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Neil Diamond
Melody Road

Neil Diamond — Melody Road (October 21, 2014)

USA Flag Neil Diamond — Melody Road

 Sixty–Eight´s Album Neil Diamond — Melody Road & Nominated for Tais Awards Academy 2015.
Θ¦Θ   Diamond je zpátky ve velkém, zábavném arrangements, které podporuje jeho pronikavý důvtip a neochvějný emocionalismus. Melody Road je Skutečný Neil, s jemnou orchestrací, horny, strhujícími chorusy a schopností to vše správně vybalancovat do vkusné sentimentality a hloubky: to je právě to, co tak mnoho posluchačů obdivuje už 40 let. Je to vřelý, temperamentní výlet a Diamond zní nadšeně.
Θ¦Θ   Je jasně zaměřeno na věrné. Rámcem Melody Road jsou písně, které se třpytí, ale nejsou příliš bombasticky ozdobené. Prvotřídní hráči, z nichž mnozí spolupracovali s Neilem už předtím, včetně: Benmont Tench na keyboards, Greg Leisz na pedal steel a Smokey Hormel na electric guitar. Tito veteráni vědí, jak pracovat v dialogu s drsným barytonem Diamonda,  zpěvák sám je obdivuhodným světlem na nohou — sic více zvětralým, než býval, ale o nic méně optimistickým.
Θ¦Θ   To je hudba se slunnou dispozicí. Neil říká “Stále si pamatuji první i poslední slovo v každém singlu od samého počátku.” Znáte "I'm a Believer"? Málokdo dokáže navigovat celou svou cestu s takovou vervou.
Θ¦Θ   Ani já nezapomínám: Neil zpíval často písně i od jiných autorů, třeba už v roce 1966 na pátém albu “Touching Me, Touching You” píseň “Both Sides Now” od Joni Mitchell (3:30). A od ní to nebylo naposledy: následovala píseň “Chelsea Morning” (2:32) na albu “Stones” (7th album, P/1971), později na 11. albu/P 1977 “Free Man in Paris” (4:46). Celkem zpíval písně od více než 30–ti autorů, především však své vlastní.

