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Melanie Horsnell
Complicated Sweetheart

 Melanie Horsnell — Complicated Sweetheart (September 6, 2008)

 Melanie Horsnell — Complicated Sweetheart 
Location: Sydney ~ Toothdale ~ Candelo, New South Wales, Australia ~ Salmaise, Bourgogne, France
Album release: September 6, 2008
Record Label: Inflatable Girlfriend Records/MGM
Duration:     40:07
01. Mister Accidental       3:56
02. Mary Mary       3:23
03. Break Up       3:16
04. Like Love       3:15
05. Lovers Home       3:00
06. (Oh Boy) Only Wanna Give You Love       3:24
07. Middle of the room       3:32
08. When Are You Coming Home       2:33
09. Because I Do       2:32
10. Touch       3:02
11. Sydney After Dark       3:19
12. Where Are You       3:09
13. Nobody Knows       1:50
♠  Iain Shedden: Drums, Harp
♠  Paul McKercher: Guitar, Producer, Mixing, Lead
♠  Oscar Gaona: Mastering
♠  Kate Adams: Cello
♠  Karl Broadie: Guitar, Composer
♠  Jacob Cook: Percussion, Drums
♠  Geneviève Maynard: Producer
♠  Melanie Horsnell: Guitar, Piano, Comp., Glockenspiel, Harpsichord, Sax, Tamb., Voc., Bird Calls
♠  Adam Pringle: Guitar, Soloist, Lead
♠  Leena Thavisin: Composer
♠  Wes Carr: Organ
♠  Brian Campeau: Producer
♠  "Mary Mary" received immediate airplay on National Youth Broadcaster Radio Triple J and also FBi Radio, RRR and a number of other stations. Complicated Sweetheart was released in Australia on 6 September 2008 through Inflatable Girlfriend Records/MGM.
Personal life:
♠  Melanie Horsnell is the mother of two daughters: Gypsy (born on November 2008) and Harmony–Celeste (born January 2011). She currently lives in the tiny town of Candelo, New South Wales.
♣   The Cloud Appreciation Society is the poignant new album of acclaimed Sydney–born songbird Melanie Horsnell. Five years on from Melanie Horsnell’s celebrated album Complicated Sweetheart, this new offering is a coming–of–age, with heartbreaking songs of small town love and loss written in Candelo, her new home beneath black mountains.
♣   A departure from the Beatlesque pop flavour of previous albums, The Cloud Appreciation Society was recorded live and glows with a gentle acoustic stripped–back sound. Melanie Horsnell’s music has a simplicity and understated reverie akin to a Roy Orbison song. These are bittersweet songs of longing, separation and new beginnings woven together with a feathery, starry–eyed voice and a delicate but timeless presence, which has made Melanie Horsnell so adored on the scene.
♣   Melanie Horsnell’s music is loved in France, she was nominated for an APRA award in 2011, she’s played alongside Bernard Fanning, Sarah Blasko, Jason Mraz, Josh Pyke and Glen Hansard and The Frames and written songs with Wendy Matthews and Catherine Britt and for film and television. Melanie Horsnell broke out on the Sydney scene in 2000 and has been wowing audiences and listeners around the country and overseas ever since. In 2003 came her critically acclaimed debut album The Adventures of…, produced by none other than Garth Porter; and in 2008 Melanie followed up with another album which continued to impress the critics Complicated Sweetheart — which hit high rotation in radio around Australia.
♣   The Cloud Appreciation Society is an intimate lullaby where the songwriting sparkles — from the gentle opener of Gershwin’s ‘Oh So Nice’; to the dark obsession of new passion in ‘Love you Madly’; to Melanie’s tender ‘If We Can’t Be Together’ with the aching lyrics ‘If we could only push on through another storm/do you think we’d find a beach somewhere to lay upon’. The songs take the listener on a very personal journey, from beneath shadows to dappled glades with the whispered love shanty of ‘So as the Sea’; to the wonderment of new birth ‘My Harmony, my Gypsy’ and finishing off with the glittering effortlessness of ‘My Heart Just Wants to Fall in Love’ which evokes a modern Patsy Kline. Recorded live at Down in the Dairy Studios by Paul Greene with Robyn Martin on vocals and Anna Martin on drums, The Cloud Appreciation Society is mixed by Ben Tolliday (Heath Cullen, Jackie Marshall) and mastered by Jonathan Burnside.
♣   Melanie Horsnell’s The Cloud Appreciation Society is an enchanting new album which will take you to a quiet place after a storm, where sorrowful songs soar and where clouds are counted. Don’t miss out on a chance of catching Melanie Horsnell’s magic live.
♣   Melanie Horsnell is part of Sydney’s acoustic renaissance. Sydney Morning Herald
♣   Melanie creates great, even classic acoustic pop. — Drum Media
♣   Shimmering pop…, sweet folky vocal and sparkling production. Daily Telegraph
Website: http://www.melaniehorsnell.com/
MySpace: https://myspace.com/melaniehorsnell
Bandcamp: http://melaniehorsnell.bandcamp.com/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/melaniehorsnell
Last.fm: http://www.last.fm/music/Melanie%2BHorsnell
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/melaniehorsnell
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Melanie-Horsnell/9303262524?ref=ts
Agent: melaniehorsnell@gmail.com   // Also: photoalbum: https://www.facebook.com/amundssen/media_set?set=a.10203156128481417.1073742076.1153536442&type=1
Δ   The Adventures of... [UK] — 2004
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Δ   The Cloud Appreciation Society... [AUS] — 2013
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Music videos:
Δ   Birds — (2004)
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Melanie Horsnell
Complicated Sweetheart