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Medicine Boy
Kinda Like Electricity

Medicine Boy — Kinda Like Electricity (August 15, 2016)

  Medicine Boy — Kinda Like Electricity (August 15, 2016) Medicine Boy — Kinda Like Electricity (August 15, 2016)ψ   The album is a natural collection of influences — from soaring psychedelia & fuzzed out noise to primal blues rhythms & country/folk balladeering, all baptized in reverb.
Pressed on 180g vinyl and housed in a gatefold cover. comes with full lyrics insert.
ψ   “It is quite an intimate listening experience — a collection of secrets and recollections that find their way to you through the noise and the reverb. It’s a kind of meeting point for the isolated.”
Location: Cape Town, South Africa
Album release: August 15, 2016
Record Label: Permanent Record & Roastin’ Records.
01. The Back Of My Eyes     3:08
02. You’re An Animal Now     3:55
03. Time Is A Train     4:11
04. Beautiful Blue     3:35
05. Lucy     4:52
06. E.V.I.L     3:19
07. Anything, As Long As It’s Black     5:03
08. Lashes     5:29
09. Alone     3:40
10. The End Of The Day     4:25
℗ 2016 Medicine Boy
→   Written, performed & produced by Andre Leo & Lucy Kruger
→   Recorded & mixed by Dave Langeman
→   Mastered by Johnny Tex
→   All drums performed by Werner Von Waltsleben at Digital Forest Studio, engineered by Dave Langeman & Andrew Rawbone~Viljoen.
→   Violin on ‘Lashes’ & ‘Anything’ by Hezron Chetty
→   Lap Steel on ‘Lucy’ & ‘Blue’ by Brandon Visser
→   Backing vocals on ‘E.V.I.L’ & ‘Lucy’ by Bryony Kruger & Roxy Caroline
→   Backing vocals on ‘Eyes’, ‘Animal’ & ‘Lashes’ by Bryony Kruger
→   Art direction & design by Adam Hill
→   Original photography by Morne’ Van Zyl
→   All rights reserved — More Knives 2016Notes 1:
→   “It is a very human album. The songs are conversations with each other and ourselves about the things that take up the most space in our minds. There is a kind of a breaking that occurs that leaves you exposed but also gives you space to move and to breathe. It brings to life the noise of our quieter moments.”
→   KINDA LIKE ELECTRICITY was produced by the duo themselves, working closely with Dave Langemann who both recorded and mixed the album. Most of the album was tracked at Dave’s home studio in December 2015 and February 2016, with the live drums and some extras done at Digital Forest Studio
→   “We wrote most of the material coming off our European tour last year. We were away for three months and had the chance to see some of the musicians that have really influenced us. We were able to perform more than we usually would, giving us  space to really become comfortable and curious about our craft and performance. It was a very inspiring time. We only travelled with electric gear and couldn’t write much on the road, so we had a bunch of ideas bottled up when we got home.”
→   KINDA LIKE ELECTRICITY revealed itself as the album name at some point during the mixing process. It seemed to capture the mood of the record in a number of ways.Notes 2:
ψ   Hot out of the dusty bowl of their Oppikoppi performance, right between their heavily~anticipated debut LP’s auditory and self~effacing visual launch parties, two of Cape Town’s prominent and significant songsmiths, Andre Leo and Lucy Kruger, have finally unveiled the impeccably heartfelt, earnest and sobering albeit hard~hitting Kinda Like Electricity.
ψ   Speaking of unveiling, the album’s cornerstone is without blur: letting go and escaping a stubborn state of living, a cyclical labyrinth, an endless conflict of pretense and authenticity. Undoubtedly one of the country’s hardest working acts, Medicine Boy’s debut encompasses uncompromising honesty, perhaps exactly what we need. A feathery and delicate synth progression accompanied by amicable and somewhat palpitating guitar lines and solemn, wholehearted lyrics open the album on ‘The Back of My Eyes’, not to mention the beautifully segregated harmonies that immediately showcase the album’s beguiling character. Similar to ‘Beautiful Blue’ and ‘Alone’, the tracks’ motives sing of salvation, fallacious love and conflicting confusion between what’s familiar and what’s authentic. Lines like “sometimes my fears tend to set me free, kinda like electricity” effortlessly place listeners into suspensions of disbelief.
ψ   Although the collection holds its fair share of emotive slow~pacers, it’s not Medicine Boy without a few enticing, ethereal and angst~esque anthems. ‘You’re An Animal Now’ exhibits powerful, carefully~orchestrated drum patterns by session contributor Werner Von Waltsleben (Sannie Fox, Francois Van Coke, Matthew Mole) while ‘Time Is A Train’, ‘E.V.I.L.’ and ‘Lashes’ aren’t little without, but Leo’s western~esque, reverb~soaked, ghastly guitar lines shine throughout. “You can be anything you want if you let go.”
Bandcamp: https://medicineboy.bandcamp.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gimmeyourmedicineboy/
Label: https://www.permanentrecord.co.za/ © Kinda like Electricity. Photo by Stuart Scott.

Medicine Boy
Kinda Like Electricity


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