Mondaze — „Late Bloom“ (Dec. 10th, 2021)

ITALY emoji                                                                  Mondaze — „Late Bloom“ (Dec. 10th, 2021)
•⇔• Objevování nových kapel je naprosto vzrušující, zvláště když jsou dobré a vidíte v nich potenciál. Mnoho podceňovaných kapel, které vydávají skvělé věci, nedostává uznání, jaké si zaslouží. Doufejme, že to nebude platit o Mondaze. Tato shoegaze kapela pocházející z italské Faenzy začala v roce 2016. Po vydání dema Healing Dreams jsou zpět, připraveni vydat svůj celovečeráček „Late Bloom“. Toto album je heavy, prostorné a má mnohem více směru a energie než jejich předchozí demo.
•⇔• Produkce v tomto albu je fantastická. Každá skladba má osobitý nádech a zvukově využívá směs shoegaze a post~hardcoru. Na tomto albu je něco pro každého a Mondaze si opravdu zaslouží větší fanfáry. Je to dynamická kapela, má směr a prostor pro růst, současně to není špatný výchozí bod.Mondaze logo
Mondaze — „Late Bloom“ (Dec. 10th, 2021)Location: Faenza, Italy
Album release: Dec. 10th, 2021
Record Label: Church Road Records
Duration:     42:05
01. Concrete   4:03
02. Endless   4:06
03. Words Undone   3:08
04. Honest Feelings   3:59
05. Interlude   3:49
06. Stay   3:43
07. How Soon Is Soon?   5:07
08. Swirl Back   3:23
09. Lost   3:41
10. Incense Smell   6:56
Personnel: Matteo Vandelli (vocals, guitar), Margherita Mercatali (guitar) and Michele Leonardi (drums).
Anna Stesova|Dec. 18, 2021|Score: 8/10
•⇔• Hailing from the small Italian town Faenza, Matteo Vandelli (vocals, guitar), Margherita Mercatali (guitar) and Michele Leonardi (drums) first got together in 2016. Mondaze released their first demo ‘Healing Dreams’ in 2018 and across 3 tracks they showcased a dreamy but pleasantly heavy shoegaze sound and left audiences wanting more. Now, three years and one pandemic later, the quartet have released t heir long~awaited debut full~length, Late Bloom. Having all the time and space necessary while the world stood still for many months, the quartet have crafted a beautiful and immersive album.
•⇔• The album’s first half is a gloomy daydream, featuring slower plaintive melodies, taking its time to unfurl its wings. ‘Worlds Undone’ finally does that with full power as it dives into the best tradition of shoegaze. Building up slowly, the track reaches its peak with the distant cacophony of cymbals and comes crashing down like a tidal wave, leaving a single tune as an afterthought. ‘Honest Feelings’ then changes the pace significantly, coming in with energetic rhythms and a screamed intro.
•⇔• ‘Interlude’ divides the record in two and with the second part the mood is different. ‘How Soon is Soon?’ and ‘Swirl Back’ pick up the pace and inject their shoegaze with some post~hardcore vibes. Second single ‘Lost’ boasts a prominent central riff, surrounded by echoing vocal, ghostly sirens and powerful drums.
•⇔• Mondaze have created a solid and fascinating debut record, with its distinct mood and an extraordinary sound. Dreamy landscapes are masterfully crafted by the quartet and the album is truly an immersive piece. Even during the record’s heaviest moments, screams are added to the mix so carefully to not disturb the gentle fabric of the soundscapes. Mondaze skilfully balance shoegaze and post~hardcore, one second distilling those into separate glasses and with the next one mixing them into a bowl with heavier influences and dream pop. The Italian quartet have showcased their impressive musical ability on this record.

AUTHOR: Ryan Curtiss|Dec. 6, 2021|Score: ★★★★½ 
•⇔• Discovering new bands is absolutely thrilling, especially when they’re good and you see potential in them. Many underrated bands who put out great things don’t get the recognition they deserve. Hopefully, that won’t be true for Mondaze.
•⇔• This shoegaze band hailing from Faenza, Italy got their start in 2016. After releasing their demo Healing Dreams, they’re back and ready to put out their full length album, Late Bloom. This album is heavy, spacey, and has way more direction and energy than their previous demo.
•⇔• The production in this album is fantastic. Each song has a distinct feel to it, harnessing a mix of shoegaze and post~hardcore, sonically. The vocals are distant, being overshadowed by the cacophony of instruments, but after hearing the album, it seems intentional. The main event is how well these songs are composed, and how Mondaze makes each track sound. Distorted guitars that are played over crisp drums, the tones of each guitar, how heavy it all sounds, and a lingering softness that flows through each song makes Late Bloom truly incredible.
•⇔• Opening on “Concrete,” this four~minute song is a great opener, one that really solidifies the path that this album takes. Throughout the ten track album, it seems apparent that bands like Hum and Nothing were wildly inspirational to the making of Late Bloom, and are probably held close to the heart of Mondaze. 
•⇔• Singles “Words Undone” and “Lost” were put out, and both seem to show the different worlds where Mondaze resides. “Words Undone” is a more shoegaze~oriented song, still parading around a heavy sound, but more focused on the feeling and tone, whereas “Lost” shows a more post~hardcore side of the band. Granted, those two genres play off of one another nicely, especially on Late Bloom, but the difference is apparent in these two songs.
•⇔• Don’t let the singles fool you though. Mondaze are very much multidimensional. “Interlude” brings a spacey, atmospheric instrumental song to the table, where as the closing song “Incense Smell” brings the best of both the post~hardcore and shoegaze sound in a nice mix, and ends the album on this approximately seven minute song.
•⇔• There is something for everyone on this album, and Mondaze are truly deserving of more fanfare. They’re a dynamic band that has direction and room for growth, but this isn’t a bad starting point. Be sure to give Late Bloom a listen when it drops December 10 via Church Road Records. This is something you won’t want to sleep on.