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Midge Ure Fragile (2014)

 Midge Ure — Fragile (July 7th, 2014)

 Midge Ure — Fragile

 BRILLIANT ALBUM! Midge Ure — Fragile was nominated for 8th Tais Awards & Harvest Prize 2015.
ΙΙ   Midge Ure je pravděpodobně muž, který už viděl všechno a zažil všechno, rozhodně pokud jde o hudbu. Člen jedné z nejlepších kapel Velké Británie, s bohatou tapisérií spolupráce s legendárním Phil Lynotem a Thin Lizzy. Midge Ure zůstává zdánlivě neúnavný a stále tak jiskřivý. Tento vítěz BRIT Award a Grammy Award po 12 letech opět dává briliant: nové album. Je opravdu příjemné jako procházka v letním slunci,  jemný lehký vánek: připomene, co to znamená, být naživu. Fragile podle názvu: neochvějné, konstantní a zaměřené na jeho povahu. Nějak mezi tím vším vyšetřil drahocenný čas a touhu jít dál po cestě a  vždy zahrál s absolutní elegancí divákům křížem krážem ve své zemi. Vrchol alba: Are We Connected a pěti písničkám dávám *****, ostatním 4.
ΙΙ   Ultravox leader whose solo off-kilter pop was huge in the 1980s U.K., if woefully overlooked in the states.                                       © Midge Ure during Here and Now Tour 2011 
Birth name: James Ure
Born: 10 October 1953, Cambuslang, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Instruments: Vocals, guitar, keyboards, synthesizer
Notable instruments: Fender Stratocaster, Yamaha SG 2000, Ibanez Roadstar RS125
Location: near Bath
Album release: July 7th, 2014
Record Label: HYPERTENSION/Soulfood
Duration:     53:32
01. I Survived     5:01 
02. Are We Connected     4:52 
03. Let It Rise     4:24 
04. Become     4:02 
05. Star Crossed     5:27 
06. Wire and Wood     7:09 
07. Dark, Dark Night     6:01 
08. For All You Know     5:41 
09. Bridges     4:42 
10. Fragile     6:13 
Ι≡Ι  Recorded at — Environment Studio
Ι≡Ι  Mastered at — Robot Studios
Ι≡Ι  Design — FUEGO/Friedel Muders
Ι≡Ι  Mastered By — Robbie Bronnimann
Ι≡Ι  Mixed By — Midge Ure
Ι≡Ι  Performer — Midge Ure
Ι≡Ι  Photography By [Coverphoto] — Shutterstock
Ι≡Ι  Producer — Midge Ure
Ι≡Ι  Includes lyrics insert printed on both sides as well as a 12"x12" glossy black and white print of Midge Ure.
Ι≡Ι  Recorded at Environment Bath UK.
Ι≡Ι  180 gram pressing.
Ι≡Ι  We are delighted to be able to confirm a show with Midge and  his band just in nice time for Christmas, oh and it's in London as well! The show will take place at the very exclusive Boisedale in Canary Wharf on November 28th. Tickets go on sale tomorrow (6th August). 020 7715 5815 or on line at http://tickets.boisdale.co.uk/ (5.08.14)
Photographs by Midge Ure 1979–1985
Ι≡Ι  Unique, unseen, candid photos of Ultravox and more published for the first time in a limited edition book from Rocket 88. Midge's b/w and hyper-coloured photos capture the strange people and places of a unique time. From Vienna to Montserrat, Tokyo to Cologne, London, Paris and Rome, these remarkable pics conjure an era long since gone.
Ι≡Ι  Featuring over 200 unseen photographs, In A Picture Frame: Photographs 1979–1985 will only be available via inapictureframe.com
Editorial Reviews
Ι≡Ι  'Fragile' is the first collection of new, original music from Grammy and Brit award winning musician Midge Ure in over a decade. An album of beautifully crafted, atmospheric music which swings from 'Become' and 'Dark, Dark Night', where he collaborated with fellow musician Moby and shows more than a passing a nod to his electronic roots, all the way to the heady, cinematic soundscape of 'Fragile' or 'Star Crossed', which could almost be termed 'contemporary prog rock'. 'It's all about songs with melody and atmosphere', Ure claims. 'Musical influences hopefully don't ever stop and I think on this album you can hear elements of the music which has shaped me over the years. Kind of wearing my musical heart on my sleeve'.
Ι≡Ι  Ultravox frontman Midge Ure returns this August with his first new solo album in more than a decade, a 10-song set called Fragile.
Ι≡Ι  An album of beautifully crafted, atmospheric music which swings from Become and Dark, Dark Night, where he collaborated with fellow musician Moby and shows more than a passing a nod to his electronic roots, all the way to the heady, cinematic soundscape of Fragile or Star Crossed, which could almost be termed ‘contemporary prog rock’.
