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Midday Veil — The Current (2013)

 Midday Veil — The Current (2013)

Midday Veil — The Current
"...like watching the birth of humanity from space..."
Location: Seattle, Washington
Album release: 2013
Record Label: Translinguistic Other
Duration:     43:06
01. The Current      (6:56)
02. Choreia      (6:02)
03. Remember Child      (7:18)
04. Without And Within      (8:00)
05. Sun Stone      (3:35)
06. Great Cold Of The Night      (11:16)
Emily Pothast
David Golightly
Timm Mason
Jayson Kochan
Garrett Moore
Sam Yoder
Website: http://middayveil.com/
Bandcamp: http://middayveil.bandcamp.com/album/the-current
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/middayveil
Press: US: middayveil@gmail.com UK/Europe: lauren@rarelyunable.com
Agent: middayveil@gmail.com
Description by KELTON SEARS:
Ξ   "I’m going to go ahead and say that Midday Veil just put out the best record of the year so far. The Current is a mind-melting, kraut-rocking journey into the heart of a beautiful, dark cosmos. Lead singer Emily Pothast wails her witchy way over the album’s six long-playing tracks full of incredible bass grooves and astral guitar riffs. Randall Dunn’s production is all over the album, lending it the same gorgeous, spooky atmospherics he helped Olympia-based Wolves in the Throne Room achieve on its 2011 eco-metal epoch Celestial Lineage. Seriously, listen to the album ASAP and let its majesty realign your chakras." (source www.seattleweekly.com)
In french:
Ξ   Du psychedelic rock au féminin. La chanteuse Emily Pothast tient remarquablement bien la baraque. Bref, un album idéal pour les nostalgiques de ce genre de rock et de la voix de Grace Slick, époque Jefferson Airplanes.
__________________________________ © Photo credit: Steven Miller, 2009

Posted by Krumbled Kookie at 8/07/2013 10:06:00 PM
Ξ   Okay, so I don't review or even mention a whole lot of psyche records around here, and maybe that makes me lame or something, I don't know. But take from that fact that when I do write up a psyche record, it must be damn good. Midday Veil's new record, titled The Current, is far beyond "damn good." It's absolutely fantastic, and sets the bar quite a bit higher for artists making this kind of experimental psychedelic rock music.
Ξ   I can't say that I've come to expect anything less from this Seattle-based band, as their work always walks the lines between psyched-out jam sessions, bliss-ridden, synth-driven electronics, ambient dronescapes, and heavy rock. Regardless of what they're playing, though, they always make it quite a trip, and a heavy, heady one at that. Even the catchier, more upbeat, percussion-driven songs have a way of knocking down walls with the force of a wrecking ball as they crawl inside your mind, finding a permanent home. For example, the album-opening title track on this record is quite an ear-worm, but still really heavy, setting the tone early for what works out to be one of the heavier psych records I've heard. What I appreciate about Midday Veil the most is their recognition that making a heavy record is not all about guitar riffs and bombastic drums. Those things have their place in this strain of music (check out the album closer, "Great Cold of the Night" below - one of my favorite songs of the past ten years, and heavy as fuck), but for the most part, Midday Veil's heaviness is more subtle, perpetuated by the synths, keys, and Emily Pothast's beautiful and commanding vocals. Her voice is quite easy to get lost in. Now I can already hear people screaming that heaviness isn't about subtlety, but grow up. And listen to this record, or any of Midday Veil's work, and I think you'll get what I mean. I've been playing this album pretty close to constantly since I got it, and I think you'll have a hard time turning it off as well. If you're into experimental, heavy music, you've got no excuse to not own this record. It's really that damn good. And it certainly doesn't hurt that it was produced by the one and only Randall Dunn. (http://www.hammersmashedsound.com/)
By Sean M. PalfreyScore: 8.5/10
Ξ   Despite psychedelic being a by word for “recorded in a haze of suspicious-smelling smoke” these days, there are still a number of bands who embrace the experimental ideals pioneered by the likes of The Beatles and Pink Floyd. USA’s Midday Veil would be one such band.
Ξ   The band’s second album The Current (Translinguistic Other), crafted under the watchful eyes of SunnO)))‘s Randall Dunn, is a cosmic trip through an analogue vortex. Taking their cues as much from prog rock and krautrock, the band punctuate synth-heavy odysseys with exquisite female vocals and tie the whole lot together with addictive bass grooves.
Ξ   The opener, ‘The Current’, is a krautrock influenced slab of hanging synths and funky baselines that is a perfect vehicle for vocalist Emily Pothast. The band then veer off sharply into more drone orientated territory with the sublime ‘Choreia’ which fades into the sinister dark ambience of ‘Remember Child’, playing up the band’s shamanistic side.
Ξ   The band retain the central synth drone of the previous track and continue it into the acoustic and ethnic rhythms of ‘Without And Within’, which is sprinkled with some sublime guitar work. At three-and-a-half minutes in length, ‘Sun Stone’ is by a long way the shortest track on the album. But it is a fantastic ambient instrumental that acts as an intro to the album’s highlight. ‘Great Cold Of The Night’ is simply one of those songs where everything reaches its zenith. Distilling the ethnic rhythms and haunting synthesizers used across the rest of the album, it slowly builds into an epic glam-tinged psych-rock freak out.
Ξ   This is a wonderfully performed and carefully constructed album that really shows off the band at their best. The way the songs run together gives the album a grand feel, as though the different songs are all cycles within a larger track.
Ξ   This may only be Midday Veil‘s second full length offering, but they sound like a veteran act already. The Current is quite simply a gratifying listen that will be required material for anyone into experimental and progressive music. (http://www.ghostcultmag.com/)
Ξ   "Sensual and mystical...the rhythms of a world gone completely mad for all the right reasons." —  Tiny Mix Tapes © Photo credit: Steven Miller

Midday Veil — The Current (2013)



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