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Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds
Chasing Yesterday

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds — Chasing Yesterday (March 2, 2015)

 Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds — Chasing Yesterday 
ζ   Gallagher nikdy nezapluje příliš daleko od svých vlastních vod, je dobrý kormidelník a jeho vysoce létající ptáci ho navigují, jakoby se s ním domlouvali stylem “víte, my jsme schopni kdykoli se vrátit zpět.” Na jistý dotaz ohledně písně Wonderwall Noel odpověděl... : “hraju to, co hraju. Jsem závislý na tom, čím jsem ovlivněn a to je vše. Já jsem přijal své omezení, a pracuji v rámci těchto parametrů. ””. Oasis lead songwriter, guitarist, and solo artist who attracted much publicity for his candor and frequent dust–ups.
Birth name: Noel Thomas David Gallagher
Born: May 29, 1967 in Longsight, Manchester, England
Location: Manchester, England
Album release: February 25, 2015
Record Label: Sour Mash Records Ltd / Kobalt (USA)
Duration:     43:55 + 19:43 => 63:38
01. “Riverman”     5:42
02. “In the Heat of the Moment”     3:30
03. “The Girl with X–Ray Eyes”     3:20
04. “Lock All the Doors”     3:42
05. “The Dying of the Light”     5:11
06. “The Right Stuff”     5:27
07. “While the Song Remains the Same”     4:16
08. “The Mexican”      3:46
09. “You Know We Can’t Go Back”     3:46
10. “Ballad of the Mighty I”     5:15
11. “Do the Damage”     3:10
12. “Revolution Song”     3:32
13. “Freaky Teeth”      3:54
14. “In the Heat of the Moment” (remix)      5:58
15. “Leave My Guitar Alone”     3:09
2014 Sour Mash Records Ltd
•  All songs written and composed by Noel Gallagher.
Title and artwork:
•  The title of Chasing Yesterday was revealed during the album's official announcement on 13 October 2014. Speaking during the announcement, Gallagher claimed that he “literally came up with it [a week earlier]", adding that "if [he] could change it [he] would change it.”
•  Noel Gallagher — vocals, electric guitars, acoustic guitars, bass, mellotron, piano, keyboards, percussion, electric washboard, production, artwork concept
•  Johnny Marr — guitar on "Ballad of the Mighty I"
•  Paul Stacey — engineering
•  Craig Silvey — mixing
•  Lawrence Watson — photography
Band members:
•  Noel Gallagher — vocals, guitars, bass (2010–present)
Touring members
•  Mikey Rowe — keyboards (2010–present)
•  Jeremy Stacey — drums (2010–present)
•  Tim Smith — rhythm guitar, backing vocals (2011–present)
•  Russell Pritchard — bass, backing vocals, acoustic guitar (2011–present)
Billboard Singles
ζ   2015   Ballad Of The Mighty I     Japan Hot 100 Singles     #80
ζ   2014   Heat Of The Moment     Japan Hot 100 Singles     #94
ζ   2014   In The Heat Of The Moment     Japan Hot 100 Singles     #94
Review by Stephen Thomas Erlewine;  Score: ****
ζ   Opening with a minor chord strummed on an acoustic guitar somewhere off in the distance, Noel Gallagher‘s second solo album, Chasing Yesterday, echoes Oasis’ second album, (What’s the Story) Morning Glory? — a conscious move from a rocker who’s never minded trading in memories of the past. He may be evoking his Brit–pop heyday — “Lock All the Doors” surges with the cadences of “Morning Glory” even as it interpolates David Essex’s “Rock On” — but it amounts to no more than a wink because Gallagher knows he’s two decades older and perhaps a little wiser as well.
ζ   Certainly, Chasing Yesterday is the work of a musician very comfortable with his craft. Like the first album from High Flying Birds — a largely anonymous group of pros who make no attempt to steal the spotlight from their leader — it moves deliberately, never rushing and rarely rocking, preferring to find pleasure in majesty instead of hedonism. Where 2011’s HFB kept things a shade too calm — its reserve almost seemed like a rebuke to the messy id of Gallagher’s brother — Chasing Yesterday occasionally threatens to actually rock, delivering that signature wall of guitars on the aforementioned “Lock All the Doors,” mustering up a bit of old–fashioned, cowbell–driven glam boogie on “The Mexican,” and quickening the tempo on “You Know We Can’t Go Back,” a piece of incandescent pop that plays as a resigned companion to “Step Out.” Better still, the self–styled epics — which include the first single “In the Heat of the Moment” and closing “Ballad of the Mighty I,” which features grace notes from a guesting Johnny Marr — pulsate with quiet color, as does “Riverman,” a signature piece of stately late–period Beatles pop that would’ve been drained to grey on HFB. Here, “Riverman” breathes and sighs, taking a moment to slide into a saxophone–accentuated guitar solo straight out of a pre–punk 1976, and this masterful flair is a testament to the control and focus Gallagher displays on Chasing Yesterday. He’s not racing after the past, nor is he afraid to seem floridly fussy: he’s reveling in his ascendency to the position of one of rock’s wise old men.
Artist Biography by Andrew Leahey
ζ   As the lead guitarist, main songwriter, and occasional vocalist for Oasis, Noel Gallagher played a tremendous role in shaping British rock music during the 1990s and beyond. He was the brains behind the group's biggest hits, which drew equally from the riff–heavy guitar heroics of the Who and the smart, melodic pop hooks of the Beatles. Although Oasis maintained a near–permanent place in the tabloids — thanks in large part to Noel's public battles with his younger brother, Liam, as well as the wild lifestyles that both siblings led — Noel's songwriting helped maintain the band's position in the charts, too, with more than 20 songs reaching the Top Ten in England. Tensions within the group eventually reached a boiling point in August 2009, prompting Noel to leave Oasis and launch a new project, Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds.
