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Micachu — Taz & May Vids (Mar 04, 2016)

Micachu — Taz & May Vids (Mar 04, 2016)

             Micachu — Taz & May Vids (March 04, 2016)
°≡°   Jednou odpoledne loni v zimě, staří přátelé Mica Levi, Raisa Khan a Marc Pell se rozhodli pronajmout si zkušebnu na dobu několika hodin spíše, než aby seděli v hospodě. Podařilo se vytvořit avantgardní pocit, sice stylově nenáročný a přístupný, nicméně právě ten stírá hranice mezi klasickou hudbou a zbytkem hudebního světa. Už to není slátanina stop–breakových beatů a chytlavých popových fragmentů sešitých dohromady z lo–fi bicích smyček, scratchy kytar a vákuově–průzračných dronů. Hosté na albu: Tirzah a Brother May, londýnský MC a také Miles and Sean. No, je to úlet, ale na to jste si už od Micachu zvykli, ne? Z alba čiší láska k životu, Jack London by měl radost. Vinyl je v omezené emisi 500 kusů. Boomkat Product Review:
°≡°   Zinging, absolutey deadly 7 Track EP from Micachu on her return to DDS, featuring three tracks with Tirzah (including the much sought–after „Go”), plus a Demdike Stare Edit.
♣   DDS render a precious haul of new Micachu zingers on her return to the label, ramped up by Demdike Stare’s dextrous edit of “I Dare You” to chase up 2014’s acclaimed Feeling Romantic Feeling Tropical Feeling Ill LP for mutant dancefloors and sun–kissed headphone journeys.
°≡°   Smitten by the hugely addictive, brilliantly slippery 2–step twister on Go (there’s been a video online for this track since 2011!) Demdike suggested the cut for release on DDS, and were subsequently privileged to peruse the unique space–time folds and dance/pop sampledelia of Mica’s archive.
°≡°   As they alsofound out whilst compiling her last solo LP; it’s a deeply rewarding experience to explore the Mica’s output: immersing themselves in her peerless world of refractive colours, sawn–off textures and teasing arrangements.
°≡°   They’ve emerged with a joyously unhinged party–ready EP, traversing the mercurial 2–step viscosity of Mica & Tirzah’s „Go”, to their addictively sticky ohrwurm, Dare You, and the free cosmic pop whorl of trip6love, before taking in the clanking ragga jag of “More Red” with Brother May, a.k.a. the London–based MC who voiced Mica’s Fact Mix 444 in 2014.
°≡°   The cherry on top is a crucial Demdike edit of “I Dare You”, featuring Miles and Sean extending and swerving the original just like they would with two copies of the 12”.
°≡°   Jus so good...Location: London, England
Style: Experimental, Garage
Album release: Mar 04, 2016
Record Label: Demdike Stare / Morr Music
Duration:     19:37
01 Intro     0:52
02 GO (Feat. Tirzah)     2:24
03 Dare You (Feat. Tirzah)     1:51
04 Chimes 7!     2:57
05 Trip6love (Feat. Tirzah)     3:56
06 More Red (Feat. Brother May)     3:00
07 I Dare You (Demdike Stare Edit)     4:37
Fotografování: Gabriel Green
°≡°   Whilst the acclaim for 2014’s Under the Skin soundtrack brought Mica Levi’s/ Micachu’s music to a much wider audience, this EP is a reminder that she’s been making great electronica for some time now. The springboard track for this EP ‘Go’ has been up online with its accompanying video since 2011, and Demdike Stare’s DDS label have taken it upon themselves to finally put it out there with some other choice selections that have yet to see the light of day on vinyl. If you haven’t heard anything from Levi outside of Under the Skin, this is a fine EP to acquaint yourself with another side of her craft. Only 500 pressed and these won’t stick around.
°≡°   http://www.thevinylfactory.com/
Words / Max Pearl / Score: 3.4 / 5
°≡°   Mica Levi has an eclectic resume. She’s made stripped–back, circuit–bent pop with her trio Micachu And The Shapes, composed classical works for string ensembles, and scored Jonathan Glazer’s unnerving sci–fi film, “Under The Skin”. That interdisciplinary experience means she’s full of fresh ideas, which is certainly true of Taz And May Vids, Levi’s seven–track EP for Demdike Stare’s DDS label. With this dance floor–oriented music, it’s apparent that she thinks beyond standard routines of programming drums, synths and sequencers. Her holistic approach pulls from outside genre confines, and it makes for a refreshing EP.
♣   ‘Go’, featuring singer and frequent collaborator Tirzah, is the standout. The charm of this tilted 2–stepper is Levi’s controlled chaos: her bruised drums lag, skip and smash like they’re about to fall apart. The melody darts frantically up and down the scale, while the low–register synths shake and sweat like they’re overheating. Similarly, ‘Dare You’ is a lovely mess held together by savvy, intricate programming. With such short run times (just under three and two minutes), the only downside is those tracks aren’t longer. Thankfully, Demdike Stare’s edit extends ‘Dare You’’s twisted garage groove by three minutes, and they make the wise decision not to add or subtract much from the original.
°≡°   Then things get progressively weirder. ‘Chimes 7!’ is built around an abused guitar riff that loops ominously over dissonant piano and a chintzy rock beat. ‘Trip6love’ is unhinged: a single measure spins until you start to feel seasick, while Tirzah’s voice unfurls into freeform noodling. These two and ‘More Red,’ which has patois–inflected verses from Brother May, lend personality to Taz And May Vids, but don’t fit the initial tone. ‘Go’ and ‘Dare You’ are great because they’re feral and functional at the same time, two untamed party tracks for the freaks. But these other three feel like filler — not sharp enough for the dance floor, not deep enough to dive into.
°≡°   http://www.residentadvisor.net/
°≡°   We first heard the classic Go track on the Micachu VS Kwake Bass ‘Meat Batch Mix’ featured on Andrew Meza’s BTS Radio, and have wanted to issue it ever since. It seemed unbelievable to us that this killer Mica/Tirzah track had never been issued.
°≡°   The video has been up on Mica’s youtube account since 2011, and adds perfectly twisted imagery to the joyous music, an earworm of the highest order.
°≡°   Once we asked Mica to release it, she supplied us with a swathe of other material that knocked us off our feet. The depth and variety of this material has been teasingly reduced to 5 other pieces for now: a similar slammer of a track is ‘Dare You’, another Mica/Tirzah collab that ‘s just as much of a banger as ‘Go’.
°≡°   Also included is some of her more abstract work with Tirzah on the woozy ‘Trip6Love’ and intro, plus their cohort Brother May on ‘More Red’ as well as including Mica’s otherworldly ‘Chimes 7!’.
°≡°   Finally the DDS edit of ‘I Dare You’, recorded in one take with us playing around with sections and sounds, extending the track like we would with 2 copies of the vinyl.

Micachu — Taz & May Vids (Mar 04, 2016)


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