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Morrissey & Marshall — And So It Beg Location (2014)

 Morrissey & Marshall — And So It Beg Location (March 31st, 2014)

Morrissey & Marshall — And So It Beg LocationVlajka Irska
   “A solid inflection into the worlds of Folk, Indie and Rock doused with Pop sensibilities and an abundance of compelling signature vocal harmonies”.
   ‘Morrissey and Marshall are like old time wandering minstrels. I have never ever seen them without a guitar each strapped to their backs, it’s beautiful. They bring a smile with them and play the kind of music that is only born in you. I once saw them play and after they finished I literally ran to them to ask them what that last song was? It sounded like a cross between a young George Harrison and Simon and Garfunkel.    They shyly told me it was one of their own…a new one. I demanded that they record it! As soon as possible! A few weeks later and there they were; the same song on national television in front of millions. They really are that good.’
Location: Dublin, Ireland ~ London, UK
Album release: March 31st, 2014
Record Label: Independent Records Limited  (IRL)
Duration:     36:23
01. And So It Began      (3:41)
02. Pack Up Lady      (3:19)
03. Old Tree      (3:16)
04. In Need Of Guidance      (4:59)
05. The Past Four Days      (3:31)
06. You Are Who You Are      (3:14)
07. I've Got A Plan      (2:25)
08. A Song From The Birds      (3:15)
09. The Mantra      (1:12)
10. We Are One      (2:53)
11. High & Low      (4:12)
© 2014 IRL
Standout Tracks: High and Low, We Are One
For Fans Of: The Beatles, Arctic Monkeys, Simon and Garfunkle
••   "Emerging from the emerald greens of their home country, debut album And So It Began covers a huge spectrum from up-beat feel good riffs to country-type ballads with harmonious melodies.
••   Kicking the album off with And So It Began, you’re instantly propelled into Morrissey & Marshall’s world of high energy folk blues tracks, not dissimilar to the likes of The View or Skinny Lister.
••   Layering the track with The Beatles type harmonies, frantic guitar solos and an infectious toe-tapping beat, its time to saddle up and enjoy the serenade.
••   Their deceptively clever intertwining Everly-esque harmonies throughout the entire album really marks this duo out from others, demonstrating pitch-perfect vocal play on every track.
••   Morrissey and Marshall have created a truly lovable debut album having covered a great spectrum of sounds from folk to indie with a sprinkling of blues and pop. Sharing songwriting similarities with the likes of Simon and Garfunkel coupled with ‘indie-cred’ of contemporary bands like Vampire Weekend or Fleet Foxes. They should not fall on deaf ears!"
In french:
••   Une écoute effectivement agréable.
Website: http://www.morrisseyandmarshall.com/
Reverbnation: http://www.reverbnation.com/morrisseymarshall
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/morrisseyandmarshall
Twitter: https://twitter.com/morandmar
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/morrisseyandmarshall
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/morrisseyandmarshall
Press: ben@benallenmedia.com
Apr 17: Sebright Arms — London
Apr 18: The Borderline — London
May 15: Whelans — Dublin
Jun 28: Westport Festival — Mayo
••   “Something magical happens when their voices become one, it lifts your heart” — Damien Dempsey
••   “People are drawn to their song-writing, the clever melodies and in particular the sound of their voices singing in unison — simply beautiful” — Louder Than War
••   “Few musicians are able to express themselves so purely, truly inspiring” — The Magic Numbers
••   Morrissey & Marshall’s sound evokes the raw creativity of the classic sixties and seventies pop duos twinned with a modern day troubadour spirit. They count John Grant, Mike Skinner and Shane McGowan amongst their fans. The band predominantly cites the likes of the Everly Brothers, The Beatles and Simon and Garfunkel as major influences with contemporary inspiration coming from bands akin to Fleet Foxes and Arctic Monkeys.
••   The native Dubliners met in their local scene in 2007 and immediately hit the live circuits of Ireland and the UK, clocking up hundreds of gigs, often playing up to seven nights a week. In 2012 these outliers exchanged Emerald for Smoke and moved to London, swiftly becoming known for their luminous songwriting and pitch-perfect harmonies by playing every open mic night they could find.
Posted by Gary K; 4th April 2014 09:23:00; Score: 5
••   "You can’t help feeling that, despite the pair’s undoubted talent and genuine likeability, somehow, somewhere, someone really fucked up."
••   Picture this: a cold and wet Friday night in early 2013. A pub. In glorious Oldham. A pub bravely straddling that fine line between ‘homely’ and ‘shit tip’. A pub that, no surprise if you knew it, is no longer there. A pub that for two nights, due to the ingenuity of a pair of local promoters, is playing host to The Magic Numbers. Pitching up in the middle of nowhere to road test material from their forthcoming album, they fill the place with ease, tickets gone in minutes. An expectant crowd gets in early and after bass player Michelle Stodart charms with a solo set, a couple of likely lads clutching acoustic guitars take the stage. “Hello. We’re Morrissey and Marshall." You think, 'Here we go...' There’s a fiver in your back pocket says these local buskers will be knocking out ‘Wonderwall’ before you’ve finished your pint.
••   And then they start to play, and the room goes quiet. Half a dozen songs lovingly delivered and classically wrought, some smart, dextrous guitar playing and a pair of voices with just a hint of Phil and Don. It’s folk pop but with shades of history — a hint of psychedelia and a sliver of 60s beat pop lifts it above the scraggy norm. They’re smart lads, recently moved from Dublin to London, and eager to chat with the queue that forms afterwards to buy their self-financed EP. If you’re lucky enough to have a copy, guard it with your life. Because on this evidence, you’ll not hear Darren Morrissey and Greg Marshall like this again.
••   And So It Began has been given The Works — full-on arrangements and a fat production job that veers towards the sugary. It’s reminiscent of the hatchet job Mark Knopfler did on the young Roddy Frame with Knife: if in doubt, throw the lot in. The likes of ‘In Need of Guidance’ and ‘You Are Who You Are’ have enough melody and bittersweet soul to remove the need for over-adornment but, throughout, producer John Reynolds bulks them up, stomps on the tender beauty at their core. And with much of the newer material coming across as a little too rabble-rousing and eager to please (the rattling title track is generic XFM fodder), you can’t help feeling that, despite the pair’s undoubted talent and genuine likeability, somehow, somewhere, someone really fucked up. Fortaken: http://music.thedigitalfix.com/
Review by Jack Foley; IndieLondon; Rating: 3.5 out of 5
:: http://www.indielondon.co.uk/Music-Review/morrissey-and-marshall-and-so-it-began-review
Written By: Samantha Coombes;  Score: 8/10
:: http://www.bringthenoiseuk.com/201402/music/reviews/album-review-morrissey-and-marshall-and-so-it-began
:: http://roddiecleere.com/2014/03/07/morrissey-marshall-and-so-it-began-release-date-28th-march-2014/
:: http://www.goldenplec.com/morrissey-marshall-interview/

Morrissey & Marshall — And So It Beg Location (2014)



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