Ochre — A Midsummer Nice Dream [15th Anniversary Edition] (Nov. 29, 2004/June 21, 2019) Ochre — A Midsummer Nice Dream [15th Anniversary Edition] (June 21, 2019)
Location: The Hague, Netherlands
Album release: Nov. 29, 2004/June 21, 2019
Record Label: Toytronic/Lapsus Records
01. Yugen   5:44
02. Low Grav Freefall (High Altitude Mix)   4:35
03. Revolver   6:28
04. REM Sleep Research   5:56
05. Brancaster Coast   4:01
06. Drink Malk   4:48
07. Involution   5:40
08. Eleven   3:08
09. Seesoar   5:19
10. Saturniner   2:54
11. Sticklebrick Symphony   4:38
12. Summer Lusk   4:53
Boomkat Product Review:
⊆•     Precision tooled melodic IDM/electronica from Ochre with a reissue of a Toytronic LP from 2004.
►    “The third release is from Christopher Scott Leary, who over the last two decades has produced a plethora of material under his pseudonym, Ochre. 2019 marks 15 years since the original release of “A Midsummer Nice Dream” in 2004; on British label Toytronic, which pushed Leary to the forefront of the experimental electronic music sphere. To celebrate the release’s fifteenth anniversary, Lapsus Records will reissue a special collector’s edition of this IDM classic in the form of a double tri~colour vinyl release, remastered by John McCaig (panicStudios). It will also include a full~colour print of the new artwork, redesigned by Portland (Oregon) illustrator Nathaniel Reeves, who has worked alongside Ochre for over ten years.
►    This special deluxe reissue entitled “A Midsummer Nice Dream (15th Anniversary Edition)”, features unreleased material from the same period and includes three bonus tracks on its vinyl version, six on its digital version, making it a truly unique release. It therefore offers a golden opportunity to rediscover an album that navigates through several genre domains such as ambient, IDM and experimental electronica in its purest form, stylistically reminiscent of the likes of Autechre, conveying a sound considerably ahead of its time. In its entirety “A Midsummer Nice Dream” is undoubtedly one of the most remarkable electronica glitch albums to be released in the 2000s, when the genre experienced its zenith, largely thanks to the advent of significant breakthroughs in digital production tools.”
Bandcamp: https://bandcamp.ochremusic.com/album/a-midsummer-nice-dream-15th-anniversary-edition 
Website: https://ochremusic.com/