Guitar
Ξ  Tracy Chisholm  Engineer
Ξ  Dejha Colantuono  Vocals (Background)
Ξ  Van Conner  Bass
Ξ  Paul Dana  Guitar
Ξ  Terry Date  Engineer
Ξ  Alan Davis  Bass
Ξ  Tad Doyle  Drums
Ξ  Fred Drake  Percussion
Ξ  Jack Endino  Bass, Engineer, Mixing, Producer
Ξ  Kurt Fedora  Bass
Ξ  Martin Feveyear  Bass, Bells, Engineer, Keyboards, Mellotron, Mixing, Piano, Producer, Vocals
Ξ  Steve Fisk  Piano
Ξ  Wendy Rae Fowler  Vocals, Vocals (Background)
Ξ  Jackson C. Frank  Composer
Ξ  Chris Goss  Guitar, Piano, Producer, Vocals, Vocals (Background)
Ξ  Steve Gullick  Archival Materials, Images
Ξ  Tim Hardin  Composer
Ξ  PJ Harvey  Vocals
Ξ  Manfred Hofer  Composer
Ξ  Joshua Homme  Bass, Drums, Guitar
Ξ  Mark Hoyt  Guitars (Ac.+El.), Vocals (Background)
Ξ  Randall Jamail  Mixing, Producer
Ξ  Alain Johannes  Engineer, Instrumentation, Mixing, Producer
Ξ  Mike Johnson  Composer, Guitars (Ac+El.+ Slide), Organ, Piano, Producer
Ξ  David Krueger  Violin
Ξ  Mark Lanegan  Archival Materials, Compilation Producer, Composer, Guitars, Handwriting, Images, Vocals
Ξ  Marek  Piano
Ξ  Mark Lanegan Band  Primary Artist
Ξ  Barrett Martin  Bass (Upright), Drums, Vibraphone
Ξ  J Mascis  Drums, Piano
Ξ  Patrick McCarthy  Project Coordinator
Ξ  Duff McKagan  Drums, Guitar
Ξ  Molly McGuire  Bass
Ξ  Ian Moore  Guitar, Sitar, Vocals (Background)
Ξ  James "Falling James" Moreland  Composer
Ξ  Henry Owings  Design
Ξ  Charles Peterson  Archival Materials, Images
Ξ  Mark Pickerel  Drums
Ξ  Jeffrey Lee Pierce  Composer
Ξ  Mickey Rafael  Bass Harmonica
Ξ  Keni Richards  Composer, Drums, Piano
Ξ  Bill Rieflin  Drums
Ξ  Rail Rogut  Engineer
Ξ  Mathias Schneeberger  Engineer, Guitar, Mixing
Ξ  Natasha Schneider  Vocals
Ξ  Ben Shepherd  Bass, Composer, Guitars (Ac+El.), Vocals
Ξ  Phil Sparks  Bass (Upright)
Ξ  Mike Stinette  Saxophone
Ξ  Aldo Struyf  Keyboards, Synthesizer
Ξ  Debbi Sullivan  Archival Materials, Assistant, Images
Ξ  Matt Sullivan  Compilation Producer, Executive Producer
Ξ  Ted Trewhella  Piano
Ξ  Troy Van Leeuwen  Engineer, Guitar, Instrumentation
Ξ  Rick Will  Engineer, Mixing
Ξ  Josh Wright  Executive Producer
Website: http://marklanegan.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/marklanegan
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/marklaneganofficial
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MarkLanegan

Mark Lanegan — Has God Seen My Shadow? An Anthology 1989 — 2011 (2014)



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