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Michelle Blades

Michelle Blades — Ataraxia (18 mai 2015)

                        Michelle Blades — Ataraxia Michelle Blades — Ataraxia (18 mai 2015)
••–   I predict a landslide victory in the category of Overseas Countries. Structurally, content, inventively, frequency, sound, voice, manner thrust into the attack, the force maintaining the furrows in my heart, this is an album of my absolute dream. Big congratulations to its creators, especially Michelle Blades. (Ben)
Location: Panama ~ Miami, Florida ~ Arizona ~ Paris, France
Album release: 18 mai 2015
Record Label: Midnight Special Records
Duration:     42:37
01. How Many Shadows Do I Lay On      2:28
02. Needles in Your Pockets      1:42
03. Subtropical Suburban      3:24
04. La triologie : Crush! (I Went To Your Party) / Obsession (Fever Song) / Crushed (Operator!)      8:31
05. Going to Bars to Drink Alone      1:40
06. Chapter XIII      2:32
07. L'Armée Cubaine / La Armada Cubana      3:20
08. His Man      4:51
09. Saturnino      5:38
10. Kali      4:13
11. Risk Fruit      4:18
℗ 2015 Midnight Special Records
••–   Michelle Blades Vocals, Writing 
••–   Victor Peynichou  Bass
••–   Alexandre Bourrit Synthesizers
••–   Daniel Hart Strings and string arrangements
••–   Thomas Broda Drums, Strings Arrangements
••–   Raphaël Leger Drums
••–   Malvina Meinier Adding vocals and synth riffs
••–   It has been nearly three years since my last full length album release (Oh, Nostalgia & Mariana recorded and released by River Jones Music). Since then, I've changed home, country and instrument and all this new scenery made me want to begin working on a new sound. I released several home–made digital albums of electronic music and home recordings for free on bandcamp and began working on music videos and photographs for several friends and artists in Paris. During the two years of songwriting and experimenting with images I was exposed to several different kind of music and I amassed new influences, leading me to create the band that recorded with me in the studio: Victor Peynichou on the bass, Alexandre Bourrit on the synths, Malvina Meinier adding vocals and synth riffs, Daniel Hart on strings and string arrangements and Thomas Broda & Raphaël Leger on drums. Setting down the ukulele to experiment with the electric guitar (a curiosity I developed after some of the best years in my life playing with North Dakota), my new surroundings and new bandmates allowed me to compose and experiment with the songs I would have never attempted otherwise.
••–   It wasn't until one day Victor Peynichou suggested we record an album. Joining forces with Midnight Special Records and Juno Studios' Bertrand Fresel I finally felt ready and inspired to harness these new sounds and put them together make a record.
••–   In June 2014 the band got together and recorded the 13 song album at Fresel's studio in Yerres, France. The 13 songs were written to be linked together into one track, what I likes to think would, online, be a “digital cassette”, a seamless landscape to wildly set sonic ideas free.
••–   I also want to make the album a chance to collaborate with other artists. As each individual song won't be available for individual listening due to the album's one track nature, I wanted to find a way to creatively make each individual song listenable. Along with seeking funding for the album, I'd like to take advantage of the fundraiser's potential visibility to use this as a call to artists as well, seeking 13 directors/teams to take over one song each and make a music video, thus attaching an image to each song as well as making them available for individual listening (you know, like Beyonce). Each music video would be released at intervals and in no particular order.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MichelleBlades
Press: contact@midnightspecialrecords.com, cedric@roost.fr
Agent: michellekblades@gmail.com / contact@midnightspecialrecords.com
••–   Excited to finally share ATARAXIA's cover shot by Celeste Leeuwenburg! Even more excited to release the album May 18th. Stay tuned!
••–   Découvrez la pochette du prochain album de Michelle Blades
Artwork: Lou Benesch
Photography : Celeste Leeuwenburg — Hair stylist : Lucile Piccolini
Spécial thanks to : Nico Guerbe                                       
iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/bw/album/ataraxia/id985742147
••–   Michelle Blades’ bandcamp (my previous releases) http://michellekblades.bandcamp.com/
••–   http://www.novorama.com/focus/2600-michelle-blades-qui-es-tu
••–   http://www.portalsmusic.com/2013/05/sounds/michelle-blades-water-as-a-weapon-i-was-born-in-a-laboratory/
••–   http://www.phoenixnewtimes.com/2012-08-23/music/songwriter-michelle-blades-walks-a-tightrope/
••–   http://www.radiovl.fr/ca-vous-regarde-24-midnight-special-records-michelle-blades/
••–   https://www.yabyumwest.com/tag/michelle-blades
••–   http://www.glidemagazine.com/20046/michelle-blades/
••–   http://www.mycatisyellow.net/amen-dunes-l-espace-b#prettyPhoto
••–   http://www.kisskissbankbank.com/
••–   Michelle Blades is a Panamanian born multi–instrumentalist now based in France. Growing up in Miami, Blades taught herself the ukulele and started composing her first songs at the age of sixteen. It wasn’t until her move to Arizona at eighteen, however, that Blades started playing concerts and incorporating other musicians into her writing. ••–   Three years and two solo albums later, her composing started shifting towards songs on guitar, a change influenced by her time playing in the trio North Dakota where each band member switched off between bass, synth, guitar and drums. After her move to Paris at the age of twenty–two, Blades began working with Parisian label Midnight Special Records making music videos, photographs and music, as well as working with several musicians to craft what has become her sound today: an attempt to create her ideal genre of what she calls “Afro–futurist doom pop”. 

Michelle Blades



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