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Matthew Mullane
Hut Variations

Matthew Mullane — Hut Variations (2014)

United States                       Matthew Mullane — Hut Variations
¦¦   VDSQ Records is proud to release the second album by Matthew Mullane, Hut Variations. Among the more revelatory contemporary guitarists, Mullane's new album is a further progression in terms of technique, composition and performance. Limited edition of 500 copies in heavy stock, spot–gloss jackets.
¦¦   {On solo acoustic guitar comps with Thurston Moore, synths, and eating human flesh.}                                    © at Junkroom, Kyoto
Location: Cleveland, Ohio ~~ Chicago, Illinois
Album release: 2014
Record Label: Vin Du Select Qualitite
Duration:     35:40
A1 Knife, Hut And Thatch     4:56 
A2 Small Tensions Small Body     4:02 
A3 The Middle Trench     10:58 
B1 Ink Shapes The Warped Hand     5:14
B2 Built Inside Out     4:51 
B3 Lights Off Around The Statues      5:39
¦¦   Design — Rob Carmichael (2)
¦¦   Painting — Matthew Mullane
¦¦   Limited edition of 500 copies in heavy stock, spot–gloss jackets.
¦¦   Co–released with Thin Wrist Recordings.
¦¦   Recorded in Hiram, Cleveland, Chicago and Princeton 2008–2013.
¦¦   "Among the more revelatory contemporary guitarists, Mullane's new album is a further progression in terms of technique, composition and performance. With a deeply personal signature style, fans have been anxiously awaiting his return to recording after sharing stages with artists like Bill Orcutt, Steve Gunn, William Tyler, Glenn Jones, Mark McGuire and many others. Hut Variations is available in an edition of 500 copies with a heavy stock, spot–gloss jacket. 'The titular interest in 'Huts' is an outgrowth of my thoughts on solo instrument playing and its relationship to the conflicted spatial and social impacts of separation, of the 'one' with the 'whole.' I came to this (after many years of playing 'guitar soli' with little conceptual undergirding) in reading so–called 'hermit' poetry alongside more recent theories of huts, capsules, bubbles and a plethora of other 'single occupancy' spaces. Living and playing guitar in variously isolated modes, I was attracted to the conflicts of productive separation and incorporated them into my playing. The idea has followed me and has inflected much of my recorded output. This new album, Hut Variations, is the result of four years worth of composition and recording. Each piece written and recorded in a different location, a different 'hut.''  — Matthew Mullane, ¦¦   http://www.forcedexposure.com/                           © Did Curiosity Rover Cause Mars' Mysterious Methane Spike?
Reviewed by Ryan Naideau
¦¦   The acoustic guitar is certainly a malleable instrument, and one we've heard played in a variety of styles. From the mighty blues twang of Lightning Hopkins to the noisy deconstructions of Derek Bailey, to John Fahey's American primitivism or the expressive fingerpicking of Elizabeth Cotten, and on to André Segovia's distinctive classical pluck, this boxy, hollow instrument has always been a blank slate for highly personalized, artistic freedom. Brooklyn label Vin Du Select Qualitite's output thus far has been primarily focused on the guitar and the transcendent nature of the music emitted from its strings. So it's no surprise, then, that they would shine their light on Matthew Mullane, an up–and–coming guitar slinger from Ohio, whose approach is more modern classical than studied Americana. Although Mullane is more focused on the rough–hewn edges of the soul rather than technical proficiency, the dude still has some serious chops, yet it's in his restrained approach that the beauty truly lays.
¦¦   Mullane's Hut Variations LP is a deeply beautiful set. Album opener "Knife, Hut and Thatch" bleeds emotive, intuitive chord changes, while a few songs later, "The Middle Trench" features arrhythmic, dramatic drops in pitch and volume before settling into its lush melodic groove. Flip over to the B–side and you'll hear Mullane trading in for an electric tone with "Ink Shapes the Warped Hand," which pulls smoky notes from the guitar neck in the minimalist blues–minded idiom carved out by the likes of Loren Mazzacane Connors or even Chris Brokaw. Let's just say a solo guitar record really hasn't hit me like this one since I first heard Fahey's Days Have Gone By, Richard Young's Sapphie, or Six Organs of Admittance's flawed yet genre–defying School of the Flower. And while Mullane's style isn't particularly similar to any of theirs, it's the thoughtful arrangements, heady emotional weight, and fluid musicianship that has kept me coming back to this LP. A great record to start 2015 off with, Hut Variations is highly recommended for winter listening and beyond! (January 15, 2015) ¦¦   http://www.othermusic.com/
¦¦   http://www.imposemagazine.com/bytes/new-music/speaking-with-matthew-mullane
Label: http://www.vdsqrecords.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MatthewMullane

Matthew Mullane
Hut Variations



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