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Mike & The Mechanics
Word Of Mouth

Mike & The Mechanics — Word Of Mouth (2 April 1991) [1st Japan press]

                  Mike & The Mechanics — Word Of Mouth 
•ð•   Word of Mouth is the third album by Mike + The Mechanics, released in 1991. There was some overlap with the marketing of the album and the making of Genesis's We Can't Dance, with Mike Rutherford being committed to both. As such, there was no tour for Word of Mouth.
•ð•   The album did not chart as well as Living Years, charting at No.11 in the UK, while the lead single "Word of Mouth" got to No.13 in the UK and No.78 in the US. The follow–up singles "A Time and a Place" and "Everybody Gets a Second Chance" both became minor hits in the UK, peaking at No.58 and No.56, respectively.
•ð•   The song "Get Up" was used in the 1993 film, Rookie of the Year.
Location: Dover, England, UK
Album release: 2 April 1991
Recorded: The Farm Surrey, 1990 – 91
Record Label: Virgin Japan Ltd. / Atlantic (US/Canada) / Virgin (Rest of World)
Duration:     47:59
01. Get Up     4:23
02. Word Of Mouth     3:56
03. A Time And Place     4:51
04. Yesterday, Today, Tommorrow     4:37
05. The Way You Look At Me     5:09
06. Everybody Gets A Second Chance     3:58
07. Stop Baby     3:54
08. My Crime Of Passion     4:55
09. Let's Pretend It Didn't Happen     5:35
10. Before (The Next Heartache Falls)     6:41
♦  Mike Rutherford — guitar, bass
♦  Paul Carrack — vocals (lead: 1, 3, 5, 6, 8, 10), keyboards
♦  Paul Young — vocals (lead: 2, 4, 7, 9)
♦  Peter Van Hooke — drums
♦  Adrian Lee — keyboards
Additional personnel:
♦  Tim Renwick — guitar
♦  Ian Wherry — keyboards
♦  Steve Piggot — keyboards
♦  Martin Ditcham — percussion
♦  Pino Palladino — bass
♦  Phil Todd — sax
♦  London Community Gospel Choir — choir on 10
♦  Kitson Hall Audience — crowd on 2
♦  Tracks 1, 3, 5, 8, 9, 10 — Produced By Christopher Neil, Mike Rutherford and Russ Titelman
♦  Track 2 — Produced by Mike Rutherford
♦  Tracks 4, 6, 7 — Produced by Christopher Neil & Mike Rutherford
Engineer: Rob Eaton and Mike Punczek on Track 2
Assistant Engineers: Mark Robinson, Jeremy Wheatley, Shaun De Feo
Recorded at: The Farm technical assistants Geoff Callingham, Mike Bowen Olympic Studios, London, except Track 2 at Living Years tour, US 1989
Equipment: Dale Newman, Steve Jones, Angela Jewel
Mastered by: Ted Jensen, Sterling Sound
Cover: Icon, photography by Mike Owen
•ð•   Produced by Christopher Neil, Mike Rutherford and Russ Titelman.
•ð•   Mike & The Mechanics are an English rock/pop supergroup formed in 1985 as a side project of Mike Rutherford, one of the founding members of the band Genesis. Word of Mouth is their third LP. There was some overlap with the marketing of the album and the making of Genesis's We Can't Dance, with Mike Rutherford being committed to both.
Review by Evan Cater; Score: ♦♦♦
•ð•   Atlantic Records had reason to think they had a sure thing on their hands in the 1991 release of Mike + the Mechanics' third album, Word of Mouth. Here was a band with solid Top 40 pedigree, led by a guitarist/bassist with Genesis credentials (Mike Rutherford) and featuring not one but two vocalists with dozens of successful songs under their belts (Paul Carrack and Paul Young). The band had already recorded two hit albums and even scored a number one hit in "The Living Years." The new record led off with two killer pop songs — the opening "Get Up," with its adrenaline–inducing piano runs and catchy chorus, and the rousing singalong title track. But within a few months of its release, Word of Mouth had already been banished to the discount racks and budget bins of nearly every record store in the English–speaking world. So what happened? It may be that music consumers had caught wind of the mediocre keyboard–based pop ballads that filled out the rest of the album. Songs like "A Time and Place," "Everybody Gets a Second Chance," and "Let's Pretend It Didn't Happen" are anemic lite–rock anthems that even Phil Collins would have passed on. Chances are, fans stayed away from this one because the word of mouth just wasn't good.
