Metaphorest Volume I (2011)

Metaphorest — Volume I (2011)

Metaphorest ♣ Volume I
Name: Sarah Daly
Location: Waterford, Ireland ~ Kirkcaldy, Scotland
Album release: December 8, 2011
Record Label: Metaphorest
Runtime:    65:29
Track Listing:
01. Oh, Captain     (4:17)
02. Lake Like Glass     (2:03)
03. My Friendly Skeleton     (4:01)
04. Hindsight     (2:34)
05. Clocks Back     (3:11)
06. Smile Bomb     (2:38)
07. Flawed Romance     (3:01)
08. Everything, Baby     (2:09)
09. Wanderer     (2:41)
10. Skin of the Wolf     (3:35)
11. Take Her to the Forest     (2:30)
12. Conquistador     (2:59)
13. Shelter     (2:00)
14. Ant on a Rock     (2:40)
15. The Tailor and the Seamstress     (4:09)
16. Apologist     (4:27)
17. Shadow Wonder     (3:35)
18. See Me      (3:30)
19. Siren Calling     (3:39)
20. Empire     (3:19)
21. Untitled     (2:22)
Metaphorest (Volume 1) is a collection of 21 original songs; 20 tracks plus a bonus track.
The special Collector's Edition includes a beautifully designed 8 panel sleeve and a 20 page illustrated booklet!
Metaphorest (Volume 1) Collector's Edition is an anthology of 21 original songs by the artist Metaphorest a.k.a Sarah Daly.
Metaphorest's debut album is packed with tracks ranging from witty pop gems to haunting ballads, and comes packaged beautifully.
The Collector's Edition is a beautifully designed physical package with an 8 panel sleeve and 20 page illustrated booklet.
You can watch videos of two of the tracks on the album on YouTube:
Clocks Back:
And find more info and more music at:

Songs by Metaphorest in collaboration with: Spaceship, Yousef Khalil, Craig Sutherland, Andy McDonald, Anthony Ferraro, Mark Satta, Matt Sigler, Ryan Patrick, Robert J. Mills, Jeremy Mullins, thesherbethead, David Ding. Produced by Lawrie Brewster. Artwork by Lawrie Brewster and Jenyffer Maria.
Exciting developments! The kind people over at new Irish music blog Echoparade ( have featured a great article on Metaphorest and her music! The piece is entitled ‘Under the Wintery Spell of Metaphorest’ and gives a praise to her music as well as to uber-talented animator Maria Ivanova’s (  video for Wanderer.
The text of the article is below:
“Collaborating with Joseph Gordon Levitt (yes we didn’t know he sang either), soundtracking films and being related to pop royalty, you may not recognise the name Metaphorest a.k.a Sarah Daly just yet, but this Waterford lady is stirring up quite the storm…
Metaphorest possesses mesmerising breathy vocals, similar to Lisa Hannigan, that are edged with a striking childlike fragility. Her song Wanderer manages to sound raw and angelic very Cat Power-esque, giving her music a sparse but effective quality. The song itself is accompanied by a beautiful animated video put together by Maria Ivanova.
Along with her originals, she’s a dab-hand at covers taking on songs by James Vincent McMorrow and The Shirelles. Her music has caught the attention of actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt (500 Days of Summer, Inception), where three of her songs appeared on a CD released through his online production company
He is so smitten with her music that he also sings a song written by Sarah herself, with her providing the backing vocals. But the Waterford lady’s talent does not end there. Not only has she written songs that have caught Gordon Levitt’s attention she also penned Morgan M Morgansen, a series of short films that Joeseph Gordon Levitt and Channing Tatum starred in.
If all that Hollywood craic isn’t enough to raise your eyebrow then maybe this will, Sarah’s second cousin just happens to be pop genius Kate Bush! But although Metaphorest is certainly inspired by the Wuthering Height’s legend, her music stands up for itself. The Scotland based musician is due release her debut before the end of the year, Metaphorest to soundtrack the cold cold winter that is said to be coming? By golly I hope so!”
Published on Tuesday 13 December 2011 00:00
Kate Bush’s Celtic cousin, the Kirkcaldy-based Sarah Daly, made these 21 tracks in her bedroom, a hugely impressive effort.
But, and you must have been expecting a but, the record screams out for a firmer hand on the production tiller as it drifts off on one flight of fancy after another.
There are pleasant moments, even if the song Hindsight does hinge on the clunky line “Do you remember when a spade was called a spade?”
The Irish singer-songwriter has an interestingly vulnerable voice, which is particularly engaging on the hooky Clocks Back, oscillating between Lisa Hannigan and Katie Melua.
Flawed Romance is dark and creepy, as befits a song which has Sarah trapped in a mystery man’s basement.
Her album is similarly trapped by the sheer scale of its ambition, when concentrating on a particular style might better serve the cause. There is a great ambient groove record in there somewhere desperate to get out, but it is hamstrung by the pop aspirations of the first half of the album.
When she sings about “chorus lines falling down dead”, it grabs the attention. Once sure of her own musical identity, Metaphorest could make that the rule, not the exception.

Metaphorest Volume I (2011)