ζ   Noel was raised in the suburbs of Manchester, England. His father was an alcoholic who regularly beat his three sons, prompting Noel's mother to take the children and leave her husband in 1982. Noel continued to have a rough childhood, getting expelled from school at the age of 15 and developing a reputation with the local police. At the same time, he discovered a love for rock music and began playing the guitar, even writing some of his future hits — including "Live Forever" — while still a teenager. By his early twenties, Noel had grown confident enough in his abilities to audition for Inspiral Carpets, a Manchester band whose vocalist had recently quit. Although he didn't get the job, the band asked him to tour with them as a roadie.
ζ   After returning home from an Inspiral Carpets tour in 1991, Noel learned that Liam Gallagher had started a band of his own. Liam asked his older brother to be the group's manager, but Noel refused, offering instead to join the lineup as lead guitarist and sole songwriter. The rest of the band accepted his ultimatum, and Oasis were born. Two years later, the group landed a six–album contract with Creation Records and began recording their debut album.
ζ   Oasis enjoyed immediate success in the U.K., where 1994's Definitely Maybe became the fastest–selling debut in British history. Noel and Liam clashed heavily while touring in support of the album, and both brothers attracted additional attention for their hedonistic behavior, which helped earn them the title of rock & roll's newest bad boys. Oasis' second album, (What's the Story) Morning Glory?, was released 14 months after Definitely Maybe and catapulted the band to even greater heights, earning multi–platinum certifications in Europe, America, and elsewhere. Noel wrote every song on the album, including international hits like "Champagne Supernova," "Some Might Say," and "Wonderwall." He also sang lead vocals on "Don't Look Back in Anger," a number one smash in the U.K.
ζ   Oasis had risen to the top of the Brit–pop movement, and many of the younger bands that followed in their footsteps — including Kula Shaker, Cast, and Ocean Colour Scene — were dubbed "Noelrock," a term that paid tribute to Noel's influence over the entire genre. Oasis began to lose their hold on the mainstream with 1997's Be Here Now, though, and the band went through a series of lineup changes during the following years, even slimming down to a trio for 2000's Standing on the Shoulder of Giants. Noel compensated for the lack of additional bandmates by playing all the guitar, bass, and keyboard parts himself. He kept himself busy outside the band, too, forming Sour Mash Records and producing albums for bands like Proud Mary, one of the first clients on Sour Mash's roster.
ζ   As Oasis entered their second decade together, Noel loosened his hold on the band's songwriting duties. Liam began contributing his own material, and Noel started taking lead vocals on more songs. Tensions between the brothers continued to mount, though, and Noel eventually quit the band on August 28, 2009. The rest of Oasis banded together under a new name, Beady Eye. Noel, on the other hand, spent several years out of the public eye before returning in 2011 with a new project of his own, Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds. He released a self–titled record later that year, topping the U.K. charts in the process; it would be certified double platinum in the U.K. Gallagher returned to action in late 2014 with the single "In the Heat of the Moment," the first taste of the High Flying Birds' second album, Chasing Yesterday. Produced by Gallagher, Chasing Yesterday saw release the first week of March 2015.
ζ   http://www.allmusic.com/
Musical equipment:
•  Throughout his career, Gallagher has used a wide range of different guitars, effect pedals and amplifers from his large collection. Most of it emerged from the Standing on the Shoulder of Giants sessions, where he decided to drop the equipment used in the three previous albums and instead buy "loads of really weird pedals, old guitars, and small amps", as the lack of deadline to deliver the album allowed Gallagher to "take quite a few days just messing around."
Electric guitars:
•  Epiphone Les Paul — Gallagher played a cherry sunburst model in the early years of Oasis. The guitar can be seen at the Supersonic music video.
•  Epiphone Riviera
•  Epiphone Sheraton — He famously played a '60s model with a Union Jack paintjob on the 1996 concerts at Maine Road. He later played a vintage sunburst one, most notably on Oasis' concerts at Knebworth.
•  Gibson Les Paul
•  Fender Telecaster — Gallagher uses several, one of which, a '60s model, was given to Noel by Johnny Depp as a birthday present.
•  Rickenbacker 330 — He received a white one with a pink P sticker between the pickups as a gift from Paul Weller, and he can be seen playing it in the Don't Go Away music video, as well as live performances of Wonderwall in 1997. He also played a mapleglo model with a peace sticker during live performances of Who Feels Love?.
•  Epiphone Casino
•  Gibson ES–355 Vintage Model — Since 2001, this has become Gallagher's main stage guitar.
•  Gibson ES–345
Acoustic guitars:
•  Epiphone EJ–200
•  Gibson J–200
•  Martin D–28
Effect pedals:
•  In the early days of Oasis, Gallagher did not use pedals: “I used to just turn up the amps as full as I could get them”. Since then, he has begun using a large number of effects, but singled out the Ibanez Tube Screamer.
•  Gallagher has said that he used only 100–watt Marshalls early in his career. After Definitely Maybe, he began using smaller amps, singling out Fenders (Princeton and Bandmaster), and also a combo made by Clark Amplification, which builds amplifiers based on vintage Fender and Marshall amps.
Website: http://www.noelgallagher.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/NoelGallagher
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/noelgallaghermusic
ζ   http://consequenceofsound.net/2015/02/album-review-noel-gallaghers-high-flying-birds-chasing-yesterday/