Billboard Albums
•ð•   1991 Word Of Mouth The Billboard 200      #107
Billboard Singles
•ð•   1991 Word Of Mouth Mainstream Rock      #30
•ð•   1991 Word Of Mouth The Billboard Hot 100      #78 ♦ 
Website: http://mikeandthemechanics.com/
•ð•   Mike Rutherford is a founder member, guitarist, bass–player and songwriter with Genesis, the British rock group who have sustained massive international success over the last four decades. The groundbreaking band have sold over 130 million albums worldwide and have played around 1500 shows, including some of the most ambitious and theatrical performances ever staged. Mike Rutherford has also topped the US charts with his other group, Mike + the Mechanics.
•ð•   Formed in 1967 at Charterhouse, when Rutherford was only 17, Genesis went on to record fifteen studio albums and have influenced the likes of Elbow, The Feeling, Flaming Lips and Simple Minds. In the early seventies, they took their Lewis Carroll/Alice In Wonderland–infused vision of Britain around the world with albums like Nursery Cryme, Foxtrot and Selling England By The Pound. In the mid–seventies, the ambitious concept album The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway led to one of their most visually-stunning live presentations. They survived the departure of frontman Peter Gabriel and, with Phil Collins as lead vocalist, became a mainstream act, scoring hit singles with the ballad ‘Follow You, Follow Me’ and the turbo–charged ‘Turn It On Again’. In the eighties, Genesis topped the charts with the albums Duke, Abacab, Genesis and Invisible Touch, and sold out an unprecedented four nights at Wembley Stadium. Innovative, humorous videos, such as the award–winning ‘Land Of Confusion’, with its Spitting Image puppets, endeared them to TV viewers the world over. In the nineties, the number one album We Can’t Dance yielded another four hit singles and proved the group’s appeal was both timeless and enduring.
•ð•   Away from Genesis, Mike Rutherford has enjoyed success with the solo albums Smallcreep’s Day, which contained an extended 25 minute piece based on the Peter Currell Brown novel of the same title, in 1980, and Acting Very Strange, in 1982. Three years later, he teamed up with Paul Young of Sad Café and Paul Carrack of Ace to launch Mike + the Mechanics. The group with two lead vocalists have released five albums — Mike + the Mechanics in 1986, The Living Years in 1988, Word Of Mouth in 1991, Beggar On A Beach Of Gold in 1995 and M6 in 1999 — and become nearly as ubiquitous as Genesis with the hits ‘Silent Running’, ‘All I Need Is A Miracle’, ‘The Living Years’ — a US and Australian number one in 1989 — and ‘Over My Shoulder’.
•ð•   Following a ten–year hiatus, Genesis regrouped in 2007 and performed a series of sell–out concerts throughout Europe and the US. They also released Live Over Europe 2007, the sixth live album of their career.
•ð•   In 2010 Mike reconvened Mike + The Mechanics recording the “The Road” with singers Andrew Roachford and Tim Howar. This new line up has been touring through the UK and Europe ever since.
♦  Mike + The Mechanics (1985)
♦  Living Years (1988)
♦  Word of Mouth (1991)
♦  Beggar on a Beach of Gold (1995)
♦  Hits (1996)
♦  M6 (1999)
♦  Rewired (2004)
♦  The Road (2011)

Mike & The Mechanics
Word Of Mouth



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