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ME — Even The Odd Ones Out (2013)

 ME — Even The Odd Ones Out (2013)

ME — Even The Odd Ones Out
Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Album release: 25th February 2013
Record Label: Lizard King Records
Duration:     49:03
01. Hoo Ha     3:52
02. Trails In The Sky     3:30
03. Rock And Roll Dandy     3:37
04. Like A Fox     4:44
05. Westward Backwards     3:42
06. Carousel     3:52
07. Working Life     5:33
08. Under The Sun     3:32
09. Vampire!! Vampire!!     3:00
10. Choral     2:04
11. Your Favourite Colour     5:13
12. Their Song     4:10
13. Lovely Letter     2:15
Luke Ferris, V
Michael Godde, B
Spike Rogers, D
Website: http://www.metheband.com/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/metheband
Twitter: http://twitter.com/meband
YouTube: http://youtube.com/user/watchmeband
Spotify: http://open.spotify.com/album/6oGVOSQpTs...
Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/me-band
Last.fm: http://www.last.fm/music/[Me]
Press contact: press = phill@phillsavidge.com | online = sarah@divisionpromotions.com
Agent: julia@newworldartists.net | geoffmeall@theagencygroup.co.uk
General director: chris@lizardkingrecords.co.uk
≡  Epic is the only way to describe their sound and the album, Even The Odd Ones Out, certainly measures up to all expectations. The opening track, Hoo Ha, provides a fair indication of what is to come. One of the highlights of the album, it sets the standard for their unique sound which sits somewhere between Queen and Led Zeppelin with a little Mars Volta on the side. It also leaves no doubt about the talent of Luke Ferris and his soaring vocals.
≡  There is certainly a variety of sounds on the album from classic ‘70s rock in Like A Fox, the drama of radio favourite Westward Backwards, the theatrical grandeur of Working Life (which is over five minutes long) and the ambitious Your Favourite Colour with its own orchestral flavour.
≡  These guys know no bounds in their experimentation and are certainly brave, as evidenced by a track like Choral which is a pure recording of exquisite choir vocals set to guitar. It is rare these days to find an Australian band showing a bit of bravery and stepping out of conventional genres to try something which is grandiose, majestic and genuinely original. Even The Odd Ones Out is sure to set ME apart and further build on the international buzz which is already growing around these delightfully eccentric rock opera stars.

Lizard King Records
≡  Posted on March 2, 2013 by Alana Turk (http://louderthanwar.com)
≡  A distinct excitement surrounds the release of Australian four-piece rock band, ME’s, debut album ‘Even The Odd Ones Out’. Alana Turk reviews it for Louder Than War.
≡  Having already built up a sizeable fanbase in the UK after touring with the likes of Kasabian, Twin Atlantic and Motion City Soundtrack, ME seem to be causing quite a stir within the music industry. Emanating a very fresh sound which also echoes bands from the past, such as Queen and Led Zeppelin, the band have previously been described as “glam pop metal”… and I can’t say I disagree with this statement.
≡  When discussing the chosen title for their debut album, vocalist Luke Ferris said: “The album title is a reference to the way we feel about our sound in the current musical environment. Theatrical rock is not really at the fore, or being explored by many other bands these days, hence the band feeling that way.” It is true that ME have brought about a rather unique style of music, by todays standards at least.
≡  The album opens with ‘Hoo Ha’, a brilliant example of the kind of unique sound we can expect to hear from ME throughout the record. Theatrical and caberet-esque tones are entangled with soaring vocal harmonies and rich, yet subtle, guitar riffs – a superb opening track indeed. The tempo of ‘Even The Odd Ones Out’ slows down with second track ‘Trails In The Sky’, the simplicity of which only confirms that Ferris’ dominant vocal range is something robust and genuine.
≡  The band strip down to classic 70’s rock for ‘Like A Fox’, with the inclusion of a kick-ass riff and high pitched wailing that Freddie Mercury would have been proud of. ‘Westward Backwards’ is reminiscent of the big dramatic number you’d expect to hear in a rock ‘n’ roll pantomime (in a good way, of course!). Lead single ‘Vampire!! Vampire!!’, on the other hand, seems to be of a slightly different texture and magnitude to the rest of the album and is very direct and to the point. Proving they are very keen and brave in their experimentation, the four-piece offer up a mix of ethereal choir harmonies and blazing orchestral movements during ‘Choral’.
≡  Bursting with originality, ME appear to have pulled off this grander style rather well. ≡  It is refreshing to see a band who are not afraid to break away from conventional genres and to try something new and majestic. If you’re looking for quirky, modern melodies with elements of classic rock, then this album is certainly for you!
≡  You best be in a theatrical mood, folks, because they don’t come much more flamboyantly theatrical than ME. In fact, their music – which you’ll experience a little less than 50 minutes of on this record – seems to be the result of pre-dubstep Muse making sweet love to post-Sheer Heart Attack Queen while the gods of metal look on lecherously all drunk with lust and the kings of pop get themselves off in the corner. See? This shit is melodramatic as balls.
≡  It’s a revelation that hits mere seconds into the Melbourne quartet’s debut full-length as Hoo Ha’s blaring horns and stormy percussion give way to low-register staccato piano, handclaps and the vocals of Luke Ferris, sounding every bit the graduate from the Matt Bellamy Appreciation Society’s School for Budding Showmen. ≡  Things only get more Broadway rock musical from here – operatic chorus vocals (Trails In The Sky, Working Life), ‘60s rock jangle (Rock And Roll Dandy), metal flourishes (All Along The Way) and gratuitous falsetto (Like A Fox, Carousel) abound, as does the liberal use of strings, all tied together with an air of straight-up pop ebullience.
≡  As insane and overblown as this all sounds, it’s so much fun it actually works. Most of the charm lies in the fact that there is absolutely no pretension poisoning this album. ≡  Far from concerning themselves with being anything before it was cool, ME have taken a genre that is well past the point of being cool everywhere but Europe and had an absolute blast with it anyway – and that’s a really refreshing thing to be able to palpably hear on an album these days.
≡  Mitch Knox

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ME — Even The Odd Ones Out (2013)