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds — Chasing Yesterday
ζ   Gallagher nikdy nezapluje příliš daleko od svých vlastních vod, je dobrý kormidelník a jeho vysoce létající ptáci ho navigují, jakoby se s ním domlouvali stylem “víte, my jsme schopni kdykoli se vrátit zpět.” Na jistý dotaz ohledně písně Wonderwall Noel odpověděl... : “hraju to, co hraju. Jsem závislý na tom, čím jsem ovlivněn a to je vše. Já jsem přijal své omezení, a pracuji v rámci těchto parametrů. ””.
Record Label: Sour Mash Records Ltd / Kobalt (USA)
Duration:     43:55 + 19:43 => 63:38
ζ  Album vyšlo v několika verzích, z nichž ta nejzákladnější je 10–ti písňová a pak japonská Deluxe Edition s pěti písněmi navíc na labelu Sour Mash Records Ltd 2. března 2015.
ζ  Riverman začíná brnkacím akordem kdesi zdálky směrem k nám. Cítíte stejnou rezonanci s minulostí? Vědomý přesun od rockera, kterému nikdy nevadily výměny vzpomínek na minulost. On může evokovat a přímo zosobňovat podstatu rozkvětu Brit–popu — “Lock All the Doors” je vzorová vypalovačka s riffy v kadencích "Morning Glory" (15 září 1995), i když to interpoluje s Davidem Essexem a jeho "Rock On" (1973) — ale zde to pracuje více než pouhý vzkaz, protože Gallagher ví, že je o dva desetiletí starší a snad i trochu moudřejší.
ζ  Jistě, Chasing Yesterday je dílem hudebníka ve velmi komfortním vztahu se svým řemeslem. Stejně jako u prvního alba High Flying Birds — je zde převážně anonymní skupina profesionálů, kteří nečiní žádný pokus ukrást trochu pozornosti od svého vůdce — pohybuje se záměrně, nikdy nespěchají a jen zřídka tvrdě. Preferují potěšení v majestátu místo hédonismu.
ζ  Na albu hostuje Johnny Marr na “Ballad of the Mighty I” (5:15). Noel na albu dýchá a vzdychá, přičemž chvilku klouže do saxofonově důrazného kytarového sóla přímo z pre–punk období 1976, a toto “Master/suverénní flair” je dokladem sebekontroly a zaměření Gallaghera na display Chasing Yesterday. On nezávodí s minulostí, ani se nebojí vypadat luxusně vybíravý: libuje si ve své nadvládě na pozici jednoho z moudrých rockových starců.
ζ  Album získalo 5 prvenství v Evropě a dalších 12 v TOP 10 celosvětově. Navíc velmi prestižní umístění v US Billboard 200 #35. V Anglii zlato za více než 100.000 prodaných kusů. (Recenze vyšla v magazínu Nový Populár 2/2015): http://popular.sk/2015/2)

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds
Chasing Yesterday



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