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Milk & Bone
Little Mourning

Milk & Bone — Little Mourning (17 March 2015)

Canada                    Milk & Bone — Little Mourning 
◊   Milk & Bone is a new project founded by Laurence Lafond–Beaulne and Camille Poliquin. Both studio and touring musicians, they met when Electronic–Pop band Misteur Valaire invited them to sing a lead duo on their most recent album Bellevue Avenue. Milk & Bone was officially named and born.
Location: Montreal, Québec, Canada
Album release: March 17, 2015
Record Label: Bonsound
1. Elephant      4:10
2. Easy to Read      3:42
3. Pressure      3:52
4. New York      3:19
5. X      2:11
6. Tomodachi (feat. Terrell Morris)      3:40
7. Coconut Water      3:26
8. Watch      3:49
2015 Milk & Bone. Under exclusive license to Bonsound.
◊   Laurence Lafond–Beaulne
◊   Camille Poliquin
Product Description
◊   Formed by Laurence Lafond–Beaulne and Camille Poliquin (both accomplished studio and touring musicians), Milk & Bone will release their debut album, Little Mourning, on March 17th in Canada via Bonsound. By combining their voices and talents, the two friends create electro–pop melodies that are both dreamy and harrowing. Made up of electronic textures and layered synths, Lafond–Beaulne and Poliquin’s sonic universe distinguishes itself from the electro pop genre thanks to their perfectly paired vocal colours. Their mesmerizing harmonies look into the darker aspects of love, friendship and lust.
In french:
◊   Formé de Laurence Lafond–Beaulne et Camille Poliquin, toutes deux musiciennes de studio et tournée, Milk & Bone dévoilera son premier album, Little Mourning, le 17 mars au Canada sous l’étiquette Bonsound. Unissant leurs voix et talents respectifs, les deux grandes amies créent une pop électro à la fois poignante et onirique (Libération).
◊   L’univers sonore de Lafond–Beaulne et Poliquin met de l’avant une multitude de textures électroniques et plusieurs nappes de synthétiseurs, et se démarque par les timbres de leurs deux voix qui s’agencent parfaitement ensemble. Avec ses harmonies vocales envoûtantes, le duo explore les facettes plus sombres de l’amour, de l’amitié et du désir.
By Scott Simpson, Published Mar 13, 2015; Score: 9
◊   It's easy to see why Milk & Bone, the Montreal electro–pop duo, composed of Laurence Lafond–Beaulne and Camille Poliquin, is hitting a chord with audiences far outside their native Québec. Their breakout single "New York," a slow–burning tale of infidelity and heartbreak, has managed to catch the attention of the blogosphere at large, and for good reason; it's difficult not to be immediately enchanted by their soft harmonies mixed with subtle synths and drums. Milk & Bone's debut album, Little Mourning, capitalizes on this symbiotic relationship; it's a taut collection of tracks that constantly straddle acoustic simplicity — the beautiful piano–driven "X" — and the type of glittery electronica best exemplified by second single "Coconut Water."
◊   Both members are experienced musicians — Poliquin recently assisted Jason Bajada with his live show, while Lafond–Beaulne was busy touring with Les Soeurs Boulay — so it's easy to imagine Milk & Bone amassing more international acclaim than the acts they've supported thus far. Their debut album successfully strives for universality without pandering, as they've managed to cultivate a singular sound that happens to have mass appeal.
◊   "Tomodachi," featuring Toronto rapper Terrell Morris, makes a strong argument for more future hip–hop collaborations, as the combination works too well not to reproduce. Album closer "Watch" manages to encapsulate the entirety of the album's sound in one track, and effectively reiterates the strength of this debut release.
◊   While there may not necessarily be any tracks that scream "standout" or "single material," there's consistency here; every piece of this collection is as solid as the next. All the pieces work well individually, and even better as an album, which makes for particularly strong debut with nary a fault in sight. :: http://exclaim.ca/
Bandcamp: https://milkandbone.bandcamp.com/album/little-mourning
Website: http://milkandbone.mu/
Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/112221665
Booking France
Hi Fidelity / Matthieu Pinsard
+33 1 48 24 50 86
COSTUME / William Rondeau
BONSOUND / Jérémie Pelletier
514-522-5672 #224
Coconut water
Fruity lipstick on your cheek, I haven't been home in a week
I'm cool with that; I've got the sun to worry about
Let's get started, truth or dare, a million flowers in my hair
I'm cool with that; I've got the beach to worry about
I can feel the sand on my skin and my drink is kicking in
And if you ever feel like leaving her, I'll be here drinking my coconut water
Searching for a shooting star if I could ever swim that far
Treasure island in your heart, can't find it, don't know where to start
Not giving up, two hours 'til the sun is up
I can feel the sand on my skin and my drink is kicking in
And if you ever feel like leaving her, I'll be here drinking my coconut water
I can feel your hands on my skin and my heart is rushing in
And if you ever feel like leaving her, I'll be here drinking my coconut water

Milk & Bone
Little Mourning



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