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Martin Page
Hotel Of The Two Worlds

Martin Page — Hotel Of The Two Worlds (June 29, 2015)

 Martin Page — Hotel Of The Two Worlds (June 29, 2015)
♦   The 4th solo LP from world–renowned songwriter, Martin Page, is a rewarding mix of the epitome of great songwriting — from his deepest, most intimate love song & trademark emotive vocals to the seduction of his celebrated funk/R&B influences. Sublime!
♦   Martin Page first gained recognition as a songwriter. With lyricist Bernie Taupin, whose usual partner was Elton John, as well as Dennis Lambert and Peter Wolf, Page wrote “We Built This City,” a number one hit for Starship in 1985. Page and Taupin returned to number one the following year with “These Dreams,” recorded by Heart. ¬   Teaming up with Peter Cox and Richard Drummie of Go West, Page wrote “King of Wishful Thinking,” which was featured in the movie Pretty Woman, and became a Top Ten hit for Go West in 1990. Page’s debut album, In the House of Stone & Light, was released in 1994. Its title track became a substantial pop and adult contemporary hit.Birth name: Martin George Page
Born: September 23, 1959 in Southampton, England
Location: Los Angeles, Southern California. He has never married, and he shares his home with his three cats.
Album release: June 29, 2015
Record Label: IroningBoard Records
Duration:     51:30
01. Strong      5:45
02. Love Resurrection      4:59
03. Golden      5:54
04. The Light of Dawn      4:32
05. Standing On the Rock      5:08
06. I Got Faith in You      4:15
07. My Kindred Spirit      5:13
08. Delta Jukebox      5:26
09. All for the Love of You      3:03
10. All Too Human      4:36
11. My Mistress Is Warm to My Touch      2:46
♦   Written, Performed and Arranged by Martin Page
♦   Engineered and Mastered by Martin Page
♦   All instruments and vocals — Martin Page
♦   Recorded and mixed at IroningBoard and The Owl’s Nest studios, Los Angeles, CA
♦   Personal Management: DIANE PONCHER MANAGEMENT, Los Angeles, CA
♦   This album is dedicated to Lord Andrew, Purcey, Casper, Chuggers, Gracie and Cali, and always to Mum & DadINSTRUMENTS PLAYED ON THE ALBUM:
♦   Aria Pro II; Music Man Stingray, Rickenbacker 4001; Fender 1970’s Jazz Bass, Stick Bass.
♦   Gibson Custom 335; Gibson Les Paul Goldtop; Gretsch White Falcon; Epiphone Swingster; + MXR Talkbox
♦   Various Taylor acoustics.
♦   Roland Jupiter 80; Roland Gaia; Novation Ultra Nova; Moog Sub Phatty; Roland DX7 II
♦   Gretsch Snares; Zildjian Hi Hat; + various live percussion, handclaps and finger snaps.
¬   DRAWING & ARTWORK — Martin Page — “Hotel of The Two Worlds” — Pen & Ink (© 2015 Martin Page)
¬   CONCEPT & DESIGN — Martin Page and Diane Poncher
♦   Cover — Eddie Sanderson
♦   Liner Photographs — Martin Page, Diane Poncher, Mike Rodriguez, Bobby Summerfield
♦   “Give your best and always be kind.” — Epictetus
♦   Much of the proceeds from this album will go to charities benefiting the welfare of mistreated and neglected animals — especially to organizations that fight for ethical treatment of animals and against lab experiments using animals in so–called science laboratories. I am a supporter of PETA and am vehemently against the unnecessary, cruel and inhumane experiments practiced upon innocent animals.
♦   As the Dali Lama so rightly said, as human beings, we are the guardians of the animal kingdom, and it is our duty to treat them ethically and with compassion, to watch over them. Animals feel pain and fear and suffering just as we do.
♦   All songs by Martin Page.  Martin Page Music (ASCAP)
♦   All Rights Administered by BMG Rights Management (US) LLC. Used by permission.  All rights reserved.
© 2015 Martin Page♦   PRESENTING the 4th solo album from MARTIN PAGE, the artist/songwriter/multi–instrumentalist who brought you the #1 smash, “IN THE HOUSE OF STONE AND LIGHT” (the title track from his CD on Mercury Records), and who wrote the hits, “Mi Morena” and “I Can’t Get There Without You” (among many others), recorded by several major recording artists, as well as by Page on his previous two critically acclaimed CD’s (available at CD Baby), “IN THE TEMPLE OF THE MUSE” and “A TEMPER OF PEACE”. For more about this album, “HOTEL OF THE TWO WORLDS”, please see credits, and the Liner Notes by Page himself, below.
Liner Notes