Birth name: Neil Leslie Diamond
Born: January 24, 1941, Brooklyn, New York, United States
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Album release: October 21, 2014
Record Label: Capitol Records
Duration:     46:28
01 Melody Road     3:13
02 First Time     4:02
03 Seongah and Jimmy     5:45
04 Something Blue     4:03
05 Nothing But a Heartache     4:34
06 In Better Days     3:31
07 (OOO) Do I Wanna Be Yours     6:14
08 Alone at the Ball     2:57
09 Sunny Disposition     3:14
10 Marry Me Now     3:35
11 The Art of Love     4:07
12 Melody Road (Reprise)     1:13    
Producers: Jacknife Lee, Don Was
Notes: Neil Diamon 125 million records worldwide. After 40 years recording for Columbia, Diamond signed with Capitol in early 2014. At the same time, his back catalogue was moved to Universal Music Group, Capitol's parent company. © Neil Diamond 1972, Singer Neil Diamond, seen in Hollywood, Oct. 3, 1972, whose compositions have kept him at the top of music charts for three years, will put on a one-man show at Broadway's Winter Garden Theater. The Shubert Organization, which is bringing Diamond to Broadway, says it's the first time since Al Jolson that a pop star has been showcased alone on Broadway. (AP Photo)
Θ¦Θ   October 12, 201411:03 PM ET
Θ¦Θ   In 1989, the producer Don Was approached Neil Diamond about making a record. “‘I called [him] and said, ‘Neil, I think you’re a rock ‘n’ roll artist, but you lost your way, and I know how to make it right,’ ” Was told a reporter in 2013. The two went into the studio but only ended up with one song that has been released. Was had discovered that Diamond was anything but lost. He just had other ideas about what made his warm–blooded blend of showbiz, rock bravado and singer–songwriter sensitivity come to life. Diamond didn’t need to strip down or get precious to access the Real Neil. He just had to be true to his selectively sequined, amusedly swaggering self.
Θ¦Θ   Fast–forward 25 years. Was and Diamond have finally collaborated on a whole album, and this time nobody’s lost. The bard of central Brooklyn actually did explore the spare style Was had urged him to try, but with another producer, Rick Rubin, on two stripped–down discs that attracted critical accolades in the mid–2000s. Now, Diamond is back to big, fun arrangements that support his pungent wit and unwavering emotionalism. Melody Road is the Real Neil, with strings, horns, a bounty of rousing choruses and that ability to balance the sentimental and the profound that so many listeners admire. It’s a warm and spirited outing, and Diamond sounds delighted.
Θ¦Θ   If you’re a fan who’s been with the 73–year–old performer since his early days, Melody Road will satisfy: It’s clearly aimed at the loyalists who still make Diamond a major hit on the road, singing along to chorus after chorus of “Sweet Caroline.” The album’s title track, a tribute to the musician’s life, and the sweetly emphatic “Marry Me Now” bounce along like his classic “Song Sung Blue.” The mordant “Nothing But a Heartache” does declarative introspection the way only Diamond can. “Seongah and Jimmy” is an epic with a storyline that sounds lifted from a Broadway musical — white Long Island boy and Korean immigrant girl find love in Greenpoint — but, in fact, is a true story about the singer’s brother–in–law. “The Art of Love” is sexy in the way Diamond’s classic “Play Me” is sexy: quietly intense, building slowly until the feeling goes gently over the top.
Θ¦Θ   Was and his fellow producer, the equally notable hitmaker Jacknife Lee, find an effective balance throughout Melody Road, as they frame Diamond’s compositions within settings that glisten but aren’t too bombastically ornate. Top–notch session players, many of whom have worked with Diamond before, enrich the proceedings, including Benmont Tench on keyboards, Greg Leisz on pedal steel and Smokey Hormel on electric guitar. These veterans know how to work in dialogue with Diamond’s gruff baritone, and the singer himself is admirably light on his feet — more weathered than he once was, but no less optimistic. :: http://www.npr.org/
Θ¦Θ   This is music with (as one song title says) a sunny disposition, expressing Diamond’s resilient faith in the power of both romance and the balladry that enhances it. “Still remember the first word you wrote, in every single note that you play,” he declares in “First Time,” a joyful remembrance of musical beginnings that recalls one of the singer’s own early hits, “I’m a Believer.” Diamond’s ability to do that, to be in the moment while knowing just what makes his long career special, keeps him vital. Few could navigate this road with so much panache.
Lyrics to First Time
1.) Uuh uh, uuh uh
First time, how do you feel?
Little bit strange to little unreal
