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Music. Warm people. Good songs. Delight in female voice. YOU !!!

No-Man Love And Endings (2012)

       No-Man – Love And Endings
Location: England
Album release: 2012
Record Label: Burning Shed (cd/dvd/vinyl)
1. My Revenge On Seattle (6.02)
2. Time Travel In Texas (4.51)
3. All The Blue Changes (6.10)
4. Pretty Genius (3.58)
5. Lighthouse (8.16)
6. Beaten By Love (3.58)
7. Wherever There Is Light (5.09)
8. Mixtaped (9.32)
9. Things Change (8.24)
♣  An elegant 'guerilla style' film of the full concert by Dion Johnson (Signify Films) - shot on two cameras - plus photo gallery and trailer.
Side One:
1. My Revenge On Seattle (6.02)
2. Time Travel In Texas (4.51)
3. All The Blue Changes (6.10)
Side Two:
4. Pretty Genius (3.58)
5. Lighthouse (8.16)
Side Three:
6. Beaten By Love (3.58)
7. Wherever There Is Light (5.09)
8. Mixtaped (9.32)
Side Four:
9. Things Change (8.24)
♣  Tim Bowness - Vocals
♣  Steven Wilson - Guitar
♣  Michael Bearpark - Guitar
♣  Steve Bingham - Violin
♣  Stephen Bennett - Keyboards
♣  Pete Morgan - Bass
♣  Andrew Booker - Drums, backing vocals
Recorded live at the Leamington Spa Assembly on October 14th, 2011 by Ian Bond.
Mixed by Steven Wilson at Nomansland, December 2011.
All songs written by Tim Bowness and Steven Wilson, except "Beaten By Love" written by Tim Bowness.
Concert filmed by Dion and Joanne Johnson for Signify Films.
DVD authoring by Ben Darlow.
Label: https://www.burningshed.com/store/noman/multiproduct/271/2780/        /////
Website: http://www.no-man.co.uk/loveandendings/eng_BCK.html
Tim Bowness
Born: 29 November 1963, Stockton Heath, Cheshire, England
Official blog: http://www.hotsdesign.co.uk/timbowness/diary.html
Steven Wilson
Birth name: Steven John Wilson
Born: 3 November 1967, Kingston upon Thames, England
Performance style:
For live shows Wilson plays with bare feet. This particular custom goes back to his early childhood, where he remembers: "I always had a problem wearing shoes and I've always gone around with bare feet".[33] He also adds that another factor on performing barefoot is the advantage it gives in operating his diverse guitar pedals.
"I’ve stepped on nails, screws, drawing pins, stubbed my toe, I’ve come off stage with blood just coming out… I mean, I’ve had it all mate, but to be honest, nothing's going to stop me."
Website: http://www.swhq.co.uk/

Burning Shed is pleased to announce the release of love and endings, a document of no-man's powerful performance in front of a sell-out crowd at the Leamington Spa Assembly on October 14th, 2011.
Retaining the intimacy and sophistication of the band's studio work while adding an edgy Rock attack absent from much of its recorded output, the duo of Tim Bowness and Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree) were joined by classical violinist Steve Bingham and regular collaborators Michael Bearpark, Andrew Booker, Stephen Bennett and Pete Morgan.
The material on love and endings is drawn from all eras of no-man's 20 year plus career and includes the previously unreleased song, beaten by love (which dates from the earliest days of the band).
Shot by Australian film-maker Dion Johnson, the concert is available as a cd/dvd presented in a deluxe digi-pack. Due to overwhelming demand, the limited vinyl edition sold out within 48 hours of being announced as a pre-order.
Available exclusively from Burning Shed. While the limited stock lasts, the 4 page booklet of lyrics and song notes signed by Tim will be included with all orders.

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Author: Carl Glover from http://www.alephstudio.co.uk/

No-Man Love And Endings (2012)