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Mark Van Hoen

Mark Van Hoen — Nightvision (November 13, 2015)

 Mark Van Hoen — Nightvision (November 13, 2015)
•≡≡•   Esteemed producer of experimental electronic music who has also worked as/with Locust, Seefeel, and Black Hearted Brother, among other outlets.
•≡≡•   Yeah, I know, we were pretty anal–retentively on top of our shit, considering what a laid–back piece of work this thing is sure to be. But I promise: today is different. Because as of this morning, you can exclusively stream the new album in–full leading up to its triumphant release! YES. And while you’re doing that, you can pre–order 972 copies of the album to give away to everyone in your high–rise condo, if so inclined. Betcha you’d be pretty cool and popular if you did that. (Dan Smart)
•≡≡•   Nightvision ranges from pastoral Harmonia–like krautrock to the darkness of Italian horror movie soundtracks by Claudio Simonetti and Fabio Frizzi. Haunting electrified voices waft over lounging industrial beats while Eno–esque drones merge with a cloud of Vangelis haze. Elsewhere, Olekranon’s carefully constructed noise flirts with Tangerine Dream’s heady mind expansion, and cosmic Klaus Schulze hyperdrive dances to Autechre glitch. It’s simultaneously soothing and unsettling, that uneasy feeling of watching the sun come up while ghosts of the night before lurk in the shadows of memory.
•≡≡•   Though a veteran, Mark Van Hoen shows no signs of the cynicism or laziness that come with the title. Step into his surreal space and float away for awhile. (Chuck Foster)Location: UK ~ Los Angeles, California, U.S.
Album release: November 13, 2015
Record Label: Saint Marie
Duration:     42:26
01. All for You      4:10
02. Froese Requiem I      3:45
03. Froese Requiem II      4:31
04. Socrates’ Books      4:37
05. Bring It Back      3:28
06. The Night Sky      2:39
07. Kojiki      5:58
08. I Love to Fly      4:48
09. A Wish      3:44
10. Sensing the Close      4:49
•≡≡•   Mark Van Hoen has been making electronic music for over three decades, having released records as Locust, and under his own name for labels like R&S, Apollo, Editions Mego and others. Initially influenced by Eno, Steve Reich, Tangerine Dream and other ambient–leaning composers, Van Hoen’s music can be seen as a precursor to artists like Boards of Canada, Ulrich Schnauss and Oneohtrix Point Never. Additionally, he was a onetime member of Seefeel, and you may remember the Black Hearted Brother album he made with Slowdive’s Neil Halstead, and Nick Holton. (Bill Pearis)Editorial Reviews
•≡≡•   LA–based UK–born artist Mark Van Hoen continues to contribute to the electronic music fields and fabrics from the inspirations, observations and movements experienced in the past three plus decades. From earlier Eno, Industrial and Krautrock affinities found in the earliest output going back to 1981, to entering the rave and post–rave cultures of acid–house, dance based pulses with his R&S affiliated imprint Apollo Records debut in 1993. With a background working in the media realms of television, radio, film; Mark’s foray into the new electronic etched realms of drone and dance pop saw releases from Touch, Editions Mego, City Centre Offices, The Tapeworm, to Saint Marie Records, and still counting. Contributing to the double helix of the EDM/IDM canons with releases like Truth Is Born Of Arguments, Playing With Time, and The Revenant Diary to a wealth of notable collaborations and numerous side projects. Van Hoen’s 2015 album Nightvision finds the artist discovering modern day applications for his electro–droning visions of sound. Returning to form, Nightvision switches on the high and low beams that send scanning synths that drive through the infinite interstates through the engines of steady rhythm and the power steering smarts of serious synthesizers.Description:
•≡≡•   Much has changed since Mark Van Hoen debuted his melancholic take on electronic music with the ambient leaning Locust project for R&S offshoot Apollo way back in 1994. The producer has tried his hand at all sorts of experimental styles since — noise, drone, industrial etc. — but his commitment to the mood–shifting abilities of music remains in tact. Nightvision is typically evocative, utilizing modular and analogue synthesizers to create soundscapes that variously touch on neo–classical, ambient, cold–wave, post–dubstep (the brilliant “Bring It Back”) and thrillingly hard–to–define downtempo workouts (see “Kojiki”). Throughout, it’s Van Hoen’s immaculate compositional skills that shine through.
AllMusic Review by Andy Kellman;  Score: ***½
•≡≡•   http://www.allmusic.com/album/nightvision-mw0002880214
•≡≡•   http://www.thevinyldistrict.com/storefront/2015/11/graded-on-a-curve-mark-van-hoen-nightvision/
Label: http://www.saintmarierecords.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Mark_Van_Hoen
Website: http://www.markvanhoen.com/

Mark Van Hoen


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