That first time, you're far from home,
Finally out there on your own
And it's your time for making it happen
It's your time, and it's gonna happen your way
Every step you take from now on,
Be taken as far as you can
You oughta be moving along
Singing your song, and making your plans
First time, first time
2.) Uuh uh, uuh uh
First time, like a farewell wheel
Scared to go, but it's no big deal
That first time it's always the best
Remember it still forget the rest
It's your time so live in the moment
It's your time, you don't want to throw it away!
Still remember the first word you wrote
And every single note that you've played!
Got a book and you learned it by road
Long time ago, remember that day?!
Big rhyme, so fine
First time!
3.) Uuh uh, uuh uh
First time, it comes unaware,
You're un-rehearsed, and unprepared for that
First time, the free unbound
No paying it safe, gotta jump off the ground
It's your time, and good things will happen
But this time, you gotta put your heart on the game!
You're out for the first time,
But you're not really out there alone
Keep doing it, the words gonna spread
Get out of your bed, sat out on your own.
Keep trying, be fine first time!
Uuh uh, uuh uh
4.) This time, the whole world is watching
This time, you better put your heart on the game!
You're rocking for the very first time
You only want the feeling to last,
And every single day that you're going out
Leaves all of your doubts, it's all in the past!
This time, you shine
Your time, first time!
Website: http://www.neildiamond.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/NeilDiamond
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/neildiamond
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/neildiamond
Θ¦Θ   Sara Andon Flute
Θ¦Θ   Erik Avinder Strings
Θ¦Θ   Bernie Becker Mastering Engineer, String Engineer, Vocal Engineer
Θ¦Θ   Dale Becker Assistant Mastering Engineer
Θ¦Θ   Richard Bennett Guitar
Θ¦Θ   Brian Benning Strings
Θ¦Θ   Robert Berg Strings
Θ¦Θ   Chuck Berghofer Strings
Θ¦Θ   Sally Berman Strings
Θ¦Θ   Matt Bishop Assistant Engineer
Θ¦Θ   Caroline Buckman Strings
Θ¦Θ   Phillippa Ruth Clarke–Ling Strings
Θ¦Θ   Giovanna Clayton Strings
Θ¦Θ   Bob Clearmountain Mixing Engineer
Θ¦Θ   Sam Cole Project Coordinator
Θ¦Θ   Matthew Cooker Strings
Θ¦Θ   Mike Cottone Horn
Θ¦Θ   Jim Cox Keyboards
Θ¦Θ   Jesse Diamond Photography
Θ¦Θ   Micah Diamond Cover Photo
Θ¦Θ   Neil Diamond Composer, Guitar, Primary Artist
Θ¦Θ   Marcia Dickstein Strings
Θ¦Θ   Andrew Duckles Strings
Θ¦Θ   Alan Estes Percussion, Strings
Θ¦Θ   Julie Farman Note Editing
Θ¦Θ   Michael Ferrill Strings
Θ¦Θ   John Fumo Horn
Θ¦Θ   Todd Gallopo Art Direction, Design, Photography
Θ¦Θ   Mark Goldenberg Guitar
Θ¦Θ   Eric Gorfain Horn, Horn Arrangements
Θ¦Θ   Alex Gorlovsky Strings
Θ¦Θ   Agnes Gottschewski Strings
Θ¦Θ   Lynn Grants Strings
Θ¦Θ   Maurice Grants Strings
Θ¦Θ   Sarkis Gyurgchyan Strings
Θ¦Θ   Justin Hageman Horn
Θ¦Θ   Vahe Hayrikian Strings
Θ¦Θ   Pablo Hernandez Assistant Engineer
Θ¦Θ   Hadley Hockensmith Guitar
Θ¦Θ   Smokey Hormel Guitar
Θ¦Θ   Norman Hughes Strings
Θ¦Θ   Hutch Hutchinson Bass
Θ¦Θ   Rami Jaffee Keyboards
Θ¦Θ   Carrie Kennedy Strings
Θ¦Θ   Ousep Ketendijian Strings
Θ¦Θ   Leslie Kim Design
Θ¦Θ   Anna Kostyucheck Strings
Θ¦Θ   Johana Krejci Strings
Θ¦Θ   Jacknife Lee Guitar, Keyboards, Producer
Θ¦Θ   Greg Leisz Guitar
Θ¦Θ   Gayle Levant Strings
Θ¦Θ   Alan Lindgren String Arrangements, String Conductor
Θ¦Θ   Marina Manukian Strings
Θ¦Θ   Marc Bolin Horn
Θ¦Θ   Don Markese Flute
Θ¦Θ   Tom McFall Engineer
Θ¦Θ   Ari Michelson Cover Photo, Photography
Θ¦Θ   Blake Mills Guitar
Θ¦Θ   Dennis Molchan Strings
Θ¦Θ   Karolina Naziemiec Strings
Θ¦Θ   Cheryl Norman–Brick Strings
Θ¦Θ   Stephanie O'Keefe Horn
Θ¦Θ   Aaron Oltman Strings
Θ¦Θ   Joel Pargman Strings
Θ¦Θ   Greg Phillinganes Keyboards
Θ¦Θ   Tim Pierce Guitar
Θ¦Θ   Steve Richards Strings
Θ¦Θ   Matt Rollings Keyboards
Θ¦Θ   Anatoly Rosinsky Strings
Θ¦Θ   Davide Rossi String Arrangements, Strings
Θ¦Θ   Jody Rubin Strings
Θ¦Θ   Sergio Ruelas Jr. Mixing Assistant
Θ¦Θ   Harry Shirinian Strings
Θ¦Θ   Ivy Skoff Project Coordinator
Θ¦Θ   Christina Soule Strings
Θ¦Θ   Jeremy Stacey Drums
Θ¦Θ   Sebastian Steinberg Bass
Θ¦Θ   Kyle Stevens Assistant Engineer
Θ¦Θ   David Stone Strings
Θ¦Θ   Benmont Tench Keyboards
Θ¦Θ   Kevan Torfeh Strings
Θ¦Θ   Cj Vanston Keyboards
Θ¦Θ   Joey Waronker Drums, Percussion
Θ¦Θ   Don Was Keyboards, Producer
Θ¦Θ   Waters Family Vocals (Background)
Θ¦Θ   Julia Waters Vocals (Background)
Θ¦Θ   Maxine Waters Vocals (Background)
Θ¦Θ   Oren Waters Vocals (Background)
Θ¦Θ   Dan Weinstein Horn
Θ¦Θ   Jamelle Williams Horn
Θ¦Θ   Elizabeth Wilson Strings
Θ¦Θ   Zhou Yi Strings
Θ¦Θ   Shari Zippert Strings

Neil Diamond
Melody Road



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