Ι≡Ι  “It’s all about songs with melody and atmosphere”, Ure claims. “Musical influences hopefully don’t ever stop and I think on this album you can hear elements of the music which has shaped me over the years. Kind of wearing my musical heart on my sleeve.”
Artist Biography by Stephen Thomas Erlewine
Ι≡Ι  One of the key members of the new wave band Ultravox, guitarist/vocalist Midge Ure began his professional music career with Salvation, a Glasgow-based group that became the bubblegum band Slik in 1974. Upset in the change of direction, Ure left the band to join the Rich Kids, a punk-pop group led by former Sex Pistol bassist Glen Matlock. the Rich Kids only released one album, 1978's Ghosts of Princes in Towers, before breaking up later that same year. Ure spent a brief time with the Misfits (not the American hardcore band) before forming Visage with drummer Rusty Egan and vocalist Steve Strange; he left the group to replace Gary Moore in Thin Lizzy, who left in the middle of an American tour. After the tour was finished, he fulfilled an agreement to join Ultravox.
Ι≡Ι  Once he joined the band in 1980, Ure helped make Ultravox a mainstream success; during this time he also worked as a producer, making records with Steve Harley and Modern Man. In 1982, Ure released a solo single, a cover of the Walker Brothers' hit "No Regrets"; it climbed into the U.K. Top Ten. Ure and Bob Geldof formed Band Aid, a special project to aid famine relief efforts in Ethiopia, in 1984. The two wrote the song "Do They Know It's Christmas?" and assembled an all-star band of British musicians to record the single; it sold millions of copies over the 1984 holiday season and prompted Geldof to organize the benefit concert Live Aid in 1985.
In 1985, Ultravox was put on hiatus and Ure began to pursue a full-time solo career. Ι≡Ι  Recorded entirely by Ure, his 1985 solo debut, The Gift, launched the number one single "If I Was," as well as the minor hits "That Certain Smile" and "Call of the Wild." Ι≡Ι  The following year, he recorded the final Ultravox album; in 1987, the band broke up and he began recording his second solo album. The resulting record, 1988's Answers to Nothing, was less successful than The Gift in the U.K., yet it charted in the U.S., which is something Ure's previous album failed to do. Three years later, Ure released his third album, Pure; while it didn't do any business in America, the album featured the Top 20 British hit "Cold, Cold Heart." He attempted a comeback in 1996 with Breathe, which went ignored by both the American and British markets. After being released in his native U.K. in 1998, Answers to Nothing followed in mid-2000, as well as a soundtrack effort for the critically acclaimed 1998 drama-comedy starring Jon Cryer, Went to Coney Island. Move Me appeared on Koch in fall 2001.     © Midge collecting his OBE in 2005, with his daughters Kitty, Ruby and Flossie. © Alpha-Gareth Gay 
Personal life:
Ι≡Ι  Ure resides near Bath. He has been married twice: to actress and writer Annabel Giles (with whom he has one daughter, Molly) and to Sheridan Forbes (with whom he has three daughters, Kitty, Ruby and Flossie).
Ι≡Ι  Ure's two main passions are music and cooking. He was able to indulge the second of these in the 2007 Celebrity MasterChef series, winning his heat and progressing to the final on 15 June, alongside Nadia Sawalha and Craig Revel Horwood. Although all three competitors greatly impressed the judges, the trophy was won by Sawalha.
Ure is a recovering alcoholic, something he openly admits and discusses in his autobiography If I Was. In an interview with The Guardian in 2012, Ure said: "If my family hadn't supported me through my alcoholism, I don't know if I'd be here today." He said that the turning point came when he was on a holiday and he went back to his car to get a bottle of alcohol. Ure said: "As I turned round there was my then 11-year-old daughter looking at me and it was utterly heartbreaking and devastating to see the look on her face."
Website: http://www.midgeure.co.uk/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Midge-Ure/275159919205373
Solo discography:
Year  //  Album  //  UK:  //  US:  //  Label  //  Catalogue  //  Notes
