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Okkyung Lee
Pica Disk
March 1st, 2018

Okkyung Lee — Dahl​~​Tah​~​Ghi (March 1st, 2018)

     Okkyung Lee — Dahl​~​Tah​~​Ghi (March 1st, 2018)Okkyung Lee — Dahl​~​Tah​~​Ghi (March 1st, 2018)≡χ≡        What’s new...? A. First new release in a while...! last year i didn’t release any albums but it looks like this year will be different...! B. The very first one this year is a live recording of a solo set at amazing vigeland mausoleum in oslo, norway which was a release party for ghil and this particular one happened in front of only invited friends in one of my favorite cities...
≡χ≡        It’s titled Dahl​~​Tah​~​Ghi (달타기/moon gliding) and available on pica disk, both on bandcamp and physical cd...!
Born: 1975
Location: Daejeon, South Korea ~ New York
Album release: March 1st, 2018
Record Label: Pica Disk
Duration:     41:42
1. Dahl​~​Tah​~​Ghi     41:42
≡χ≡        Okkyung Lee — cello
≡χ≡        Emanuel Vigelands Mausoleum, Oslo, June 26th 2013
≡χ≡        Photos by Okkyung Lee & Nina De Vroome
≡χ≡        Recorded by Harald Fetveit
≡χ≡        Mastered by Lasse Marhaug
χ≡χ         Lee received a Foundation for Contemporary Arts Grant in 2010. and a Doris Duke Performing Artist Award in 2015.
≡χ≡        Okkyung Lee is a cellist, composer, and improviser who moves freely between of artistic disciples and contingencies. Since moving to New York in 2000 she has worked in disparate contexts as a solo artist and collaborator with creators in a wide range of disciplines. A native of South Korea, Lee has taken a broad array of inspirations — including noise, improvisation, jazz, western classical, and the traditional and popular music of her homeland — and used them to forge a highly distinctive approach. Her curiosity and a determined sense of exploration guide the work she has made in disparate contexts.
≡χ≡        She has appeared on more than 30 albums, including a diverse variety of recordings as a leader, whether the acclaimed solo improvisation effort Ghil, produced by Norwegian sound artist Lasse Marhaug for Ideologic Organ/Editions Mego, or composition~driven collections like Noisy Love Songs (for George Dyer), released by Tzadik in 2011. In 2018 she releases Cheol~Kkot~Sae (Steel Flower Bird), an ambitious piece drawing upon free improvisation and traditional Korean music that was commissioned for the 2016 Donaueschingen Festival by SWR2, where she collaborated with western improvisers Marhaug, John Butcher, Ches Smith, and John Edwards along with Pansori vocalist Song-Hee Kwon and traditional percussionist Jae~Hyo Chang. She also leads a intricately nuanced quartet featuring harpist Maeve Gilchrist, pianist Jacob Sacks, and bassist Eivynd Opsvik that explores the lyrical side of her writing.
≡χ≡        Lee is perhaps known best for her improvisational work, where she draws upon visceral extended techniques, in both solo and collaborative contexts. Not content with static performance approaches, Lee routinely explores the spaces she performs in, responding to atmosphere, audience, or objects surrounding her, to produce an immersive experience. Recently her collaborative performance of Alexander Calder’s Small Sphere and Heavy Sphere — part of the Whitney Museum’s Calder: Hypermobility exhibition — featured interactions with repurposed objects activated by artist Christian Marclay.
≡χ≡        Over the last two decades Lee has collaborated with Laurie Anderson, David Behrman, Chris Corsano, Mark Fell, Douglas Gordon, Jenny Hval, Vijay Iyer, Ikue Mori, Bill Orcutt, Jim O’Rourke, Marina Rosenfeld, and John Zorn among others. In recent years she’s performed in equally varied contexts, whether embarking on an extended tour with the legendary experimental rock band Swans or collaborating with visual artist Haroon Mizra.
≡χ≡        As a curator Lee has programmed concert series at the Stone in New York, the Music Unlimited Festival in Wels, Austria, and at the Jazz House (recently renamed Alice) in Copenhagen, Denmark. In 2015 she was selected as a Doris Duke Performing Artist in 2015, and she has been awarded residencies at Civitella Ranieri in Umbria, Italy in 2015 and Akademia Schloss Solitude in Stuttgart, Germany in 2017. She has been commissioned to compose music and assemble projects for Amsterdam’s Maze Ensemble, Borealis Festival in Bergen, Norway, Nam June Paik Art Center, Korea and Pub Crawl I & II for the London Sinfonietta as part of a Christian Marclay exhibition at White Cube Gallery.
≡χ≡        She received a dual bachelor’s degree in Contemporary Writing & Production and Film Scoring from Berklee College of Music in 1998 and a master’s degree in Contemporary Improvisation from New England Conservatory of Music in 2000.
 “Dahl~Tah~Ghi” was recorded at the Emanuel Vigelang Mausoleum in Oslo in June 2013 for a limited audience of 30 people. The artist Emanuel Vigeland (1875~1948) erected the building in 1926, intended as a future museum for his sculptures and paintings. He eventually decided that the museum should also serve as a mausoleum. All the windows were closed and his ashes were to rest in an urn above the entrance door. The mausoleum is completely covered with fresco paintings that depict human life from conception till death, in dramatic and often explicitly erotic scenes. The mausoleum also has an extraordinary reverb of up to 18 seconds, and has become a desirable space for artists to perform intimate concerts because of its special accoustic character.
Website: https://www.okkyunglee.info/
Bandcamp: https://picadisk.bandcamp.com/album/dahl-tah-ghi

Okkyung Lee
Pica Disk
March 1st, 2018