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Nitin Sawhney — Live At Ronnie Scotts (November 17, 2017)

Nitin Sawhney — Live At Ronnie Scotts (Nov. 17, 2017)

   Nitin Sawhney — Live At Ronnie Scotts (Nov. 17, 2017)Nitin Sawhney — Live At Ronnie Scotts (Nov. 17, 2017)Ξ♠            The musician abandons the sometimes bland exotica of his recorded work in favour of vivid primeval blues, raga reimaginings and rousing revamps of old favourites. A characteristically fluid combination of virtuosity and mellowness. London~based Hindu Punjabi artist who blends Indian music with British jazz, dance music, R&B, and rock.
Ξ♠            “… a cultural pioneer, poet, a musician who is not hide bound by a style, a geography or an instrument. An artist who sees the human agony in simple human terms. Nitin is one musical maestro who can inspire a symphony of emotions.”Fotka uživatele Ben Tais Amundssen. © The musician abandons the sometimes bland exotica of his recorded work in favour of vivid primeval blues, raga reimaginings and rousing revamps of old favourites. Nitin Sawnhey with his ‘adaptable band’. Photograph: Carl Hyde
Born: 1964 in Dulwich, London, England
Genre: Electronic, Stage & Screen, International
Location: Rochester, Kent ~ London, UK
Album release: November 17, 2017
Record Label: Gearbox Records
Duration:     44:08
01. Sunset     4:51
02. Dark Day     2:50
03. Redshift     3:00
04. Homelands     6:13
05. Henrecia Latina     4:52
06. Tere Khyal     6:19
07. The Conference     3:11
08. Breathing Light     3:53
09. Nadia     5:14
10. Riverpulse     3:44Fotka uživatele Ben Tais Amundssen.Artist Biography by Mario Mesquita Borges
♠      One of the most talented and recognized producers and songwriters within the British electronic and fusion music scene, Nitin Sawhney is also a respected actor, writer, and scriptwriter. Conceiving daring theme combinations of electronica~style beats with gleaming pieces of Asian inspirations driven within trip~hop and jazzy styles, Sawhney delivers exclusive and overwhelming sound pieces, enlightened by his indubitable creative insight. Following an education in the Kent region of England, obscured by the militant presence of racist organizations, Sawhney finally turned to music, therefore aiming to overcome ruling and disquieting racial boundaries. During subsequent years, he went on to study law at Liverpool University before moving to London. It was there that, alongside Sanjeev Bhaskar, he created The Secret Asians, a radio show that eventually evolved into an award~winning TV series.
♠      Although he dedicated most of his time to the TV business, Sawhney never neglected his musical dream. He first joined James Taylor, with whom he played a series of dates across the U.K. alongside Taylor’s quartet. Following the experiment, Sawhney decided to form his own band, the Jazztones, by that time playing on concerts headlined by DJs like Gilles Peterson. After yet another collaboration, by then with Talvin Singh (with whom he assembled the Tihai Trio), the British creator decided to make it on his own, releasing his debut album, Spirit Dance, on his own label in 1993. A few months after, he signed a contract with Outcaste Records, for which he released one of his most acclaimed recordings, Migration, in 1995. Following a year of incessant work, the album Displacing the Priest arrived in record stores, again demonstrating his exceptional creative skills.Fotka uživatele Ben Tais Amundssen.                                          © Aref Durvesh on tabla Photograph: Carl Hyde
♠      During this period, Sawhney also continued to dedicate part of his time to writing soundtracks for acclaimed TV series and theater plays, or accomplishing remixing works for artists like Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. During the following months, Sawhney recorded his long~awaited fourth album, Beyond Skin, offered in late 1999. Coming after an extensive touring season across the U.K. and Europe alongside artists including Sting, Sawhney recorded his fifth studio record; Prophesy arrived in 2001, again achieving glowing reviews from the media. Sawhney remained busy throughout the 2000s, releasing works such as Human, Philtre, Love Undersound, and One Zero as well as mix albums like In the Mind of Nitin Sawhney and Fabriclive.15. By 2015 Sawhney had received numerous awards, including four honorary doctorates, two Ivor Novello nominations, and two U.K. Asian Music Awards; 2015 also marked the release of Sawhney’s tenth studio album, Dystopian Dream. ~ Mario Mesquita Borges
Website: http://nitinsawhney.com/onezero.html
MySpace: https://myspace.com/nitinsawhney
Cherry Red: http://www.cherryred.co.uk/
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/MJABILLY
Twitter: https://twitter.com/thenitinsawhney
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NitinSawhney
Press: tina@positiv-id.co.uk // Live: https://www.ronniescotts.co.uk/performances/view/3135-nitin-sawhneys-backstage-passFotka uživatele Ben Tais Amundssen.      © Expertní reimaginace ... Nitin Sawnhey u Ronnieho Scotta. Fotografie: Carl Hyde

Nitin Sawhney — Live At Ronnie Scotts (November 17, 2017)


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