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Thinking Like a Mountain (November 6th, 2015)

Merz — Thinking Like a Mountain (November 6th, 2015) N ********¾

 Merz — Thinking Like a Mountain (November 6th, 2015)
•♦•  Conrad Lambert’s experimental return... 
Birth name: Conrad Ewart Lambert
Origin: Dorset, England ~~ Swiss Alps

Album release: November 6th, 2015
Record Label: Accidental Records/ Caroline International P&D
01 Shrug
02 Crying Shame
03 Oblivion
04 Dear Ghost
05 Absence
06 Serene
07 Ten Gorgeous Blocks
08 Mercy
Conrad Lambert’s experimental return...
ROBIN MURRAY / FEATURES / 05 · 11 · 2015 / SCORE: 8
Conrad Lambert had the world at his feet.
•♦•  The songwriter’s Merz project was snapped up by a major label at the turn of the Millennium, leading to sessions for his debut album.
•♦•  Yet he walked away from it all. Embarking on a curiously left field, utterly English career, Merz is set to return on November 6th with new album ‘Thinking Like A Mountain’.
•♦•  Perhaps the most individual step on a profoundly individual journey, the material ranges from the 12 minute opening statement to the final dream–like coda, from orchestral sweep to impressionistic pop music.
•♦•   http://www.clashmusic.com/  //  Website: http://merz.co.uk/
•♦•   Although some tiffs between artist and record label end badly for the artist, sometimes a little distance from the kerfuffle allows the artist to make a more honest go of it the second time around, being freed from the yoke of corporate music culture. This was the case with Bristol based musician Merz (real name: Conrad Lambert) who, after leaving behind a major label deal in 1999 returned in 2005 with the album Loveheart. The return work won Merz a great deal of respect and plaudits, as well as freedom from the massive amounts of hype that plagued the early part of his career. A single in March of 2008, entitled “Presume Too Much,” was released to critical praise, and was to be followed by Merz’s third album, Moi et Mon Camion. The album was to feature the talents of Orbital’s Paul Hartnoll. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/8merz8/

Thinking Like a Mountain (November 6th, 2015)


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