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Medeski, Martin & Wood

Medeski, Martin & Wood — Shack–man   (October 15, 1996) {Gramavision}

 United States                Medeski, Martin & Wood — Shack–man
•♦•    Progressive New York City–based jazz fusionists who straddle the gap between avant–garde improvisation and accessible groove–based jazz.
•♦•    MMW are geniuses. Their grooves dance in and out of jazz, funk, hip hop, and all out jams. Anyone who puts down their style has zero musical taste. They are the epitome of the jam band and are all individually talented musicians, combining for an explosion of creativity. I have yet to hear anything bad by them. This album was recorded in a little shack in hawaii, hence its name...and is the perfect starting point. If you like this, check out Combustication...which guest stars DJ Logic.
Location: Brooklyn, New York, USA
Genres: Alternative Rock, World Music, Jazz, New Age, Pop, R&B, Rock
Styles: Hardcore & Punk, New Wave & Post–Punk, Acid Jazz, Avant Garde & Free Jazz, Jazz Fusion, Modern Postbebop, Soul–Jazz & Boogaloo, Bebop, Funk, Jam Bands, Funk Jam Bands, Jazz Jam Bands, Rock Jam Bands
Album release: October 15, 1996
Recorded: June 1996, (The Shack, Hawaii) ♦
Record Label: © 1996 Gramavision / Rykodisc | GCD 79514
Duration:     54:48
01. Is There Anybody Here That Love My Jesus     4:27
02. Think     5:20
03. Dracula     4:19
04. Bubblehouse     4:31
05. Henduck     4:39
06. Strance Of The Spirit Red Gator     5:57
07. Spy Kiss     4:27
08. Lifeblood     7:07
09. Jelly Belly     4:42
10. Night Marchers     4:35
11. Kenny     4:44
2006 Gramavision Inc.
•♦•    All tracks written by Billy Martin / John Medeski / Chris Wood
♦       with a little help from the Sun. Mixed at Iiwii, Weehawken, New Jersey. Edited at Current Sounds, New York. Mastered at Northeastern Digital Recording.
Billboard Albums
•♦•    1997  Top Contemporary Jazz Albums      #12
•♦•    1996 Shack–Man Heatseekers      #34
•♦•    1996 Shack–man Top Contemporary Jazz Albums      #7
•♦•    John Medeski: Hammond B–3 organ, Clavinet, Wurlitzer electric piano, Pianet T, toy piano, Yamaha CSO1 II
•♦•    Billy Martin: drums, percussion
•♦•    Chris Wood: accoustic bass, electric basses, guitar
•♦•    Dave Baker Engineer, Mixing, Producer
•♦•    Carl Green Assistant Engineer
•♦•    Michael Macioce Photography
•♦•    Billy Martin Artwork, Composer, Drums, Percussion
•♦•    John Medeski Clavinet, Composer, Keyboards, Organ (Hammond), Pianette, Piano (Electric), Toy Piano, Unknown Contributor Role
•♦•    Medeski, Martin & Wood Producer
•♦•    Toby Mountain Mastering
•♦•    Katsuhiko Naito Mixing
•♦•    Bob Ward Editing
•♦•    Hans Wendl Executive Producer
•♦•    Chris Wood Bass (Acoustic), Bass (Electric), Composer, Guitar
Review by Leo Stanley; Score: ***
•♦•    Medeski, Martin & Wood's Shack Man is the best example to date of the trio's cerebral fusion of soul–jazz, hip–hop, and post–punk worldbeat. Relying on a laid–back groove for most the album, the group just rolls along. Shack Man is the kind of album that will appeal most to soul–jazz beginners; for aficionados, the lack of grit in the groove makes it rather tedious.
•♦•    Review by Dan Epstein: Released in 1996, Shack–man may be the quintessential MMW disc. From the opening cover of the traditional spiritual "Is There Anyone Here that Love My Jesus" to the mellow swirls of the closing "Kenny," the emphasis is on the almighty groove; though John Medeski (here pumping everything from Hammond B–3s to toy pianos) and bassist Chris Wood are much flashier players, it's drummer Billy Martin who really gets (and keeps) the party going. The laid–back, sunshine–and–palm–trees vibe of Hawaii (where Shack–man was recorded) creeps into some of the tracks, but the overall feel is more New Orleans than Waikiki.
Kevin Currie–Knight | Newark, Delaware | 01/11/2004 | Score: *****
♠   "It has been a about a year since I've listened to this, but putting it on now leaves me confident that I'll never leave these grooves on the shelf that long again. Maybe it is my 'fresh ears' coming back to it anew, but I never realized quite the extent of the magic achieved on this disc; I knew it was good then, but...! On this album — there best to date even though they've 'dropped' several since — covers all the bases: funk, punk, jazz, hip–hop, even a spot of trickling ambience. For those who've not heard MMW before, it is hard to describe: picture the slammin'est hip–hop bass/drum combo you've ever heard paired with a keyboard player playing in three different keys which normally might be unnatractive but somehow it sounds so good that you just don't care! Yup, that's it...with just a tad more attitude than what you've envisioned. The big wiinners on the disk are "Is there anyboddy here that love my jesus", "Dracula", "Strance of the spirit red gator", and "Night Marchers. The grooves are killer, the improv is intense, the three musicians have never sounded better, and the vibe is completely tight. No complaints. Enjoy!"  (Amazon.com)
Website: http://www.mmw.net/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/mmwband
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/MMWBAND
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mmwband
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Albums with John Scofield:
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Albums with Nels Cline:
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•♦•    Bubblehouse (April 8, 1997)
•♦•    Combustication Remix EP (April 20, 1999)
•♦•    Fly in a Bottle (October 25, 2011) — a band documentary film featuring studio and live footage

Medeski, Martin & Wood