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Mazzy Star
Ghost Highway

Mazzy Star — Ghost Highway (2015)                     Mazzy Star — Ghost HighwayMazzy Star — Ghost Highway♦   Kapela, která má na svém kontě GOLD (She Hangs Brightly; RIAA), PLATINU (So Tonight That I Might See; RIAA) a SILVER (So Tonight That I Might See; BPI), získala nejvyšší ohodnocení #1 za album So Tonight That I Might See (Heatseekers) a #4 v US Top Tastemaker Albums (Billboard) za album Seasons of Your Day.
♦   Píseň Fade Into You je na koncertě obsažena v Live at The Metro, Chicago, 11/12/1994. Lahůdkovou zvláštností je Slapp Happy cover Blue Flower.
Location: Santa Monica, California, United States
Album release: 2015
Record Label: FM In Concert
Duration:     60:13
01. Flowers In December     5:10
02. Ride It On     3:18
03. Into Dust      6:12
04. Give You My Lovin (Sylvia Gomez)      4:03
05. Fade Into You     4:39
06. Halah     3:25
07. Ghost Highway ( David Roback)     3:30
08. Blue Flower     4:42
09. Flowers In December     5:26
10. Bells Ring     4:21
11. Blue Flower ( Peter Blegvad/ Anthony Moore)     4:12
12. Halah     3:45
13. So Tonight That I Might See     7:39
♦   1–8 Recorded The Metro Chicago 12th November 1994
♦   9–13 Recorded at KROQ Los Angeles 10th December 1994♦   Hope Sandoval, David Roback, The Winter of '94 and a year after the release of the sublime So Tonight That I Might See, Mazzy Star find themselves still touring and promoting the album, some of the songs featured here are from that album such as Into Dust, Bells Ring the title track and the hit single Fade Into You. Whilst songs like Flowers in December would turn up on the next album released a whole two years later. Four of the selections are from the critically acclaimed first album She Hangs Brightly issued in 1990, including the Sylvia Gomez penned "Give You My Lovin'" and the obscure German band Slapp Happy cover of Blue Flower. Mazzy Star is best known for the song "Fade into You" which brought the band success in the mid–1990s and was the group's biggest mainstream hit, earning extensive exposure on MTV, VH1, and radio airplay. Roback and Sandoval are the creative centre of the band, with Sandoval as lyricist and Roback as composer of the majority of the band's material. 10 22 09 Los Angeles, © All photographs by Luz Gallardo unless otherwise noted
Lost Highway lyrics:
1.)   You're a ghost on the highway and I'll love you forever
Ghost on the highway and I'll love you forever
Forever and ever and ever and ever
2.)   Your eyes are an island and I'll hold you forever
Your eyes are an island and I'll love them forever
Forever and ever and ever and ever
3.)   You're a ghost on the highway and I'll love you forever
Ghost on the highway and I'll love you forever
Forever and ever and ever and ever                                      © Barcelona, Spain, May 28, 2010
Born: June 24, 1966, Los Angeles, California, United States
Instruments: Vocals, harmonica, percussion, xylophone, tambourine, keyboards, guitar
ζ→   Hope Sandoval was born June 24, 1966 and grew up in east L.A. with her Mexican–American family. She started her career together with her friend Sylvia Gomez in a band called "Going Home", a folk duo formed in 1986.
ζ→   Hope had admired Kendra Smith as a teen–age Dream Syndicate fan. Sylvia Gomez handed Kendra Smith a demo tape which was comprised of Hope Sandoval on vocals and Sylvia on guitar. David Roback offered to produce some recordings for them and they went into the studio and recorded an album that to this day is yet to be released.
ζ→   Hope and Sylvia played gigs in California throughout the mid '80s, and stayed friends with both Kendra and David. During the Opal tour in December '87, Kendra left the band and disappeared. David called Hope to see if she would be interested to take Kendra's place in Opal. They found Kendra and had some discussions. They did two more shows together but then she flew home. Keith Mitchell flew home and the next day he flew back with Hope. After that tour Opal became Mazzy Star.
ζ→   Mazzy Star has released 4 albums: She Hangs Brightly (1990), So Tonight That I Might See (1993), Among My Swan (1996), and Seasons Of Your Day (2013).
ζ→   Hope writes almost all the lyrics for Mazzy Star. Hope is a very shy and private person. “For me recording is better,” says Sandoval. “Live, I just get really nervous. Once you're onstage, you're expected to perform. I don't do that. I always feel awkward about just standing there and not speaking to the audience. It's difficult for me.”
ζ→   In 2001, Hope Sandoval and The Warm Inventions released Bavarian Fruit Bread and toured the US and Europe in the fall of 2002. Two EPs were also released: At The Doorway Again and Suzanne.
ζ→   In addition to Mazzy Star and The Warm Inventions, Hope has collaborated with a variety of artists including The Jesus & Mary Chain, The Chemical Brothers, Death In Vegas, Bert Jansch, Richard X, Air, Vetiver, and Le Volume Courbe. In 2008, Hope had a song, "Wild Roses", on a compilation CD from Air France titled In The Air.
ζ→   Hope Sandoval and The Warm Inventions released Through The Devil Softly on September 29, 2009.
ζ→   I'm Less Here (April 19, 2014, Rhymes Of An Hour Records)
Songs: I'm Less Here / Things
ζ→   Seasons Of Your Day (September 24, 2013, Rhymes Of An Hour Records)
★ In The Kingdom
★ California
★ I've Gotta Stop
★ Does Someone Have Your Baby Now?
★ Common Burn
★ Seasons Of Your Day
★ Lay Myself Down
★ Sparrow
★ Spoon (with Bert Jansch on guitar)
★ Flying Low
ζ→   Common Burn / Lay Myself Down (October 31, 2011, Rhymes Of An Hour Records)
ζ→   Among My Swan (October 29, 1996, Capitol)
★ Disappear
★ Flowers In December
★ Rhymes Of An Hour
★ Cry, Cry
★ Take Everything
★ Still Cold
★ All Your Sisters
★ I've Been Let Down
★ Roseblood
★ Happy
★ Umbilical
★ Look On Down From The Bridge
ζ→   So Tonight That I Might See (September 7, 1993, Capitol)
★ Fade Into You
★ Bells Ring
★ Mary Of Silence
★ Five String Serenade
★ Blue Light
★ She's My Baby
★ Unreflected
★ Wasted
★ Into Dust
★ So Tonight That I Might See
ζ→   She Hangs Brightly (Rough Trade, 1990, Re–released by Capitol, November 4, 1991)
★ Halah
★ Blue Flower
★ Ride It On
★ She Hangs Brightly
★ I'm Sailin
★ Give You My Lovin
★ Be My Angel
★ Taste Of Blood
★ Ghost Highway Roback
★ Free
★ Before I Sleep
ζ→   Deep Cuts (June 16, 2009, Capitol)
★ Bells Ring (Acoustic)
★ I'm Gonna Bake My Biscuit
★ Under My Car
★ Hair and Skin
©  Dublin, Ireland, May 7, 2010. All photographs by Luz Gallardo unless otherwise noted


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