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Mirror Travel Cruise Deal

Mirror Travel — Cruise Deal (March 11, 2016)         Mirror Travel — Cruise Deal (March 11, 2016) Mirror Travel — Cruise Deal (March 11, 2016)Location: Taos, New Mexico
Album release: March 11, 2016
Record Label: Modern Outsider
Duration:     27:18
1 Aasim     3:51
2 Cruise Deal     4:54
3 Fossils     4:59 
4 I Need the Sun     6:05
5 Melt You     3:17  
6 Yesca     4:12 
?   Lauren Green  guitar, vocals
?   Tiffanie Lanmon  drums, percussion, guitar
?   Paul Brinkley  bass, vocals, keys
?   Aaron Bastinelli Engineer
?   Lauren Green Composer, Guitar, Percussion, Vocals
?   Chris Harris Mastering
?   Tiffanie Lanmon Artwork, Drums, Guitar, Percussion
?   Mirror Travel Composer
?   Paul Brinkley Bass, Piano
?   Roy Taylor Engineer, Omnichord
?   Tracks 2, 3, 5, 6 engineered by Roy Taylor at Storage Town, USA
?   Tracks 1, 4 engineered by Aaron Bastinelli at Big Orange Studios
?   Mastered by Chris Harris at Hook Echo Sound
?   On first listen, Mirror Travel’s hazy guitars, sluggish tempos, and dazed vocals make them seem like yet another band of shoegaze revivalists.
?   However, they’re part of the extensive lineage of Austin psych~rock bands, and kindred spirits to 21st century groups such as Holy Wave and the Black Angels. Mirror Travel take a particularly sun~baked perspective on the genre, and it’s no surprise that the album is generally themed around reveling in the hot, sunny weather — vocalist Lauren Green repeats “the coast is where I’d like to be” over the hypnotic Spacemen 3~indebted shimmy of “I Need the Sun.” True to their words, the album was actually recorded right before the band relocated from Austin — bassist Paul Brinkley left the group and headed to Philadelphia, and Green and drummer Tiffanie Lanmon ended up relocating to Taos, New Mexico along with new bassist Meredith Stoner. So the bandmembers definitely have travel on their minds, but at the same time, they seem satisfied with staying where they are, relaxing and settling into a comfortable groove. On the album’s title track, Green repeats “I’m in a cloud,” and you don’t get the sense that she’s complaining about it in the least. Her vocals during the song’s verses consist of evenly spaced staccato notes, generally of the same note, but they still sound dreamy and free~floating given the way they’re structured. “Yesca” adds a dose of post~punk darkness, with Green raising her voice to a bellow, Lanmon’s drums crashing a bit more, and the entire song generally feeling more tense and sinister than the album’s preceding songs. “Melt You” is the album’s sole uptempo cut, and even though it feels far more urgent than the rest of the album, Green’s vocals still feel somewhat calm and reserved.
?   The entire album succeeds at making listeners feel as if they are taking a trip to a sunny, pleasant locale without leaving home.
?   The true beginnings of garage~dwelling daydreamers Mirror Travel originate in 2003 in a small Texas town you’ve never heard of. Through many cities, years, and members, Lauren Green (guitar, vocals) and Tiffanie Lanmon (drums) remained the spring of the band’s musical essence, continually writing, recording, and performing their own brand of narcotic, swirling, post~punk for over a decade.
?   In 2010 the two recorded the wiry and propulsive earworm “The Ghosts That Wake You” as the title track of Gerard Cosloy’s (Matador Records) pet project, Casual Victim Pile; a 19 song snapshot of Austin’s Red River music scene. The project quickly landed the band a 7” release (Wooden Bones) on Seattle’s Mt. Fuji Records and US tour dates alongside acts such as Bill Callahan, Ringo Deathstarr, and …And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead with new bass player and vocalist Paul Brinkley in tow.
?   Mirror Travel returned from the road with new material and set their sites on the small desert town of Marfa, TX to record their first full~length album, Mexico. Working with engineer Gory Smelley at his Marfa Recording Company, the trio spent two weeks crafting one of the year’s most solid releases, a half hour of echo~drenched fuzz Esquire Magazine described as “Neil Young playing live from the bottom of a well”. Mexico is loose, grungy garage at its finest and travels at such an unhurried and hypnotic pace that you may feel you’ve driven across the desert yourself.
?   Mirror Travel’s upcoming release, Cruise Deal, takes the same smoldering psych~rock of Mexico and submerges it in a sea of dense and dreamy post~punk sludge. Recorded in the band’s Austin, TX storage~unit~turned~rehearsal~studio with friend and live~sound engineer Roy Taylor (Emmylou Harris, Patty Griffin), Cruise Deal is brazenly live and best listened to on the loudest speakers you own. Beyond the intensity of Cruise Deal’s sheer volume lies a frank examination of life in the in~between ~ the album was born as the band counted last days in their native state. The album speaks to a certain sort of coming and going; by the time Cruise Deal was mixed and mastered, Mirror Travel was spread across three time zones with Lauren in New Mexico, Paul in Philadelphia, and Tiffanie poised to leave Austin. Tiffanie (drums) soon said goodbye to Texas and set off with newest member Meredith Stoner (bass) to rejoin Lauren (guitar, vocals) in Northern New Mexico.
Tumblr: http://mirrortravel.tumblr.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MirrorTravel
Label: http://modernoutsider.bigcartel.com/

Mirror Travel Cruise Deal


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