1985 The Gift #2 – Chrysalis 0946 CCD 1508 –
1988 Answers to Nothing #30 #88 Chrysalis CCD 1649 –
1991 Pure #36 – BMG 261 922 –
1996 Breathe #95 – BMG 74321346292 –
1996 The Gift – – Chrysalis CDGOLD 1045 Expanded reissue with four bonus tracks.
1998 Answers to Nothing – – Chrysalis 496 8242 Expanded reissue with four bonus tracks.
2000 Went to Coney Island on a Mission from God... Be Back by Five – – EvenMore Entertainment – Instrumental soundtrack.
2001 Move Me – – Curb Records CURCD 100 –
2006 Move Me + – – Hypertension – Expanded 2CD digipack reissue with bonus tracks.
2008 10 – – Hypertension HYP 8264 Cover versions album.
2009 Pure + Breathe – – Edsel Records EDSD 2034 Expanded 2CD reissue of both albums with bonus tracks.
2014 Fragile #66 – Hypertension Music - -
A World Of Dreaded Fear: Revisiting Band Aid's Lyrical Crime Scene
Wyndham Wallace, December 10th, 2013 03:21
•   Band Aid raised awareness of a disastrous famine, as well as huge sums of money to try ease it but, one year ahead of its 30th anniversary, Wyndham Wallace begs us to condemn, not celebrate, a song whose lyrics are uglier than Rupert Murdoch’s ballsack.
•   Sunday, November 24th, 1984. It must be a cold, cold day, if not on the streets of Notting Hill, then at least in Hell below. Why else would some of the era's wealthiest pop stars be found mingling with paparazzi in front of Trevor Horn's SARM Studios? Look! That's Tony Hadley of Spandau Ballet, his white shirt collar turned up, his leather jacket lapels as big as an elephant's ears. And over there — see? It's his arch-rival, Duran Duran's John Taylor, in a smart trilby and shades, pursued by a feathered, highlighted hairdo under which Nick Rhodes has taken shelter. You don't see that every day.
•   Meanwhile, isn't that former mod, now reborn soul boy, Paul Weller? Admittedly he's looking a little uncomfortable next to Marilyn, Bananarama and George Michael, but perhaps that's because the latter has just told him "Don't be a wanker all your life. •   Have a day off." Still, everyone else looks like they're friends here, even with the homeless guy in the baggy cardigan. Oh, that's Bob Geldof, explaining to the media how they all "play music and write it, so we're giving something of ourselves". Which is really rather nice of them, especially on a Sunday.
•   So why are they all here, these megastars who The Daily Mirror will tomorrow dub a "Billion Dollar Band"? Well, inspired by Boomtown Rat Bob Geldof and his buddy, Midge 'Ultravox' Ure, they're here to raise money. It’s something at which they're all supremely proficient. These folk may rarely hand over the cash they make to others, but this is Band Aid, and Band Aid, you see, is different.
•   And it's true — Band Aid was, in many ways, different. 'Do They Know It’s Christmas?' focused the world on a devastating famine in Ethiopia and Eritrea, bringing together people across the first world and helping change the face of charity fundraising for decades to come. It struck an especially tender nerve with complacent Brits, forcing them to recognise that an entire nation was starving to death while they were wringing their hands worrying about butter mountains built upon generous farming subsidies. Geldof's subsequent belief that "the '80s were characterised by overwhelming generosity and kindness" may sound a little hollow to those British citizens who were at the sharp end of the growing social divides provoked by Margaret Thatcher, but he was right when he said Band Aid's attempt to "draw attention to a monstrous human crime, a moral and intellectual absurdity" worked. (excerpt..., more at: http://thequietus.com/articles/14076-band-aid-do-they-know-its-christmas-30th-anniversary)
•  http://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/life/features/midge-ure-id-love-to-work-with-sigur-ros-and-london-grammar-30403045.html
Jason Ritchie, Posted on July 2, 2014, Score: ****
•  http://getreadytorock.me.uk/blog/2014/07/album-review-midge-ure-fragile/
Ian D. Hall, Published on July 2, 2014, Score: ****
•  http://www.liverpoolsoundandvision.co.uk/2014/07/02/midge-ure-fragile-album-review/

Midge Ure Fragile (2014)



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