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Linyera (Deluxe Version)

Melingo — Linyera (Deluxe Version, April 2014)

  Melingo — Linyera (Deluxe Version, April 2014)Melingo — Linyera (Deluxe Version, April 2014)Ξ★   This new collection of songs from the Argentinian singer–actor could be the soundtrack to a shady underworld, conjuring up as it does a chiaroscuro labyrinth of mirrors where time stands still. Offbeat love songs, sparkling with glints of the blues
and tangos of old, vagrants’ tales sprinkled with snatches of bossa nova and candombe, atmospheric melodies summoning up musical spirits, now of DUKE, now of ZAPPA, all plunging us into Melingo’s surreal universe. In the company of his band of itinerant musician–poets, he is a free–spirited, definition–defying artist at the very zenith of his powers. Part rocker, part flamboyant crooner, with a touch of the comedian, as well as a multi–instrumentalist and composer, he bewitches us with intoxicating dreams.                                                                                                                                                Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Album release: April 2014
Record Label: World Village
Duration:     69:14
01 La Canciòn Del Linyera     5:09
02 Garrapatea     3:50
03 Que Serà De Ti     4:13
04 La Maceta     7:43
05 Televidente     3:51
06 La Noche     3:01
07 Despues De Pasar     2:48
08 Volver A Los Diesisiete     6:02
09 Soneto Para Daniel Reguera     5:13
10 Aguita De Javel     2:38
11 Candonga     3:51
12 Juan Salvo, El Eternauta     5:42
13 Gritos En La Sombra (Pablo Guadalupe remix)      7:13
14 La Maceta (Pablo Guadalupe dub experience)       8:00Daniel Melingo
Ξ★   “the man who's making tango seriously cool”                                                            Ξ★   Daniel Melingo (born 1957) is an Argentine musician, with a background in rock (he played guitar for Los Twist and saxophone for Los Abuelos de la Nada). He is now a tango artist and tours with his band Los Ramones del tango.Melingo was exposed to music since his childhood days, as his stepfather was Edmundo Rivero's manager. Ξ★  After playing for some time with Brazilian singer Milton Nascimento, Melingo was active in the Buenos Aires independent theater scene in the early 1980s, under the military dictatorship. When the restrictions on cultural activities eased after the Falklands war, Melingo became a notable participant in projects such as a rock
opera version of "Dr. Moreau's Trials", masterminded by Victor Kesselman, and Los Twist, a fun band with echoes of The B–52's. He was called by Cachorro López to play the sax in the Abuelos de la Nada reunion, where he was, according to colleague Andrés Calamaro, the person who established the band's musical direction.  After the Abuelos and Twist, Melingo spent time in Spain, where he formed a band named Lions in Love. Ξ★  Back in Argentina, he issued a disc based on the mythical Argentine graphic novel El Eternauta, and later on turned to tango singer. He was hailed by the British press as "the man who's making tango seriously cool".
Ξ★  After Santa Milonga and Maldito Tango, his two previous albums released in France, this Heart and Bone, a mixture of knives and romance, the one step forward, two steps back of the hesitation waltz (a blend of bravado and innocence), takes its origin more strongly than ever in this atmosphere of watchful men with eyes skinned; but it’s also nourished by some kind of undiscovered romanticism.  Hallucinations, spiralling twists of the brain, where a man dreams he’s asleep or believes he’s dead in the darkness of a hail of off–key harmonies, telescoped versions of ritornellos à la Nino Rota and lyrical outbursts. Intimate, shaped by rubato — a floating movement on the tempo — from now on, Corazon & Hueso, by far his boldest musically speaking,will gently open up new horizons for his protagonists.
Links: http://www.worldvillagemusic.com/ // Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/danielmelingo         

Linyera (Deluxe Version)



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