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Michel Godard & Le Miroir Du Temps — A Serptent’s Dream 

Michel Godard & Le Miroir Du Temps — A Serptent’s Dream (October 2nd, 2015)

 Michel Godard & Le Miroir Du Temps — A Serptent’s Dream 
Location: France
Album release: October 2nd, 2015
Record Label: Intuition
Duration:     49:23
01. Serpent’s Dream      4:09
02. Days of Weeping Delights      7:35
03. In Splendoribus      0:53
04. Le miroir du temps      5:10
05. Miserere      2:50
06. L’ecole de la procrastination      4:00
07. Le gardien des reves      2:44
08. Old Black Snake Blues      1:53
09. Our Spanish Love Song (feat. Airelle Besson)      5:40
10. Les portes du 7e ciel      3:09
11. A la folie      2:15
12. A Trace of Grace      6:19
13. Le sommeil      2:47
•  Michel Godard: serpent, electric bass
•  Katharina Bäuml: shawm
•  Brunno Hellstroffer: theorbo
•  Lucas Niggli: drums, percussion
•  Airelle Besson: trumpet
•  French tuba player Michel Godard presents an album based on the incredible  ‘serpent’ instrument, which dates from 16th century and is a close relation to the tuba. Godard, who has earned the reputation as one of Europe’s most important musicians in the border area between jazz, improvisation, folk and classical music since the late 1980s thanks to a number of exceptional releases, has included the serpent repeatedly in his concerts and on his CDs for quite some time. Now, the French exceptional artist has devoted an album exclusively to the “serpent” for the first time to emphasize its magical, mysterious and ultimately very human facets. This was a labor of love for the 54–year–old. He moves on a timeline between past and present with the serpent. In the process, he tells stories that can shine in different colours and change direction at any time. The instrument actually resembles a large snake as a result. The sounds unfold in wondrous twists and turns like dreams in the mirror of time.
Door Robert Spannenberg op 12 september 2015
•  http://www.writteninmusic.com/jazz/michel-godard-le-miroir-du-temps-a-serpents-dream/lang/nl/
•  http://www.intuition-music.com/shop/de_DE/3/show,329518.html

Michel Godard & Le Miroir Du Temps — A Serptent’s Dream