♦   This album largely reflects a brief period in my youth when I lived in the deep South — Beaufort, South Carolina, Savannah and Charleston — following my father to live near various out–of–the–way, obscure Marine Air Bases due to his career in Military Aviation. I was heavily influenced by the music I heard on the local radio back then — exclusively R&B, soul, funk, and spiritual/Gospel. I believe that that music seeped through my skin and greatly tinted my songwriting in later years.
♦   Artists of my early influences, like James Brown, Al Green, the Isley Brothers, Sly and the Family Stone, Bill Withers, Motown artists and Parliament, etc., came to the fore of my imagination and memory as I wrote this album.  In later years following those early influences, my collaborations with Maurice White and Earth, Wind & Fire, The Commodores, Go West and Paul Young, and even Robbie Robertson, were successful, I think, because of my awareness and deep love of black music.  In fact, those early influences are what led me to the first two bands I ever played in (as a bass player) — Cabasa in Oxford and Bronx in Bristol, which were bands whose music focused primarily on funk and soul — Again, an integral part of my music beginnings.  I’m deeply grateful for how those Southern steamy hot nights, those balmy evenings driving past miles of ghostly swamps shaded by Spanish moss trees, staring into the abyss — the endless horizon of the flat lands between Beaufort and Savannah, listening to Wilson Pickett and The Staple Singers on the car radio — penetrated and saturated my blood, and shaped my understanding of the “music of the spirit”.  I can still hear the steamy swamp crickets now — keeping me awake!
♦   I didn’t plan the album this way.  It just fell into a groove, a feel — an emotion that must always have been lurking just below the surface.  I let my bass playing (my main instrument) take precedent as the songs formed.  In this collection, the obvious exception to that rule is the song, “Golden”, which I wrote in tribute to my dear friend Mike Shipley — a truly wonderful engineer and special soul whom I was fortunate to work with for many years — who passed away during the time I was working on this album.  I wrote the song the day I learned of his passing.
♦   Of course, I’m really an English Pop boy at heart, but I like to think that the mixture — the concoction of abrupt opposites — creates something that is perhaps just a little original.  My soul influences have always remained as subtle overtones on my pop sensibilities.  The main thing I’ve tried to capture in “Hotel” is the feeling those times gave me.
♦   The title “Hotel of The Two Worlds” holds multiple meanings for me.  I had read somewhere that a certain notorious hotel in Paris during the 1800’s was named the hotel of the two worlds because it was believed to be profoundly haunted.  Many poets and artists stayed there so as to experience “the other ‘Under’–world”.  It was thought to be a reliable conduit/lightning rod between the world of the living and that of the dead!!  The hotel of the two worlds resonated for me as a reflection of the many opposites, or contrasting “worlds” in my own life:  living in the South as a young, naïve English boy in a predominantly black, funky environment during a highly racially charged time in history there; the light and dark extremes of my own nature — my emotional moods of joy and depression....   The title rang of many personal opposites.  And again, as I saw the house in “In The House of Stone and Light” as my own body, so I saw the hotel in “Hotel of The Two Worlds” as a reference to the duality of my own emotional nature/psyche — a nature of constantly moving tides.
♦   In short, my humble collection here is a respectful nod to the soul music of the 70’s that I so adored as a young boy, with a few odd ditties thrown in.  I truly hope you enjoy the songs and moods and that, just maybe, you’ll feel as though — for a brief stay — you, too, have visited the “Hotel of The Two Worlds”.
CD Baby: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/martinpage3
Website: http://www.martinpagemusic.com/HotTW.html
Twitter: https://twitter.com/martinpagemusic
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/martinpagemusic/
♦   1994 In the House of Stone and Light    The Billboard 200      #161
♦   2008 In the Temple of the Muse    The Billboard 200      —
♦   2012 A Temper of Peace    The Billboard 200      —
♦   2015 Hotel of the Two Worlds    The Billboard 200      —_____________________________________________________________

Martin Page
Hotel Of The Two Worlds


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